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vrijdag 30 april 2010


Today it's queensday here in the Netherlands. We celebrate the birthday of the queen, in every town there are activities organized. The royal family visit every year a other province, this your it's my province. Because of the terrible event of last year it was heavily protected. She visits the 2 town each for a hour, so it wasn't worth going too that town with Noah and it was rainig!!

A update of my chickens:The two right pairs are done, And this afternoon I saw I was runing out of another treads, so need to order it.

Jippie jippie the suit's for the boys are done!!!
This afternoon I did the last stitch:
I'm so proud off myself that I made them...and I'm also glad they are done. What a work it was....

Because of the bad wheather en Noah who slept out till 09.30 AM we could not go to the queenday parade so we did lovely things inside.
We baked cookies again. I have some new shapes.

Noah loved it.

Noah is totally in love with ladybugs at the moment Here we call them "pimpampoentjes'. he can say pipapoentje....It's so funny.
So today we whent ladybug crafting too.:
More of that later....

Oww forgot too show a lovely picture of Noah his new apron.
It's a bit to big but very lovely and from Jamie Oliver... yes yes, it sat with the cookies shapes:

Thank you all so much for the compliments on my English...I was so glad reading them.
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maandag 26 april 2010

First package has arrived.

Yesterday was the birthday of Sofie's daughter Julie. She is 2 now. Sofie loved it..

These bibs are so fun to make, I make them for everybody who's pregnant or a child who has his birthday... so more to make.....

I love to learn crochet. Sofie does a lot of it en very lovely too, she just finished a sewing machine is know she is making a lovely dog. She also has made a Miffy and some other pieces I love it.
As a gift she sent me this lovely chicken:
I really love it, so thank you Sofie...

My chickens are progressing well, I have recived the colors where I was out of, and got stitch it so far:
Hope to finish it soon, I have more projects waiting... my hand are itching to start!!

Saterday we had the bachelor party for BIL and SIL. We had so much fun. Noah stayed with my MIL (DH mother) and with the other MIL (DH step-mother)(yes I have 2 off everything....hihi)we had a great day.
Yesterday we went and pick up Noah and stayed to whole day, Noah loved it to be with his grandmother. When we came home we where so tired we went to bed urly... But today a new day with lots of things to do..

Mika's suit fits perfect. He was such a handsome boy.
Tomorrow I will start Noah's jacket

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PS.... DH has been reading my English in my previouses post, he needed to laugh, I made a lot of mistake's. It better then in the beginng but stil need a lot too learn....

vrijdag 23 april 2010

Mika's suit is done!!!!!

Yesterday I called the mother of my friend because I know she had a pattern of a tie.
So went en pick it up, it was from a book from 1987!!!!
I made the tie's out of a piece of bordeaux red taft (don't know if it Englisch??).
It looks so cute and beautifull look at the pictures.. This is the complete suit for Mika
This is the blouse and tie for Noah..
How cute is that!!

Again my finger in the sewing machine but this time it sat stuck and it hurts like ....
It still hurts but I can work with it. So now I have a finger with 2 holes in it and a finger with a bruise on my nail....

Noah was helping me with the needles, He loves playing with them, but is a bit too dangerous for him....

And I have another finish.....MY MEMOBORD
Yesterday morning I went to buy some more ricrac and finished the memobord. DH hang it up and tada... I glued some ladybug on it(I love little ladybugs)
Here we call them "pim-pam-poentje", Noah is a bit afraid of them but the one on the memobord he loves. He can almost say pim-pam-poentje, he practisch all day....

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woensdag 21 april 2010

The girl next door (Noah's girlfriend) loved the pencilrol.. The poor girl is ill for a while so also on her party. She was more sleeping then partying.

I have stitched again, it's a lot of white what I'm stitching so not much change:

I have orded the green color I hope it arrive tommorrow. Also I'm almost out of white, when too get some at my friends tonight, see had a lot of white..

Speeking of white, look at this:
The blouses for Noah and Mika are both done!!!
Today I made the blouse for Mika, and wanted to finish them both by the evening and it succeeded.. I broke 2 buttons thankfully i bought 2 to many, and I just saw I have 1 more, The guy had giving my one to many..

But you can not only sew fabric you also can sew: MY FINGER......ouch ouch ouch...

I love finishing a post with pictures of Noah so here they are...

(Noah was tring to get on the ball, it looks like he broke his neck, but notting happend, He was laughing and climing on it again....)

Look look look Noah has crocs.... He got them from my sister... I love them....they are so cute!!!!

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zaterdag 17 april 2010

Fabric and more sewing update!

In my last post I mentioned I was going to stitch.....
A few stitches I have done, but not much more darn...
But I have some sewing craft done.
With my friend and her morther I went to a big fabric market, and look at what a bought: When I saw this girl-fabric I fell in love, needed to buy it..
And this is the fabric that I bought for the duvet cover, you see.... not much stitching done...
But I love the fabric with the baby-feet.... It has inspired me to go stitching.

My memobord is also a bit further: I saw the ricrac on the market and loved the idea to use it, but as you see I bought not enough... need to buy some more, hope next week to finish it..

The girl next door is turning 2 next week, we celebrate it tomorrow and this is what I made:

It's a lot diffent then the one I made for Mika.. This time it closes with a button, I like this better.
And it's girlie....
I love the color pink, Tess is getting a new bedroom because there is a baby coming, and her new room is al pink pink pink.... I hope see likes it.

Noah loves playing outside in this lovely weather.
Here I have some lovely pictures of him.

When I put the slide in the front garden al the little children in the street wanted to play with us. Noah had such a wonderfull week...

So... the sun is shining and I'm going to work in the garden a bit before I need to go to work tonight.
Till next time, thanks al for stopping by and leaving a comment I really love reading them

zondag 11 april 2010

Only sewing update

A while back I made the BUMBA outfit, but Noah's wanted to try it on, I hated it when I put it on him.
But last week I was walking on his room and point out to it, so... and this is how it looked like.

So adorable...

I have been sewing on the outfits for the wedding, the jeacket and blouse are almost done.

Yesterday it was my nephew Mika's 2nd birthday (Happy birthday to you little Mika), so I needed to make a sewing gift.
This is what I made a pencil-rol and of course Bob the Boulder needed to be on it...

He loved it and so did his mommy.
He tryed out the outfit... I looked so cute.
Here is a picture of the two boys.. I haven't stich one stitch this week, but now I will.
Till next time.
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