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maandag 24 mei 2010

The cube is finished!!

Yes, yes, last week I finished the last piece of the cube:
Here you can see all the pieces:
Saterday I started to put it together and I just finished it. The pictures I took outside so they aren't that great:

In the middle I put a little bell, so when the baby is playing with it it makes a cute sound. I need to hide it,my friend is back from here vacation and can drop in any time.

I totally forget to mention that my give-away gift had arrived in the USA a few weeks back. This is wat I send Ranae: The pattern is from Ellen Maurer-Stroh I so love her designs. It's the Lamb Baby. I added some stuff from where I live.

Friday I sent this card to a uncle and aunt who where 40 years married on SaterdayI'm not that good in making cards but I loved the pattern...

To end this post I have some lovely pictures of Noah helping and playing in the garden:

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donderdag 20 mei 2010

Another two sides finished!!

Here are the lovely pictures:
I have started the last side hope too finish it soon, so the cube can be finished, because I have another idea to make from a few of the pieces.

A few weeks back I've been surfing on the web looking for so more shaps to bake cookies and look at what I found: And look how much fun Noah had with it yesterday:

And did was the result:
My sweet boy was trying to make a hat of a newspaper so I fold him one:
Isn't it sweet?

Today we went cycle to the dike looked ad pointed to all the boats, he loved it And we came across cow's, sheeps, horses and many birds, after the cycle he played in the garden in his sansbox, how much fun that is.......

Thanks all for voiting on my poll. I've ordered both fabric and they arrived this afternoon. Next week I'm going to sew it up in a duvet cover.

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maandag 17 mei 2010

A busy few days.

Sorry can't come up with a better title... I have been a away for a few days for the wedding of BIL and SIL and the birthday of my godchild and FIL.
The boys where so adorable on the wedding, look at this lovely picture:

To put on the tie wasn't that nice but they played the whole day.. Everybody said they looked so lovely.

For Adam my godchild I made this love sling:And just as I made for every first birthday a cute bib with his name and date of birth: And I bought a lovely play race car for him.

Before we went away I've stitched a bit and finished the third side:Stitched up most of the fourth side: Because I was out of the light brown DMC color 2827 I stared the fifth side: I just saw that the color has arrived with the mail, I can continu with the fourth piece..

I totally forgot the mention that Noah has a sandbox. My father promissed last year to make one and a few weeks ago I gave him a hint that it's becomming lovely weather. So he made one. Look at Noah playing in it:
I'm going to do some stitches before I need to go to work.

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zondag 9 mei 2010


Today it's Mothersday in the Netherlands. My opinion of Mothersday is that a child gifs something he made at school or with his father... Dh had the night-shift so he bought me beautifull roses: And made me a delicious brunch. Noah gave me a big kiss that was enough for me...hihi

First my chickens are finally done. I'm doubting about the fabric that I will use to make it in a duvet cover. On the pictures you can see I have put some other fabric 's there. I love the green baby feet fabric, but I think it's better to make a separate sheet of it. So I was looking for some fabric and saw the white with little green dots. And I like that for it...

What is you Opinion? I have made a poll on the right PLEASE HELP me with my choice

I finshed the second side of the gift play cube:Also I stared the third side:
There so fun too stitch, i'm thinking of making a crib blanket of the pattern too....

Then I'm also busy on a present for my godchild Adam who is having his first birthday on Friday: A little preview.
But I'm will make something more but can't think of something.
So what will I give a boy that turns 1 and have already many toys and clothes....Somebody has a idea???? I Have't got many time and I run out of white threads for my sewing machine so needs to wait till tomorrow... I have a idea, but would like too know what for idea's you have.....

This morging we went to my stepmom to gif here a mothersday gift and this was what Noah wanted to took with him:He made this lovely painted piece for each grandmother for Mothersday:I wrote on it 'For the sweetest Grandma Love Noah'. She loved it, as did the other Grandma's..

I wish everyone a lovely Mothersday and enjoy the attention..

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vrijdag 7 mei 2010

Give-away at red with white dots

She having a lovely give-away.
Here is the link to her blog en webshop.
You can win a lovely fabric of apples...

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I so love this cube i'm making, side 2 is almost done:

woensdag 5 mei 2010

New start finished and Chicken WIP

So my run out color has not arrived yet so I started something new.
From this pattern: I'm using pieces to make a cube for my pregnant friend.
The wallpaper on the babyroom has the same bears as in the pattern.
My first side is done:And I started my second side:They stitch fast, and are fun to do, there a lot of backstitching but it's a small chart.

My Chicken WIP is progressing well, I have finished alsmost al the colors but still miss 742, it's on the mail but where?? I'm glad that the white is finished, I was very tired of it.
I only need to do the harts of the flowers in the chicken en above the haed, than the few last backstitches...

So the ladybug crafting:Noah pointed to his paint so started painting another ladybug
This is the ladybug Noah was coloring in my last post. I love the outcame of it. I pasted it on his window with the other animals that he love so much.
Than I made 20 little ladybug to paste on his bedroom door.

They all look at a differend side, I so love them, I wanne make more of them for on his door and many inside his room.

I'm ending this post, because I'm addicted to my new project... but not before i show a few lovely pictures of Noah and Robbert, I was baby sittig them yesterday:

And they have a lovely dog... who needed a walk a few times a day

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