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zondag 29 november 2009

White White White!!!!

But first....
Look at what the postman have brought yesterday night.

A few weeks ago I was one of the lucky winners of Andrea RAK giveaway.
She had choose to let 11 lucky people win a ornament, I'm so happy to be one of them....
Look at the lovely ornament she had made for me!!!
Thank you so much Andrea for the lovely gift

Yes the white. I have done al the white in my snowmen banner. It was al lots of white, and this evening I was very glad that it was finished. White snow, white snowmen and white snowflakes, white white white.....
Still need to do 2 colors and al the backstitches. One of the colors I need to order first, it run out. Then the backstitches again, with 1, 2 and 3 threads!!!!
Hope that they are done soon...
And hope it wil be done for christmas, then I can hang in on the wall

The card for my pregnant friend is done, hope she has arrived it.
Here the end result.

I also made another card but can't show it yet, it's also a lovely card.

This week I hope to start my first christmas ornament for myself.
Also need to make one for the EMS exchange where I signed up for.

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vrijdag 27 november 2009

Sewing machine works again!!!!

Yes!!! DH had made my sewing machine. The overall is for three-quarter done.
Here a photo of Noah wearing it, so I can see how it fits.

After the photo, I have sewed the sleeves, and made the pants part.
But I'm stuck know, need to ask my friend what to do next....

This week a friens mailed me her echo of her baby, she is 11,5 weeks pregnant of her first baby. So great!!!!
I'm stitching a card, the stitching part is done, now need to make it in to a card

It's a lovely design too.
It's a freebie I found on the web (but don't know where anymore), and it's not the first time I stitched it.
3,5 years ago when my friend was pregnant of Robbert I stitched it into a bib. She still use it, and is very pleased with it.
That was one of the first stitching I had done in years, after that I made a few little things but from the moment I was pregnant I was addicted again......

On the snowmen I have stitched a bit.
It the first time I need to stitch backstitches not only with 1 threads but with 2 and 3 threads too. The red backstitches I have done so far, are with 3 threads. It's not easy, but it looks great

I still love the design and can wait till it's done....

But it's late I want to go to bed, till next time.

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dinsdag 24 november 2009

Sewing machine broke!!!

Damn... I just wanted to start sewing a overall for Noah so he can play outside, while the overall protects his clothes. And it broke....
DH is at work, so.... it need to wait till tomorrow.

So now I can stitch tonight on my three little snowmen, they are so cute. It has progressing good, many colors are done.
Here is a update photo:
But still need to do a few color...

Noah didn't want to eat tonight, but he always loves his fruits yoghurt, and he may eat that self. Two bites and he stearted to play with it and this is the result:

So off to stitch on snowmen....

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Annette and little Noah

zaterdag 21 november 2009

Short update!!

A very short post!!
Here is a picture of how my new start looks like when it is done:

And here the update of how far I'm:

As you know I like to stitch color for color. The first 2 blue colors are done number 775 and 3325. I think that tomorrow evening I start with a red color...

Today my in-laws and grandpa came to visit and Noah have got some lovely gift for Sinterklaas.
Also Sinterklaas was in town, but Noah was asleep at that moment so we could not year better.

BUT I have bought a large (can he wear it a few years) Pieten clothes for him, and this is how that looks like......
Sleep well all.

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donderdag 19 november 2009

Miffy done!!

The last stitches on Miffy are done, than what to stitch around?....think think.... after very hard thinking I decided this:

In English it means Little one ....... (there stands the backname)
It's for a pregnant friend.
Now only make a bib of it, but I want to stitch some more bibs and wait till they are done, so I can sew them al togheter.

I started a new bib, what will be a present for Sinterklaas for Robbert (Cars boy)
He is 3 years and can say his name, so on the bib stand 'I am Robbert .......'. Now need to stitch some tractors around it, he love's tractors.

I have made 3 trousers this week, 2 for nephew Mika and 1 for Noah. The trousers for Mika are Sinterklaas present, Now only need to make the garden pants with Bob the Builder on it. Than his presents are almost done.

Before I started my blog I didn't now that there where some many thing you can stitch. Flatfold, biscornu etc... Christmas/Halloween/Summer stitches. The to do stitch list is getting longer and longer, so I will start to try to stitch for every holiday something..
So if I'm not doing enough, I started my first real christmas stitch.
It's a Dimensions pattern, and so easy and lovely to stitch...

