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dinsdag 28 juni 2011

hot, hot, hot!!!!

Since yesterday we have very hot weather!
After a long time of rain, it was very nice to have some outside days.
We put the swimmingpool on the grass, al the other stuff and water... We had such a great time, inside when it was raining Noah and I where backing or cuting paper.

The kids are smiling... Noah never wants to wear a swimshort so not many photo's I can put here of him in de pool... (I have a lot)
I love the pic of Kira on the airbed...
She had a great time in de pool

I have been working for Noah's school last week. I help with the activities, next week is the last schoolday and we are planing something great for the kids, My job was cutting 32 buckets in all kinds of colors.Also they found out I could sew, so they asked if I would wash and fix the doll-clothes and dressing clothes... So I did

These where full of holes

Then my stitching:
The Hello Kitty was a surprise for Katrien, her baby girl turned 1 year yesterday, and it got there on time... yeh for the mailman This is how it look likes finished.. Love it... I'm starting to get a Hello Kitty lover!!
Happy birthday Jelena!!

Then my Wall-EWall-E is progressing well... but I can tell you I'm NEVER gonna stitch this one again.. Wall-E is not that bit but has more then 30 colors... a lot of colors only needed 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 stitches... I tought I would get crazy!!!

I have made a pic of Noah's party outfit.. so you can see it better

I wanne make a logo for myself, to put on my blog, in my clothes... I'm working on it I was planning on showing it tonight but forgot to take pic's, and I have very bad light at the moment so that will be in my next post.

What I can show it cute pic's of a baby house sparrow. The poor thing fall of my roof, and could not fly high enough to get back.. I tryed and catch it, put in on a lower roof of my neighbour and it could get back to his parents..
Super mommy..... Noah loves the little bird!!
We have a lot of house sparrow's here.. Noah alsways try's to catch them... but they are to fast :)

I FORGOT ONE IMPORTANT THING..... MY SECOND BLOGOVERSARY WAS IN MARCH... OOPS...more of that also in my next post.. still thinking of what I will do

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

woensdag 22 juni 2011


It wasn't difficult to make the pattern and make the bolero, soon I have to make more clothes for Kira more bolero's will follow.
Last Saterday we had the party, I wanted to bring my camera allong but I forgot :(:(, also forgot th etake pic's of the clothes :P.
This are the best pic's I have

Kira with her beautifull dress and leggings, and she is wearing my selfmade shoes and bolero.
If you look good you can see a red crochet pin flower in her hair that I also made ;)
Noah with my selfmade trouser, blouse and tie. He was such a handsome man... My little dude!!! :)

Just on the last moment I thought to make a cute crochet flower in her hair. It looks so cute only it didn't survive the dayIt came loose and at the moment I don't know where it is, I think Noah throw it away because it's broken...
But now I have another virus... making those cute hair-clibs Perfect color of the pin with her clothes
I you look good you see it (pic can be enlarge)
The flowers are made with my new crochet threads.
Last month my vacation money came and as we don't go on vacation I gave myself a present and bought cotton threads, al the other things I have made where al made with acryl. Look at how beautifull my new colors look 46 colors... look at how beautifull.... I wanne make a flower pin in every color so she always can wear one with her clothes...
But I was looking to buy a lot of pins, I only could find one website and they are out of stock, They will mail me when it's back in stock... (I HOPE VERY VERY SOON)
The new threads are a bit smaller as i'm used to look at this pic But I love working with it...:)

On the party last Saterday on niece was pregnant so I made a little giftThey where very glad with it
And my SIL came with the big news that she is pregnant of nr. 3 ... so next January I hope to get a niece or nephew:):):)

Then my sitching update'sThey both are progressing well. And I'm so in love with Hello Kitty.... more will definitively follow...:):):):)

BTW Noah asked for a Wall-E pillow for on his bed.....;)


I'm behind on blogreading, so I'm going to do that now, till next time

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
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vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Bolero, trouwser, ballet shoes, stitching etc..

Thank you all so much with helping with the color for the bolero. :)
I choose white... when I read all your lovely comments I also thought it would be better.
But then I had the next problem, I could not find a pattern, surfed through the web, nothing:P
........I know I had a bolero, so I started drawing it

And this is the result:

If I can do it I will share the pattern with you, But that not that

Evey girl/woman need shoes.. so Kira got her first sewed ballet shoes from me... She already has a lot of shoes (alsomost more then I found this lovely pattern and started looking for fabric in the attic (really need to search.. it's a big mess there). But the result is so cute
Kira is ready for the party I think.

Started on NoahI'm making a trouwser, blouse and tie... He will be so handsome

I also done a little bit of stitching

At the moment we have a lot of rain so al the flowers and plants are growing goodI love my 3 white hydrangea in the pic on the right bellow..

