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maandag 29 juni 2009

A quick post

Here is a lovely Photo of my boy in his new outfit:Every loved it, especially I.
It was a very lovely baptise.
My skirt was done on time, so I carried it on the christening.
The photo follows.
I started on my EMS exchange, and I have started 3, yes 3 new SAL's.
The SAL's are already busy for a time, so I have alot of work to do.
I have bought the fabric this afternoon, and I hope that postmen brings the colors tomorrow.
I'm off to was a busy weekend.

Thanks for visiting and the comments....

vrijdag 26 juni 2009

Fillmore had to wait..

The blouse and waistcoast are also done, for Noah.
I'm so glad with the final result.
It fits perfect.
I love it.

Yesterday evening I was the sewing tired, so I wantted to start stitching Fillmore, but one of the colors is almost done, so I did some letters.
Now some.... it where many letters, but so you can see how large the project is becoming.
Here you can see it:
I hope to finish it soon, but after the cars and letters, I need to do the rocks and cactus.
So busy busy.
Thank for stopping by and for the lovely comments

woensdag 24 juni 2009

Doc Hudson is done too!!!

The father figure of the cars is done too.
Doc Hudson is the Mayor, Judge and head Medical Doctor in the town of Radiator Springs where the cars live.
So now he can look out for Sally and Lighting McQueen.

Ik going to start on Fillmore
He is the hippie and uses all biological stuff.
Thanks for stopping by...

maandag 22 juni 2009

Trousers done

Past weekend I have finished the trousers for Noah for the baptise of Adam.
Here are some photo's:
The front

The back
And a lovely label I have put in to the side of the trousers.
The blouse is almost ready, I need to do the finishing touch.
Then I can start on the waistcoat.
I like to make a new skirt for myself, but don't now if I can make it on time for the baptise.
Thanks for the lovely comments on Sally, she (and I) loved it

vrijdag 19 juni 2009

Recipe / Recept spekkoek

Voor de liefhebbers
Dit is het recept wat ik heb gebruikt voor spekkoek:

500 gram boter
500 gram witte basterdsuiker
250 gram tarwebloem
10 eieren
5 theelepels anijspoeder
10 theelepels kaneel
5 theelepels kruidnagelpoeder
3 theelepels nootmuskaat
3 theelepels kardemom

Roer de boter eerst fijn en glad met de mixer. Splits de eieren en voeg de dooiers aan de boter toe. Doe ook de basterdsuiker erbij en meng dit circa 10 minuten met de mixer. Klop het eiwit, voeg dit toe, doe daarna de bloem erbij. Verdeel, als het beslag goed gemixed is, het beslag in twee delen. Laat de ene helft blank, roer door de andere helft de kruiden. Verwarm de oven ongeveer 10 minuten voor op 275 graden C. Vet een springvorm in met wat boter. Zet de oven op de laagste stand (125 graden C) en bak de eerste laag in circa 4 minuten. Ga verder met de grillfunctie, bak, laag voor laag, bruin, wit, etc... Reken per laag op ongeveer 3 minuten onder de grill. Het bakken duurt dus ongeveer 50 a 60 minuten in totaal. Als de springvorm helemaal vol is nog ongeveer 5 a 10 minuten rusten onder de grill, wel opletten dat de koek niet aanbrand. Laat de koek afkoelen snijd hem in dunne plakjes.

In English
I have uses a translator, it know not all words in English. I hope that you undrrstand it a little bit.

This is the recipe what I have use for lard cake:

500 grams butter
500 grams white basterdsuiker
250 grams wheat flower
10 eggs
5 teaspoons anijspoeder
10 teaspoons of cinnamon
5 teaspoons clove powder
3 teaspoons nutmeg
3 teaspoons kardemom

Preparations manner:
Stir the butter firstly fine and smooth with the mixer. Split up the eggs and join the egg yolk at the butter to. Do also the basterdsuiker included and mix this about 10 minutes with the mixer. Knock the egg white, join this to, do after that the flower with it. Divide, if the possession has been mixed good, the possession in two parts. Let one half white person, rudder through the other half the herbs dark brown. Heat the oven approximately 10 minutes for on 275 degrees C. Fat a springvorm in with what butter. Set the oven on the lowest position (125 degrees C) and bin the first low in about 4 minutes. Go further at the same time the grillfunctie, bin, low for layer, brown, white, etc... Racks per low on approximately 3 minutes under the grill. The baking lasts thus approximately 50 a 60 minutes in total. If the springvorm totally full is yet approximately 5 a 10 minutes rest under the grill, well pay attention that the cakes not burnt. Let the cake cool down cut him in thin slices.

