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maandag 26 april 2010

First package has arrived.

Yesterday was the birthday of Sofie's daughter Julie. She is 2 now. Sofie loved it..

These bibs are so fun to make, I make them for everybody who's pregnant or a child who has his birthday... so more to make.....

I love to learn crochet. Sofie does a lot of it en very lovely too, she just finished a sewing machine is know she is making a lovely dog. She also has made a Miffy and some other pieces I love it.
As a gift she sent me this lovely chicken:
I really love it, so thank you Sofie...

My chickens are progressing well, I have recived the colors where I was out of, and got stitch it so far:
Hope to finish it soon, I have more projects waiting... my hand are itching to start!!

Saterday we had the bachelor party for BIL and SIL. We had so much fun. Noah stayed with my MIL (DH mother) and with the other MIL (DH step-mother)(yes I have 2 off everything....hihi)we had a great day.
Yesterday we went and pick up Noah and stayed to whole day, Noah loved it to be with his grandmother. When we came home we where so tired we went to bed urly... But today a new day with lots of things to do..

Mika's suit fits perfect. He was such a handsome boy.
Tomorrow I will start Noah's jacket

Thanks all for stopping by on my blog and leavinga comment, I really love reading them

PS.... DH has been reading my English in my previouses post, he needed to laugh, I made a lot of mistake's. It better then in the beginng but stil need a lot too learn....

11 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Cute bib and now you are surrounded by chickens!

Your English is just fine. No problem understanding what your write!

AngelSan zei

I agree with Annie, your English is just fine !!! don't worry about it !!!

I love the crocheted chicken, I think you mastered the technique already !!! well done !!!

Lainey zei

Cute bib and crocheted chicken.
Your english is just fine.

Mylene zei

It sounds like you had a busy but fun-filled weekend.

Cute gifts both sent and received and your chicken projects is looking great!

You are doing well with your english-much better than my dutch in writing.

sofietjes handwerken zei

annette ik denk dat ze denken dat jij de lap habt gemaakt.
Groetjes sofie.
Maar jouw kippen zijn echt wel mooi aan het worden.

Amarins zei

Wat EEN super leuke kippen. Heel mooi!

Katrien zei

Cute bib!
great progess on the chickens.

-::Maris::- zei

Ahh allemaal kipjes, leuk!!! De rand die je aan het borduren bent waar ga je die voor gebruiken? Leuke kleuren heb je er voor gebruikt!

Groetjes Maris

too_busy_to_stitch zei

Super cute bib! I must give crochet a try again...

Ginnie zei

I'm loving those chickens ! and the bib is great.
I think your english is very good, much better than I can speak any other language!

The Button Witch zei

The bib you made is lovely and Sophie is very clever too I love the chickens
Happy Stitching