Please don't use any pictures of Noah and Kira with out my authorization

zondag 30 januari 2011

I'm stitching pink!!

What will I stitch, that was what I was thinking!!
And before I knew I was stitching pink..
I remembered that my February stamp still wasn't finished!!
This is a picture from before: And this is how it looks like now!
I'm going to try to make it in a flatfols tomorrow, so It wil be finishe before the first of February, and I can put in in my hallway!!

Then I stitch another pink piece!!
I finished all the cross stitches of Piglet, and started on the backstitches

I was in a very pink mood this week!!

And some lovely pictures of my beautifull kids!!

So it's still early but I'm going to bed, till next time!!!
I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

woensdag 26 januari 2011

Much to show!!

I wanna thank everyone for there lovely comment on the beautifull pictures of Kira... She is such a sweetie, I enjoy watching her every minute of the day!!!!

In my previous post I mentioned the finished Lizzie Kate August stamp

Also started on the September stamp.

On this post of Nia's blog, I got so inspired, so googled a few ice crystals patterns and got my felt and started cutting.
I made a pictures of them hanging in the branches above my table, but it's hard to make a pictures of it (I have made eleven so far), I will make a picture of it when I put something new in it!!
But what will I do for February.... any inspriration will be welcome...I wanna do some thing with heart, but what??

Remember my lovely orchid.. I just made a picture of it!! On the day Kira was born the first flower came to bloom, en yesterday the second one.
I hope the rest will hurry up!!!

We got so many beautifull gift for the birth of Kira, lovely dresses, other beautifull outfits and stuff
And I was so surprised of the gifts I got from bloggers!!!
This lovely thing I got from a stitching friend, I got her addicted to crochet too, so she is making me very curious with sending me blurry pictures of what she is crocheting for Kira This I got from Saskia
These cute socks I got from Katrien, who also has a beautifull baby girl of about 6 months This beautifull card is from Tineke, from the CSL yahoo group
From Josee, a Dutch stitching club I'm a member (she makes many big pieces and sell them, the money goes to her foundation for children with Down Syndrom, she has a grandson with Down)
From Pytsje also from that Dutch club
From Hetti, from the EMS site

Thanks you so much ladies... I love all of it..

I hope I don't forgot anyone... I just made the pictures today, and it's hard to remember from who I got everything. So If I forgot something please let me know

Also Noah is very spoiled with gifts.
From my Belgium SIL he got Play-Doh, and loves playing with it!!
We play with it everyday!!

On the day Kira was born I also won a crochet give-away.
I forgot to take a pictures buy here is the one from the blog where I won it:

I won the blue one!!

And look at this lovely pictures of Noah and Kira:
So that all for today!!
Sorry for the long post!!
I'm still to tired to craft, but I'm working on many ideas in me head!!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

zondag 23 januari 2011

Thank you all so much for your lovely words, I love reading them, and there are so many of them, It made me blush when I opened my mailbox!!
Kira and I are doing great, I'm still only resting and feeding her, and she grows so fast. I hope I feel better soon, I wanna go outside, walk with her and Noah.
Noah is so sweet to her, kisses, hugs and wants to hold her!!!
I have some pics of the last few days..

Finally in PINK!!!!!
Look at how cute she is, and how big already.
At birth she was 3.680 gram, and 51 cm, for me a small baby, because Noah was 4.240 and 53,5 cm. But ow so cute and beautifull...

Before I gave birth I finished my Lizzie Kate August, and made some felted ice crystals, I hope to make a picture this week, and when I'm not that tired anymore hope to start crafting, making dresses, new clothes for Noah, decoration for the house- Noah's room and Kira's room (pink pink pink.....) and so much more...
I still have free from work till 15 May, so many time to craft and enjoy the kids.
At the moment DH is also free for a few weeks, so we are enjoying are new family a lot..

Hope to show something soon.

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

dinsdag 18 januari 2011

My beautifull baby Girl!!!