Explanation of words

Basterdsuiker =

anijspoeder =

Kardemon =

So I hope everybody understands it..
Enjoy making it

dinsdag 16 juni 2009

Sweet little Sally is done

The Cars ABC is progressing well.
Every day I do a few stitches
Sally the lovely sweet girlfriend of Lightning McQueen is done.
She looks so cute
As you see in the upper right corner I have started on Doc Hudson.

Also I have started on a trousers and blouse for Noah and I want to make a matching waistcoat for the baptise of my godchild Adam what is on Sunday the 28th.

Thanks for the lovely comments
Good luck stitching

zondag 14 juni 2009

Birthday card and a cake I have made

I was planning on postig it on Friday, but we where to busy in the garden.
The terrace is done, and I have set up my swing bank.
I had it a year in the shed, I am so glad it stands in the garden now.
I love sitting on it, so when the terrace was done, we have quickly set it up.
I was hoping today was a dry day, but no its raining, raining and raining.
The terrace is flooded with water, its al little swimming pool for the birds.
This week I will show you a photo of how the garden looks now.

Yesterday I have baked 'spekkoek' its a dutch-Indonesian layered cake.
It's a big job making it, but it taste very nice and sweet.
Here is a photo from the web how it looks:
I thought it failed, but it was very nice, we whent to Indonesian friends and they loved it.
She was amazed I made it, she had never made, so she would like that I learn it to her.

This is a photo of a card I have made for my sister-in-law, it was her birthday last week, We have called each other all week, but every time one of us called the other couldn't pick up the

So busy busy busy.....
Cars is progressing little bits, this week I will show a photo.

Thanks for the lovely comments and visiting my blog
I really appreciate it


dinsdag 9 juni 2009

The flower is done

And it is transformed in to a birthdaycard for my mother-in-law.
It is her birthday today.
We called her to congratulate, and she told that the card has arrived.
She was very glad with it and found it beautiful.
Here is a photo:

It is a pattern of a orchid.
It is a part of a big pattern.
I think it's a very beautiful flower.
My mother-in-law think's so too.

Also I have made a birthday card for my sister-in-law, but that is on thursday, than I let you see a photo of it.

The weather here is very rainy, yesterday we started to lay the stone in the backyard for a terrace, but today we can do nothing. Hope that the weather tomorrow is better

zondag 7 juni 2009

New piece

The cars ABC lies quietly on the moment.
But I have started a new piece with a flower in pink.

At the moment I'm busy working, at my job and in the garden.
When the most of the graden is done I go further with the ABC.
Also I need the make a few skirt for my work, I have't enough clothes for the summer

Noah is busy trying to walk, he is almost 9 months old, he is getting very fast.
He has a walk-car, last week, he pulls the walk-car to the middle of the room, he stands behide it and walk the kitchen in, I didn't knew what I saw.
He is growing so fast i cannot keep up.
He stand on the sidetable, on the tv-table than he crawls to the room, every second he is somewhere els.
It fantastic to see :)
Thanks for the lovely comment I like it vey much

donderdag 4 juni 2009

Updat WIP

I have done a lot of stitching on the ABC of Cars.
Lightning McQueen is done, and Sally his girlfriend is almost done.
The cars are so cute, tonight I goinig to show it to Robbert the boy for whom I'm making it.

Yesterday I have signed in on a new exchange on the EMS site, we are goinig to make a scissors fob. It is first time I'm making a scissors fob, so I need to practise.

Thanks for visiting my blog

dinsdag 2 juni 2009

My sister-in-law loved the birthsampler and the play cloth.
Here is a picture of the play coth
In my play coth for Noah I have used for stuffing fiberfill (I don't know if it is Englisch, I don't know what it is could in Englisch), but after a few times in the washing machine, it got thinner.
So for this play coth I was looking for something else, I have bought a blanket that I sew on measure of the play coth. Put a zipper in and done was the job.
When Adam is a bit older he can play on it.
From my mother-in-law I got this lovely polo t-shirt:
For the birth celebration for Adam I made a trouser fot Noah so he can ware it with this polo t-shirt.
Here is a picture of the trousers, I love it, it's a nice pattern.

I like the little fold for the knee.
It's a little big, but than he can ware it whole the summer.

Now the ABC of Cars, it's making progress, I let a picture see this week.

Enjoys the lovely weather a happy stitching.