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maandag 30 april 2012

It's the end of the months already.. So also time to look at my goals, but I also have other things to show My first Goal for April was finish off my Easter crafts. The only thing that had to be finished was the Green eggs..
I wanted to finish this off together with the happy hoppy easter, but I'm out of idea's...Nnow I have a whole year too think about that! The next goal Finish off Noah's memoboard is finally done. What I didn't got done last months I got done this month. Sweet Beezzy Bumblebee made me the buttons.. I love them so much Thank you so much.. I can't wait using the ones you made for Kira's board. Here is Noah's memoboard hanging on his wall
I love it, I put some photo's from Noah in it.. It's so beautifull, I'm so glad to finish it. Then my next goal Make some Spring crafts. Easter was over, so not in the mood anymore for Easter crafts, but I did finish a cute egg chick from this pattern. I made him in white. but I don't think it's easter chickie
What do you think? Then my final goal was making a X-mas ornament
It's a simpel felted star. And because it was so simpel, and last months I didn't make a one bacause of all the Easter crafts, I made another small and simple felted ornament
In RL they look so cute, and together with the other 2 pieces It will be a wonderfull X-mas tree. Then my goals for May: 1. Start crocheting a pillow case 2. Start on Kira’s stitching owl 3. Start on Noah’s blue crochet lamp cover 4. Craft birds for May 5. Make a X-mas ornament (no felt) 6. Paint my front window vase I'made 4 ornaments 3 feltes and 1 crochet.. I think of making a stitched one now. I'm thinking of a cute pattern from Helga Mandl.. So new goals are made, then I have still more to show to you guys. I have shown you a start of a felted garland. It was a birthday gift for Noah's best girlfriend who is also a neighbor-girl
They still so cute this garlands.. Then Kira's dress.. I finished it.. but not only that. Look at the pictures
I think it's so cute.. It's still hanging in my living. I so love it. As you could see I made a matching diaper cover, and also a cute sweet hairpin from the same fabric as Kira's dress. This week I hope making another dress for her. I also have been baking. Last week I baked a pie.. but not a pie like I normal do. I baked a carrot cake with coconut cream cheese frosting... how do you think about that? And yummy that it was... Not every-one needs to like it, so I couldn't let visiters go how without eating something, so Noah and me also baked some cupecakes, I did some simple frosting on it and he the sprinkles.. and ira.. well so can only eat so that's what she did when she say the cupcakes.. put her finger in it and mark it to be hers...My sweetie-pie
It was so jummy.. you don't tast the carrots at all.. really I would say to everyone who bakes.. try this out !! Yesterday, we have been a day to Antwerp. We live nearby it, And we don't go that often to the centrum of the city. Only to the movies.. So yesterday we went.. The kids liked it.. running there/seeing things.. we all had a great day
First time shopping in Antwerp.. saw so many beautifull things.. I bought something beautifull more of that in the next month. Swimming.. who doesn't love it.. My kids do
Aren't they looking cute This time, the last picture is not my kids, but my beautifull apple tree. I'm loving it.. every time I watch outside I see it. Look at it for your self
Beautifull ;))))) Ps.. blogger is totally changed.. I love how I can easy put in pictures now... the rest of the changes will take some while to get used to...hihi I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! I love reading them!! ♥ Have a great day ♥

vrijdag 20 april 2012

Let's start at the very beginning ;)

Someone know the movie of my subtitel??
One off my favorites movies off al times!

I have so many things I still needed to show and say.
So here I start.

5 things I need to tell about myself for the Liebster blog award

* I love listing to the radio.. whole day long.. mostly when the kids are in the living it's childrens music... I turn it on when I wake up and turn it off when I go too sleep.. ;P
* At the moment my hair is very long the last time I went to the hairdresses was 6 weeks before Kira's birth... so It's time.. I love going but hate making time for it.. can you understand my dilemma? ;))))
* I always wanne make so much my head is full of idea's at the end of the months mostly nothing is made.. that's way my goals.. it's good for me
* For those off you don't know where I work... I work in a nursing home.. mostly doing evening shifts, but sometimes the morging or night( like last weekend)
* Then the last one it need to go about my kids I so love them so much...
Yesterdag Noah asked me if he could craft.. that's like music to my

So that where the 5 things.. I also still need to name a lot of bloggers who also need to get the Liebster award, but beacause of lak of time, please if you have a blog with lesser then 200 followers take this award from me...

