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zondag 25 maart 2012

Spring and Easter decorations

Are you also having such beautifull weather??????
No... come to Europe... I'm loving this weather...
sun > warm > more sun > a lot of sun ;)))))

The kids are havening so much fun playing outside..
Noah playing with different friends, whole day's long this weekend.. ;P
He was such a happy boy..
So glad it's Spring...=))))
And Kira... lol... here we say.. she looks a cat out of the tree.. I don't now if it's says something to you... but in Dutch it means shy/waiting/a bit afraid..
Today I saw nothing of that
Look at a beautifull collage I made of them
Not only kids a loving it.. also me and my plants...
I'm seeing so much green in my garden.. and even a few purple/pink flowers
Can't wait till the whole garden is green again and full with flowers and birds/butterfly's
Then inside, the Easter is coming..
I'm trying to put only handmade decorations this year.. it's hard because my crafting skill are not that fast.. but it's getting there..
I wanne make a few more things and rest will be for next year...
Aachen and Cologne (Aken en Keulen) aren't build in one day... ( also something we say here)..
.. Remember the chicken???
I made it last year.. this week I gave it a nest and some eggs.. it are different eggs.. I was trying out patterns...
One I like.. wanne try and make a few more..
Every year I get Easter branches from my best friend.. last year I didn't wanted to asked again, so I put one branche in the garden ... :P
And just before cutting it it was 4 metre high.. so I have a beautifull big Easter tree of my own this year..
With only one crochet Easter egg hanging it it...
I will make a few more.. and also the rest will be for next year...
In my hallway there are a piece from Barbara Ana I made last year.
And the cute framed egg I got from Miek, I tought last year, but also can be the year before that.. I forgot (sorry)
I have more stuff.. but it's lost in the attic.. when the attic is done I will find it again

I started a new Easter stitch piece..
Another Lizzie Kate pattern..
I also started another Lizzie Kate pattern and crochet pattern... but more of that in my next post..

I have on pic left..
A duplo picture..
Don't look at Noah clothing again.. it was a sunday and he wanted to where the same as Kira.. For DH I didn't gave them both a

I wanne give a warm welcome to my new visiters/followers..
Feeling a bit a blushed that your liking my blog :$ :$....

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

maandag 19 maart 2012

Blogoversary and finishes ;)

I wanne thank you all for the better wishes for Kira.
Not only Kira got ill, but a few day's later I got it also while I was working, so got home early, the next morning Dh and Noah got it to.
In 1 day I lost a lot of weight, and it was hard to get it back on..
Dh and I got better fast, Noah is better from today and Kira still has a bad diarhea.
Poor girl.. I hope it will be gone soon.. Further she feels fine thankfully.. playing, walking and laughing...hihi ;)

Then by all the sickness I totally forgot my blogoversary..
It was the 17th ( hihi I tought the 14th)..
And I blogging for 4 years now ( hihi I also tought it was 3 years)
What a party!!!

There will be a give-away.. but not right now... ;(
BUT SOON... ( I hope)

4 years already..
In that time I meet the most incredible people all over the world.
Woman in different ages, different crafts...
To many idea's, to many beautifull pieces..
I have been able to show you many off my crafts and my lovely kids/life.
Thank you all so much..
I love reading all those comment.. that there are so many people that like what I write.. I never could dream about that.
Really Thank you so much.. Your comments are so dear to me..

Then I have some finishes to show you.
Let's start with the Spring biscornu from Barbara Ana
It was such a fun project.. I love to make one for every months to put in my basket.. but that's a lot of work.. but will see.. let's first try every season..

Then also Peep is finshed.. I finished it off in a pinkeep.. had so matching fabric so used white felt
It such a lovely piece!!
I can recommend it to every-one.. so a great piece!!

Then I told you in the beautifull weather i started another Felted garland and this time girls name what also was a bird name...
The Dutch people can already guess with name it is
In English it's called a blackbird.. I can't think of a girl that's called blackbird, but who!!
The final result is this
I like it so much.. I hope the girl would love it to...

I've won some awards, but by my sick being I haven't been much in blogland.. I hope to gets up this week.. And you will see more in my next blogpost..
Can't wait to see all your beautifull crafts...

