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woensdag 30 april 2014

°•♥ Jingles ♥•° and °•♥ Kingsday ♥•°

It's that time of the month..
....The last day....

That means :::::::
_____Jingles time!!!_____

 It was a small piece Fa lalalalala, with a cute Cardinal this time..
Isn't it looking great already my SAL.

Look at Rita ( will post later today) and Noni for there piece, and little Nia maybe just found her needles?
Already started sweetie?

♥•°    °•♥

As I told last Saterday it was Kingsday.
It was the first time we celebrated that, after many years of having Queensday.
Kids had Kings play activity's at school on Friday, and saterday we had a blast at King's day.
Loo at this collage
Every town and city celebrate's it.
In the morning a parade, and singing the song of our country.
and later a Free- market, al kids/people, every one can sell every thing, games for free.
They both got a penny, and bought a gift, on the second of left above you can see Noah playing his bought gift with friends.
I finished Kira her bracelets on time.

♥•°  °•♥

Also finsihed some pink bracelets.
Kira is so happy with it!!!

♥•°   °•♥

At the moment MIL is here babysitting. I have to work the night shift, and Dh the day shift.
So she is babysitting the kids.
They are having so much fun!!!!
This afternoon we went for a walk..
It's grey and not that hot.. but still lovely

Diner is ready!!
Have a wonderfull evening all, till in May!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

donderdag 24 april 2014

Belated Happy Easter :(

Hi all,

I hope you all had a wonderfull Easter??
We did, only my Laptop broke down, so I was LONG without laptop, and couldn't post sooner =(((

We had a busy but fun Easter weekend, BIL came for the weekend, And MIL & FIL came on First Easter day, and I worked 2 night shifts
Kids where having a blast.

When I woke up, to go to work my sweet BIL brought a gift for me
They are so hot these wooden egg in the Netherlands, he was so sweet to ask a friend to make one for me.
Doens't it look pretty?? =))
♥ Such a wonderfull gift ♥

I was talking last I wanted to make some Easter craft for the kids, 1 is finished, the other I save for next year, too little minutes in a day
But these Easter hunt baskets got finished on time

The kids loved them and used them of them for the egg hunt
I made a little collage from our Easter weekend:

Aren't the kids pretty??
On the left above pic, you can see Noah was wearing a tie ♥ ♥

He looked so cute in it!!
And Kira in her new dress
Kira loves her bike riding and got a helmet

Beautifull eggs where painted, BIL loves coloring, and painted a sunshine on it, kids loved that we painted all 5 the eggs.
The next day the Easter bunny hide them ( Noah really believes it ♥)
And Noah had also the birthday party of his girlfriend

♥ * ♥

And as always I cooked.
For the brunch I made stuffed eggs
And for diner::
* Salmon Tartar 
* Beans in bacon, Fennel gratin, Potato croquettes and Chicken ham stuffed with goat cheese 
* Homemade cream slice with chocolate eggs

We all loved it!!
and I liked making it!!

°•♥ * ♥•°

Yesterday we have such a awesome beautifull weather.
I thought to do a picknick as lunch in the garden, it's what the kids really love to do
They had a blast!!

Saterday it's Kingsday
So I'm going to finally finish all the colors of crochet bracelets I started last year!
And Kira lost 2, so need to make them again..
Almost finished

I put the finished picture on Facebook, got such great comments and the question how to make them, I think this evening some will sit down with  there crochet needles and threads and start crocheting these bracelets :))))
I need to finish one more for Kira, and then put them togehter, and Miss Kira asked for a pink one too.
So you can understand what I will be doing tonight ♥

Have a great weekend all, and for the Dutch people:
 Have a great Kingsday!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

woensdag 16 april 2014

♥ Easter decoration, and my April Fool joke ♥

Thank you all so much for your lovely words about my gifts for Little Lourenco ♥ ♥ ♥
I know Nia is over the moon so much she loves it, I'm happy to have brought her a smile 

♥ ♥ ♥

Every one ready for Easter???

I'm not.. lol!!
I had a lot of of Easter craft idea's, but as I lost my mojo, I emptyed my mind and after seeing the most adorable pakages in my mailsbox to make I got started with new Idea's.

( the old are for next year)

I also decorated my house in Easter style!!

