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zondag 27 juni 2010

New start!

I noticed I was a bit tired of Panda Days, because I was stitching it every and every day. At one of my Yahoo Groups they started a new SAl from Lizzie Kate, and I love the funny pattern of her so I signed in...
Here is my first progress of January:With 2 pieces to stitch I can change a bit every night...

My friends with the baby was so very glad with the self made gifts..So I'm glad too!!
They where talking about a wrap top what was very easy too ware for the little baby. I proposed to make them and so I did.
The first I made is off white with dark bleu stitches
And I just finished the second off white with varations bleu stitches
I had already given two sets that I made for Noah when I was pregnant so now they have four, I hope that will be enough..

I so love to make that little baby clothes so starting another one for a colleagues: Noah loves playing and eating in my garden look at the pictures..
Before:After: HIHIHIHI... my cute little boy.....

Everyboy enjoy the lovely sunny weather, and till next time..

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dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Panda Day's is looking great!!

Look at my progress of this week of Panda Day's... I found out I missed three colors, so this afternoon I ordered them, Hope I have them before the weekend.

Sunday it was Fathersday. So Noah and I went crafting. For DH he made a lovely drawing On Sunday morning when he woke up I brought him it and said to him, to bring it too daddy who was still sleeping, he ran to DH woke him up and gave him the gift. IT WAS SO DARN CUTE TO SEE..... It's written : Daddy I wove you Noah. Noah can't say the L of love it Dutch so he use the cute.. Also he made something for all the grandfathers: They loved it all..

Yesterday I wanted to bake a cake, and Noah too.. so we did And in the afternoon I was wraping present because one of my friends has given birth to a beauty of a son.. I completed the last gifts A lovely drawing from Noah. We gave them all this afternoon and he is such a sweet boy.. They loved the gifts...

Well I was wrapping Noah was played with the ribbons. I made a video of him, because he had so much fun with it. I hope it works..

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Hugs Annette and Noah

woensdag 16 juni 2010

Picture don't work

I don't know whats wrong with the picture of the bolus, but when I click on it I do see it. Hope you can see it to then..
You all get a big hug from Noah back....

dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Update Panda Days

I'm busy busy busy, so not much time to post, but had some time to stitch.
It's such a lovely pattern, I'm so in love with it..
Look for your self Look at that lovely colors..

I have also been busy with felt and paper. Here are my red roses..
Red felt is so hard to get on the photo. I'm thinking of making more but don't know where to put it, so that's still for the moment more time to stitch on Panda Days.

My baking tour..hihi... I tryed something new what almost nobody knows..
It's called a Bolus here in my dialect it's called jikkemien. The link is in Dutch, because the English page don't have a picture.
Mine don't look at the pictures, they tasted, smelled the same but don't look liked it. So I was looking for a better recipe, and the reason it didn't look the same was beacause of my recipe the rise was to short. So soon I will make them again.
It's our regional dish and I want to learn how to make it.
Here is the pictures of my try You can't see much because they look like someone sat on them...

Last Friday Noah has fallen very hard, his face was open, a lot of blood. My SIL had her birthday and Noah was playing with her son on the big slide in there backyard. many time they whent on and off, and one time Noah stept of the stepladder and he fell on the grond. OMG I had tears in my eyes so was he screaming. Al the blood was from his mouth he had bitten his tongeu. After a few days it looks better.
Here is a picture poor poor Noah, this afternoon he was trying to get the crust (hope it's the good translate) and he succeed, then came the crying.. poor boy.

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dinsdag 8 juni 2010

A few finishes!

I know it has been a few days since my last post, we where very busy in the garden and Noah isn't sleeping anymore in the afternoon, so my time to craft is a few ours lesser... But love to can do more with Noah.

But I have finished a few pieces, looks at this lovely piece:
It's turned in too a sheet. I love the pattern I hope my friend loves it too, she is doing any time now...

For another pregnant friend I made these bibs:
I hope tomorrow to sew the dolphin in too a bib, and then they are finished because she is doing any time too.

For a very long time know I'm in love with a pattern, but I told myself that I needed to finish this above pieces first. A few minutes ago I started it, after counting wrong, cutting wrong..... It's not much but hope to show more soon.

I have made some pictures of some lovely flowers from the garden and a porch that DH and FIL build this week, I'm so in love with it... it's a bit bald at the moment but slowly I making and looking for lovely things for it....

And a lovely picture on Noah who wanted his BUMBA outfit on to watch some lovely disney movies, on Sunday...
At the moment I'm trying to make roses from felt and paper, it's progressing slowly, pictures soon

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dinsdag 1 juni 2010

Duvet cover is done

Yes yes it's finished. I'm so glad it's finished, I love how it turned out.:
I'm trying out some other gifts to make, here is what I made so far:

It's going slow but I have alot of idea's who I love to made in time...

I also started a new stitch piece, I hope it will be a cradle sheet, here is the beginning: This weekend I have tryed to make Limburg rice vlaai (pie), and this is how it looked like:
My in-laws who are from Limburg loved, and they asked if I wanne make it again some time.

A few weeks back I enterd a give-away on Jenn's blog, and I won. This week the package has arrived, look at how much lovely things I got.... For a you lady's who are so crazy about Noah's his green boots, I have some bad news. They are too small....
But, he now have's red with bleu boots, they are also very very cute!!!!

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