Have fun Easter crafting ;) :0 :) :0

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

maandag 12 maart 2012

Easter stitching happy dance and sunshine

I wanted to post last night, but my poor girl Kira, got sick and spit in her bed for 5 times and when she was on our arms another 5 times... So I was busy cleaning, washing, and taking care of my sweet little girl..
After a very short night, and drinking again, she feels a lot better..
At the moment she sleeping and for a long time.. she needs it..
Last night she looked as pale as a white cloth...
Not only her bed was dirty but also her cuddles, but they are hanging outside in the sun right now

Yesterday the beautifull weather came to our country... YES>>>> SPRING =))))))
Sunday is lazy day here...Normally with sitting, baking and watching.. and when the kids are playing or sleeping ...mommy goes crafting.

With this lovely weather, where not going to sit inside but outside...
So I cleaned up the garden.. ( did not take a picture before cleaning to bad to described)
My swing normally is standig in the shadow, and when it's hot outside it so great sitting on it, but now is to cold here
But it's so summer yet... so moved it to here
Do you see the sun shining??
And my crafting is also waiting for me....That will be finished for my next post
The kids also loved it outside... and where playing with so much fun in the garden
Only to bad Kira got sick...
But new day new changes..
I understand we are keeping this beautifull weather.. JIPPIE =)))


Then my Easter stitching..
That means... HAPPY DANCE ;) =)))) ;)
My Biscornu piece is the first to show... I finished the front and the back stitching
I so love the Spring colors that are used in it
The Spring Biscornu from Barbara Ana

Next Piece... and also a happy dance =))))

This cute PEEP! from Lizzie Kate..
Isn't it a cutie???
When I saw it.. I needed to have it and stitch it right away...
On the pic to see is that I made it in the sun.. you see my shadow

Kira is waking up so till next time
I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

dinsdag 6 maart 2012

Today I saw a bit of Spring sun!!

Spring is starting, the sun is shining a bit more...
I see green on my dead plants in my garden... ow and birds again...
My neighbor got rid of a few BIGGGG tree's and all his birds... so no more cute birds where in my garden, but yesterday ans today I saw a great tit (koolmeesje)..
And I love them so much in my garden.. gives me a happy feeling ( sorry Spring fever )

I have been doing some crafting this week..
First I begin with stitching.
The cute biscornu pattern from Barbara Ana
I made this pic yesterday morning ( had hoped to post yesterday evening), so I have already done more stitching by now that the picture shows...
In my next post I hope to have a finish picture... fingers

Felt is my next addiction
Let's begin with some few more snowdrops.. they look so cute.
I put them all in a branche hanging in my front window.
It was very hard to get a good picture I hope you can see how it is..
(pic was made this afternoon, sometimes it's still dark outside)
Then I made 2 more felt garlands..
The first is also a Hello Kitty, this one went to Belgium..
And mom and daughter love it so much.

The other one is for Madelief. Madelief is a girls name but also a flower here .
In English Madelief is Daisy... also a girls name and a flower..hihihi :P
So I made Daisy's for above and below the name...
It's such a cutie...
I'm going to start on another one after this post.
This time the name is also a bird...hihi

I have a little building picture... we love building with Duplo ( who doesn't, I still do) and it needed to be a BIGGGG tower, so I made one to the ceiling.
( Noah thinks it's easer to go to the toilet without pants, so when has been to it, he loses the pants and walks around without...Cutie..)

A colleague got a new puppy.. a cute little Rottweiler..
Today we went on his baby shower =))))
A while back she asked me to sew something where he could cuddle with..
But what to make that can't broke... mmm there is nothing... It needed to be something where he could play with wildy I hope..
This is what I made
It need to be a chicken but turned out a goose..
But still she liked it...
The puppy is so cute... love it...

For 2 days's we had a pet too... a little kitten.
Yesterday morning I heard him at my back door... in the afternoon Noah played with it, but it run away, when Noah went inside it got back, Noah went outside again, it went away... can you get the picture... lol...
I have some pic to show and you can also see how cute it is
In the late evening it still was there so I called the animal protection.. and they would call me back this morning, and they did.. I also called someone to look if he had a chip.. he didn't. I got him some food from a neighbor and milk, he was so hungry.
So this afternoon the people of the animal protection came for the little things.
Two whole days he was at my backdoor, we I got too the school this morning on my bicycle it followed me... he was to CUTEEEEE...
But Noah and DH are allergic to animals..... so now pets for us...
I hope he get a good boss.. he is still so little.

Long time since I shown picture sof the kids.. so here they are
MY CUTIES!!! =))))

I have one pic to show you...
My b-day orchid, is in my back window waiting to get new flowers.
But I got a new one.
I have a idea to make something too do around the pot... wait and see will come this year!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