To finish this long post have some great pic of the kids

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Love Birds, black stitches and award!!

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last post!!:)
It's so great that you came to my little blog and read the blablablabla I write..;)

I finished the last few stitches I had left on Love Birds a Pattern from the lovely Vinniey at Sometimes I stitch

I so love it... hope to finish it soon!!
Thank you Vinniey for this beautifull pattern

Then my black stitching.
Last year there where a lot of birth's... So this year a lot of first birthday's
Mostly I always make a bib for first birthday for f a few I have something other in my mind..
But here the first two starts of a bib!!

The first is for a little cute baby, and his father loves robots, So which robot is cuter dan Wall-E from Disney.

If you have never seen Wall-E you need to do it, also if your have no kids or your kids are big... It so fun to see:-)... When I heard off the movie, I tought is was a bad movie, but after looking too it for a few minutes I was melting!!!
But look at his cute face..........
The second black stitch will be a girlie girlie... Who don't love Hello Kitty!!!!
When Kira is a bit bigger she also will get Hello Kitty stitching and crochet pieces!!!:)

Then my Award, the lovely Buzzy-Bumblebee gave me this lovely award.

The last time I gave a award too:
* Chiloe
* Mylene
* Wendy
* Wendy
* Annie

This time will give them to 5 others:
*The very talented sweet Miek
*The sweet Nia
*The gifted sweet Carol
*The sweet Saskia (and also for her cute DD)
*The sweet petra

(another time again 5 other will be getting there turn)

Now I need to tell somthings about me!!!

hihihihihihi... I'm very boring :):):):):)

* The last time I had a beautifull baby boy, now I have also a beautifull baby girl.
Here in the Netherlands we call that the wish of a king, to have a boy and a girl...
I can tell you the most important thing that they are healty
A boy and boy is great, a girl and a girl is great, a boy and a girl is also great.... But the greatest thing is that they are healty
And I hope they stay that way!!

* I have to many hobby's (read addictions). Just started crochte a few months ago and ow... where is the time to make all those lovely patterns..
Every night I need to choose what to do....
Is there potion, so I can divided me in four pieces and can do every thing every night????

* Behind every great women is a great man!!!they say :))
I have such a sweet boyfriend!!! I cal hem DH, but we aren't married, it's easier in writing;)
oops.... that's my big no secret..

I don't now what I can tell you more... I have told you about the three (four) things I love the most in my life.
Ow I forgot blogging and blog friends!!!!

If you want something else to know... let me know!!!!

Then I want your advice!!!
Soon I have a chic party, and I got the cutest birthgift dress for Kira a few weeks ago, and I love if she wears it, but it has no sleeves.
This week went to the city to buy a bolero... but not any store had one, So I'm going to make one, but which color will I use??
What do you think...
Look at this cute dress (sorry for the bad photo, I never can get red beautifull in a pic)

So that's it for tonight

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

PS something happends to my pics....

maandag 6 juni 2011

A lot of crochet and a bit of stitching!

So there I'm again..;)
I have been busy needed to work almost every evening, and the evening I didn't need to work we went to friends!!
So not to much craft time, but every minute is one... so try to use them real good :)

In my last post I forgot to show you my beautifull cupcake...

At one off my clubs the have some thing new.. every week they show a cute pattern from al kinds of craft!!
And this was the first.. I really needed to make it... more will come when I got a bit more time...hihihi when will that be :P

Then I have a little update of my airplane:It's still not finished, and Noah asked me for a red one, So more will come......;)

Then I send a beautifull rose to a dear friendAnd for myself made also a few roses!! They look so great, but are a bit small, in the future will try and make bigger ones.

Then my little stitching update.
Found one of my DMC colors back so stitched the second bird!The last two threads I have just orded, hope to get them by the end of the week, Then i can finish the last few stitches.
I already have decided to finish it of with fabrics with little hearts;)

More stitching project-updates to come in my next post!!

Cute little Noah knows I always make a picture when I finish something.
This afternoon he was playing with his playdoh, and he needed to mak a pic of it.When I was looking to my pic I found some I didn't made...hihi :), Noah made some on Kira when I was giving her some apple

We had a great long weekend with a lot of warm weather, icecreams, a big swimmingpool and a lot more..
owww before I forgot, 2 months back my little neigbor girl turned 3, but because of a lot of Holidays in the weekend they celebrated it yesterday. For her birthday I made the beautifull dress from the pattern Elodie from
This is what I made of it: I love it...
Her mother loved it..
I can't wait till Kira is a bit bigger so I can make her a big wardrobe full of this dresses..hihi ;)

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

Before I forgot Sweet Nia is having a BIG BIG give-away... so al go fly to her lovely blog