This is what I did yesterday evening, I couldn't stop stitching, It was because I was tired otherwise I stitch through all the night.
Tonight and tomorrow evening I need to work, so hope to do some more stitching on saterday evening than DH needs to work, so I have a the time for myself when Noah is asleep...

I'm off to do some more cleaning and than go to work.

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maandag 16 november 2009

Sinterklaas has arrived in the Netherlands

As a child I loved to see that Sinterklaas came on his boat with al the Zwarte Pieten. Past Saterday it was on the television that he has arrived again. So Noah and me sat on the sofa watching...Now Noah didn't care about it, so he went playing, but I watched from the beginnig to the end......

For who don't know who Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet are, look here at wikipedia

I have tryed to make a photo of Noah with his Pieten cap, put he don't like it to have something on his head.
Here you can see that he is trying to put it of.

After looking at the the photo's of last year I have found the picture of last year with the cap on.

3,5 month old is he here, so little and so CUTE!!!!

I have started a little bit of decoration for Sinterklaas, want to do more, but don't know what, here you can see the boat in the hall-way

When there is more, I will show you.

I have stitched a bit on Miffy

Now only need to stitch al the white, and than need to think what to do around Miffy.

Here a picture of the roses that are in bloom
It's the only flower that blooms at the moment.....

So I off to some stitching again.

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woensdag 11 november 2009

St. Martin's Day

Today it's St. Martin (in Dutch Sint Maarten). I don't know in with's countries it's celebrated, but I can remember when I was little we went on the streets with paper laterns and candles and go door to door and sing songs...
I didn't hear any songs tonight, so I don't they do it bad, it's so fun.
When Noah gross up I hope it starts again..

So on stitching area, I have done a lot.
First Bob the Builder, he is almost done but I've missing a color, so need to order it. So I've started a new piece, yes I'm on a role. I wanne make a few bibs for the holiday's, The first piece wil be with Miffy, so weird in Dutch he/she is called Nijntje.
And also finished part 5 from Animal SAL. I've gets up with the rest..jippie, now I can stitch easy again.
So here are the photo's..

So off to stitching again, but for closure a CUTE photo of my little Noah

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maandag 9 november 2009

Updat new start

Yes Sofie you where right..
It's Bob the Builder.
I love the cute pattern, and it's half done already. It a easy pattern and stitch fast.

Isn't he CUTE!!!, and he can walk now, so off to let him work with his arms...
Again a short post, hope to have a longer post soon

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zaterdag 7 november 2009

Short post of new start!

Yes, yesterday I finally started my new start.
It's a piece with a few colors, so it's easy to stitch.
Here my start from yesterday:

Can anyone guess what or who this piece is.???
So i'm off for more stitching on this piece.

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Bye en hugs

donderdag 5 november 2009

Update SAL's + trousers

Finally I have catch up with the rest with the SAL's
Here are the photo's of how far I'm.

I'm so glad that I catch up, now I can begin the new start, that I was planning to begin a week

Also I have made some trousers, one for Noah and three for my nephew Adam

It's such a diffent the trouser for Noah and Adam, I love making them, next week more trousers.

Now first I'm first going to start my new piece, hope to show you soon.

Thanks for stopping by, and I really apreciate your comments.


maandag 2 november 2009

Cows frames!!!!

Yes, finally I frames the cows. Tomorrow off to the store to buy something so i can hang them up.

The only problem is that Noah was trying to help, so in the first frame the glass broke, so I also have to buy a new piece of glass. That boy is costing me a milion......hihi

Also my SAL's has progressing well. The Animal SAL is a hard pattern to stitch the symbols look a like, so I have made a few mistakes, but frogging isn't a option, so keep on the stitching.....
The Fall SAL part 2 is done, finally.
I just got the next parts on both SAL, so I will by busy in my vacation.
Yes I have 2 weeks vacation, a lot of time do stitch and sew.
I'm have a lot op plans of things to make, so I won't be bored..

Yesterday we wnet to the woods again, Noah loved it.
Today I bought a pair of green rainboots, they are so cute. DH already brought a pair, but they are the big, also very cute red with blue.
Here is a lovely photo, next time with the boots...