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woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Rainbow colors

But first look at what the mailman brought this week: hihi... But I can tell you it was such a beautifull package from Finland...
Yes i'm going to tell what inside look at the photo:
Look at that lovely DMC kits, and threads.. there also was a bar of chocolate, but it didn't lasted very long (3 sec..).
Thank you So much Lumiruusu of this BEAUTIFULL B-day gift.

My SIL asked me to make a sling for her mother, she is a teacher. A sling to hang in her classroom.
I was thinking of a lot of colors... rainbow colors I loved these colors and used them to make this: Totally there is written: Welcome to class 1A.
I got a email that she loved it and was hanging it in her classroom.

I have been stitching a bit of diffent pieces, made a little progress on Panda days on the flowers in the right corner:I'm planing for a long time to make a few pillows for on Noah's new bed. Noah loves Bumba, so stared with a pillow of the two clown friends.
Here is my start: I'm out of black now, so stared the colors. I can tell you I don't like to do big pieces of one color I found out.. and this piece has a lot of it.. hope it finish it this year!!!

That's all for tonight, I'm going to bed, I missed a night yesterday because Noah has a hign fever, he's feeling a bit better, hope tomorrow it will be over, the poor boy, he is feeling so miserable.

Thanks al for stopping by and leaving those lovely comment..

maandag 16 augustus 2010

I'm an aunty again....

On my birthday my SIL called to congratulate me, so I asked how is it, I knew she had a few cm dilation, she sad don't you hear it... and yes My new nephew was crying...
My best B-day gift ever!!!
Can you remember I made this a few months ago:
This week made it in to:
With the frame on it, it looked like this:
A day later after washing, ironing and framing it looked like this:

I'm so proud of it and they loved it.
It's time to pick out a pattern and stitch my birth sampler for the baby....hihi

I have been stitching on the Lizzie Kate Sal, and this is my progress:

Thanks you al so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, I LOVE too read them.
Also Thanks for the birthday wishes... they made my day smile more


dinsdag 10 augustus 2010


Yes today is my B-Day. I celebrated it 2 weeks back, but today is the day.
Now I'm 26... OMG I'm getting old the 30 is waiting for me...hihi
A few people who could not come to the party has visited today. So i make a apple-cake this morning (almost forgot to take a photo):

And for the kids had some cupcakes left from sunday when I made them with Noah.. Both made tgem for the first time.. yes I'm learning myself how to bake......

I got some very great and beautifull things for my B-day.
Look at what my best friends gave me for my craft addiction/passion:

For months and months I'm telling everyone I want to learn how to crochet again..When I was a litlle girl I've made some thing, but don't know how anymore. A few weeks back I bought a crochet-hook and wool, and started, but it was a to small. So next week I going to buy a bigger hook and wool, and give it a try..
Because when you look at the book one time, two times, three times, I can't put it away, I love the amigurumi animals... and found so much lovely on the web... I need to learn this...
So hopefully you will see something soon....

I have a update of my LZ SAL piece: It's getting there.... but missing one color so need to order it..

Before I forgot... there are many lovely ladies out there who makes such beautifull things let me mention two of them who gave me a lovely gift.

First Mylene (I got it about two weeks ago and forgot to post).
Looks at what she send to me: I so love the finish and design.... so beautifull made

And Second Sharon aka Daffycat (got it a few days ago, so post it on time!!)
I'm a lucky one who got a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from here.
Look at this: Noah Love sthe bam bams... did it away was afraid for my thing on the table and in the window-ledge. And regrettably the lovely ladybug paper tablecloth is ript in pieces, Noah loved it too
She know I love ladybugs too...

I feel so lucky... Thank you ladies, I love both presents so much.....

I'm going to stop now, need to do a few things... Till next time.
Thanks all for stopping by and leaving a comment I really love them.


donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Made baby presents!

Last weekend we celebrated the birthday of DH and I (mine isn't before next week). because we're both have our birtday in the summer, we celebrate it together.
I baked some lovely pie again:
Ice-cream pie

It's was a very fun party, the weather was a bit rainy we had a blast!!

I started crafting a few day's ago, It's getting better, don't need to do too much and to long.. I finished the bib for Yarah: I hope she likes it.

For the baby of my neighbor I was looking for inspiration, when I saw this I know what to make.
This was rolling out from my sewing machine: There a little bell inside
My neighbor loved it very much.
My colleague called this week that she had given birth to a baby boy. The nxt day another colleague I went to visit her in the hospital, and made her also a cloth label with a bell inside: She loved it too...

I had another idea to try so made for Yarah also a cloth label with a bell;So my SIL has now 2 lovely gifts to give to her friend.

I started on my February piece from the LK SAL from my yahoo group. But my photo-camera his battery died, so can't take a photo yet....

I do have a lovely photo of Noah in a blouse and boxers (boxers is a fake from Bjorn Borg got it last year from a friend)....

I hope to post sooner next time, but can't promisse..
Thanks all for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment!!