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zondag 25 november 2012

Xmas Stars and again Sinterklaas

I made a pic of the stars I made last week.
They are so cute!!
I love them, so simple ♥
I almost shown you all I have made the last weeks.
Still a few more little things.
I'm still hoping I finish enough to decorate the whole tree


In a lot of businesses they also celebrate Sinterklaas.
DH has a new job since 6 months, and they also celebrate it.
So that will be the first business for us to go to for Sinterklaas.
They orginazed all Old-Dutch-Games, and after that all the kids got a gift (that mommy/daddy choose weeks back in a magazine).

They had so much fun

We had so much fun...
Kids loved it ♥


At the moment I'm cooking pumpkin-soup.
That is my first time.
I so hope the tast will be good... 
I will let you know!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

4 opmerkingen:

cucki zei

Aww so sweet..sweet picture of your kids..
Hugs x

♥ Nia zei

I want a hat like kira's hehehehehe so cute =)
And this time, Noah kept his hat too :D hehehe both adorable, as always :)
And you're still doing your cute white ornies :) more coming??? :D
I've changed my plans for where to spent christmas this year.. My craft plans will change a bit too :p
Have a great week sweetie :)

Valma zei

be careful Nia, Annette is able to make and send you a hat like Kira =D
your stars are very cute, maybe simple but very cute, and you always success in giving what you do the perfect shape
super =)
happy white crafting

Doni zei

All of your decorations are so nice Annette!! And I always love seeing the pictures of Noah and Kira. They look so cute in their costumes and their school picture is great!