Hi every-one,

The waiting is finished, last night at 3.46 I gave birth to a beautifull baby girl Kira!! Here she was just born, and already in the arms of her daddy.
She is doing great and drinking and sleeping good!!
I'm taking as many rest as I can... So for a while not most to show here!!
Little Noah is so proud of his little sister and whants to play with her and lift her up!! He is a happy big brother..

Thanks all for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!!!!

A very big hug, Annette, Noah and little Kira

zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Made a few stitches!!

But first look at this lovely gift I got from winning the give-away from PattyC
The scissor is already in use, and cutes so great, I never had such a beautifull scissor.
The Christmas piece she stitch is beautifull, I think I'm going to make a pillow of it before Christmas, I'm stil thinking!!
The pinchusion also so beautifull made.
And when I opend the box, I was blown away, Al kinds of beautifull little things like the 'made with love' charms.. it's funny but for quiet time I was looking for those here in the Netherlands, but could not fine them, en now I got a lot of the.
Patty you are the sweetest.. Thank you so much for this lovely great gift you sent me.

Then my stitching update!!

The tree is done with brown, need too do the green, but first wanna make Piglet, you see the little pink stitches??
August of Lizzie Kate is almost finished, then can started on September!!!

Thanks for all of you who keep coming back to my blog and taking the time to leave a comment, I so appreciate it.

woensdag 12 januari 2011

Little update

First I have to ask everybody with a blog too visit this post on the blog of Daffy-cat aka Sharon.
I have a lot of problems with comment bug on some blogs, maybe did will make it better...
And check out the rest of it she makes such beautifull things!!!!

So I haven't stitch much because of the pain in my hands but there is a little progress to see: Also I have been working with paper. Noah loves counting and learning about colors, so made him a color train on his wardrobe, with a funny elefant, bear and ape!
Every night before going to bed, we practice the colors and count the ten trains.. I'm still waiting till the baby is coming, yesterdag the doctor wanted that I went for a checkup in the hospital (normaly I don't have my pregnancy appointment in the hospital our local doctor does them) because I don't feel the baby a lot, after more then two ours we went home everything is alright. I can come back when I still don't feel al lot of moving. But since we went to the hospital I think the baby is afraid because it kicks more!!
I'm still sitting and lying a lot, but can't always craft sooo not many post will come.....

I wanna thank you al for visting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment, I really appreciate it!!

A big hug

donderdag 6 januari 2011

All kinds of stuff

So my contraction are gone thankfully, I can do a bit more.
I have done a few stitches on my Lizzie Kate SAL. July is finished and made a start on August: Also have finished my secret piece, it's finished and on mail. When the quilt is done I show a pictures.

My beautifull crochet piece the candle basket is also done.. I so love how it looks like:
So romantic.... every night we light the candles!!

I'm also have been working on a gift for Noah to treat on his school for when I GIVE birth:
It's a paperbasket with his photo on it, on one side the other side Hurray!! I'm a big brother. In it I will put raisins with the name of the baby, that's the blue and pink papers... oooo on the pink I saw the name, sorry still a surprise for maybe a few more weeks!!!!!

Today put away all my last Christmas decoration (not much was there more...). And put my beautifull table-cloth on the table, a few years back I got this for my B-day from a good friend who bought it in Spain.. It totally handmade and I love it so much.
I always have a plastic table-cloth above it, but is was full with holes, from Noah en my crafting, so DH bought a new one and my beautifull cloth is protected again..
We both so love it, and it's white so perfect for my new decoration!!
Also got my beautifull orchid from behind the curtain on the table. It was dead for a year but last week when I looked there where all new flower buds, can't wait to see it with beautifull flowers again. White flowers!!!
Some of you will know I work in a nursinghome. Many years ago we had a women with al kinds of beautifull orchids on her room and everytime I needed to help her I talked about that I so love them. When she past away her husband came to me and brought me to her room, he and his wife had decided that I was the first to choose a flower to take home, because of that I loved them so much, I choose this beautifull one. Now it will give me flowers for the tirth time... can't wait to see them...

I wanna thank every-one who visits my blog. I saw I have some new visitors. Welcome
Also a big thank for the lovely comments..
Till next time