Then the day before Easter (saterday) Miek and her husband sweet dog Basso came and visit us..
I wanted to make her something, but what do you make for someone who makes all the things you can think off..
I now she hates the sewingmachine and love knitting..
So I made her a knitting case in her favorite colors ; blue-red-white
On her blog you can see want see made of with all her knitting things

Miek also spoiled us to much, made fingers mittins for me and DH for in the winyter so that we can work on the laptop or me crafting without getting cold fingers, and many more.. I see now I don't have it all on a pic, but you can understand that she spoiled us..

Then our Easter, beside that I had to work we had a great Easter.. with a lot of crafting and visiters...hihi
Here is al little collage of it all.
With Miek we went to a farm to see the baby lambs and cows

Ow and I also made a mistake.. my counting was wrong... I'm blogging for 3!!! Sorry ;))

Then I have something to say... My sweet Dh lost his job weeks ago.. It's wasn't a nice time, but after rain always come sunshine and so did it with us... He got a new job, He likes it very much, He started Monday. It's tottally different from what he did before, but so nice..
At my job the help me so much.. I worked a lot the past weeks, and still am.
This week we also had a meating and not everyone know about it so I baked some cupcakes for it and tell about it...
You all can have a virturial cookie... lol ;))))

Then my crafting.. I'm making a lot of WIP's.. with sewing crochet soon there will be more stitching to...

So again let's start at the very beginning.
Kira's first summerdress
If you see these colors... want do you think... I'm thinking ..... SUMMER...
I want summer.... I so love the colors..
It will be a complete summer outfit soon more.. I lost something from my sewing machine ordered a new one, so need to wait for it to finish it of...

Then also started on the second dress for Kira, this week be part sewn part crochet.. I started the crochet.. This is my at work piece.. I always take it with me for when I have a break
Love these colors.. This will be a dress making wthout a pattern.. and wanne make it very cute so that will take a while.

Then I also still working on Kira's blanket.. All the squares are done, there are all togheter.. but still need to remove alllllll those tail.... I don't like that but It will be such a cute when It's finished

I'm also starting things for Noah if your wondering but need to wait a bit.. Noah still have some clothe sfrom last year that fits .. Kira don'

Then I'm also working on 2 B-day gifts... One I can't show because it's for my nephew who turned 4, and my in-laws look at my blog.. the next is for my neighbor girl who is also turning 4 and love's Hello Kitty
I think you all know what this is going to be... lol... ;P

I think I have shown you all he still needed to do..
The weather here is not really Springy... Today we have a lot of sun.. ( They said rain so didn't put my laundry outside... no rain to see today) but we had a lot of rain..
My garden is growing so beautifull.. Even my big fruit tree.. For the first time I have flowers in it.. Next time you will get I pic, then I have more flowers in it I think..


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!

♥ Have a great day ♥

zondag 8 april 2012

Happy Easter

Here a quick post.
De kids and DH are too a baptisme and I need too go to work in 15 minutes.  
So I thought I try out my new foon and make a blogpost with it.
Till so far it works but need to post a pic also lol. Hihi :-D

Here we had a great Easter morning with our eggs painting

This after have been crafting, but aren't ready yet so I will after Easter again

This was my short post
I wanne wish You all a wonderfull and HappyEaster


zondag 1 april 2012

Goals and awards..

Happy April fools!!

So it's the first off April.. so April fools but also looking at my Goals, from last month and making new one.
My goals where:
1. Finish my felted snowdrops
2. Make a lot of Easter crafts...
3. Finish Noah's memoboard

The first was finish off the snowdrops.. I didn't make much more then that I showed a few posts back
next year will make more... up to next things.. lol..

Then making Easter crafts.. I got crazy ;) ;P
The most I did was stitching.. also made something I didn't like din't show it here yet.. I hope I can still change it a bit..
But here is what I made
Then I have another finish and a WIP-update

More of that later..

Then the third thing on the list I didn't make..
So taht will be again on my next list..

So for April:
1. Till Easter finish off my Easter crafts
2. Finish off Noah's memoboard.
3. Make some Spring crafts.
4. Make 1 Xmas ornament.

That's it for April... hope I will make it this time..

Then for the awards..

I got it three times..
Am I so pathetic???? (kidding) that I need it three times... lol
I got from Saskia, Valerie and Milly.. (I saw Milly deleted her blog.. to bad she had such a great blog.. made the most beautifull things)

This awards is for blogs with lesser then 200 followers.
I also need to tell things about myself but times flying i see..
I need to go to work..
I wanne give it to everyone who also has lesser then 00 followers, don't have the time to finds them..
I will tell something about myself in my bext post..

Need to run now..


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