Here some pic's:

This where the packages that where in my mailbox
The snowdrops and the blue grape ( no idea how it's called in English)
There are from my favorite designer from HuisVolKleur. :))
Look at that cute ladybug!! ♥
You also can see a bit for a Easter branch wreath I made a while back, and crochet a great pattern of a Easter bunny for in it!!
 Isn't he cute?? =))
Only Noah didn't like the egg :((
So changed the color

And below the end result!!
♥ ♥ ♥

 My side window, I put some bunny's and sheeps in there.
The Bunny on the left is the one I made myself! ♥
 The crochet chicken I made 2 years ago

And the cute little bunny, chick, eggs in a basket with the sheeps and my AWESOME Orchid, who is getting so beautifull in bloom ♥

 My heart shelf, all in Easter mood!!

 With kids I made a start to decorate the Easter tree, but this is still all it is... hope we will make more..
The 3 on the left all made by Noah, Kira and I made the one on the right

♥ ♥ ♥

Then at April Fool I did a funny joke on Facebook.
At the photo shoot a few months back, they ask to made pic's with me holding a card..
I fell in love and know I needed to use it for April 1th.. and I did.
This is the pic

We got so many awesome sweet comments, 
Congratz, finally, is it a joke?? 
On school, teachers really thought it was real, people in town came to me to congratz me, many where talking about it, that finally we where getting maried..

Around diner time, I commented that it was a April fools joke.. I loved it!
So fun, I even got some flowers for fun, teh pink ons in the above pic's

It was so much fun!!!

Have a great week all, and enjoy the sun, I going to finish of some last Easter carfts..

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zondag 6 april 2014

°•♥ * ♥•° Lourenco's gifts and being outside °•♥ * ♥•°

Thank you all for your lovely comments.
I'm thankfully better. :))
I stopped with the morphine, only have a muscle relaxant at night, but reducing on that too. : /

I can move my head all way's without much pain, and I can do what I want again..
Only my mood for crafting is low. but that will come back =)). So happy it was for short the heavy pain, I;m not out yet but that will come.

°•♥ * ♥•°

As you all know my sweet friend Nia has a cute little baby boy. ♥
As his Dutch Auntie I made him some gift. Now that they have arrived and she has shown then on this and this blogpost. I can show them here too.

In the time she was pregnant of often talked about it and what she liked, what she wanted to have, and what she didn't could make..
My ears where WIDE open =))))

I made a pinboard on my pinterest for the baby, Nia liked is so much togheter with Valérie, so I enterend them, and togheter we gathered many idea's
Some things she made her self or are on her to-do list!!

But....... she has no 72 hours in a day

Wanne see them?? 
I'm still in love with them and I now Nia is too.

The elephant was a pin I thought of all off us.
Nia told she loved it, but is was one of her skills to make one .... ( whahaha ... she can make it everything, but I love making toys like this) . She picked out the color of the fabric.
So she know she would get this gift.. but didn't thought she would get two, a mommy and a baby

Aren't they the cutest!!

When Nia told me she was pregnant I send a little gift.
A sleeping toy

She liked it so much, so I thought lets make another one but a bit different and with blue in it.
Because when I send the above I didn't know yet it would be a boy!

 Isn't is a cutie too???
Baby Lourenco with cuddle like crazy with his 2 new friends, this one and the other white one!!
I like this one that it have a other color on the back then on the front ♥

My best winning gift is the felt name.
I knew Nia would liked to make one but I also know that she wanted to make so much that she wouldn't have the time.
So asking what she liked, looking at what she making, looking at the colors didn't made it hard to choose how to make it!

 She loved ducks, many years before she was pregnant she mafde a baby set with ducks.. so that wasn't hard to think of to make.. but the patten.. I didn't found anything that liked a bit what on my mind.
But I finally made it!! and it's perfect.

She told me she liked bears too. I saw this bears go by often, liked it so much.
I knew Nia would like it too.. so draw it and sewn it too
Added a cloud and some stars and the total name in felt was done!!
I really love the outcome.
The lettertype.. the colors and all the extra sweeties!!

 The total photo is so sweet!!
Gifts made with love , send with love and recevied with love, go look at this post of Nia

Sweetie, enjoy your gifts!!!

°•♥ * ♥•°

Yesterday was a awesome beautifull Spring day

Kids where playing, hubby was working outside ( I had some jobs for him) and he helped out neighbor.
So I was working in the garden ( don't worry I was taking it slow!!) =)))

I made a beautifull collage
The baing is from today!!
A carrot cake and a muesli-cookie.

I love the pic that Noah is jumping on the trampoline, while trying too jumping rope ( what didn't work, but the pic is still very cool!!)
Look at my beautifull tree al in bloom!!

Only beautifull pictures in this post!!!
I'm a happy girl!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