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donderdag 25 februari 2010

Update and Awards!!

I just stopt stitching the horses, I stitched to long this night, tomorrow is another day to stitch. It's a lot off brown to stitch, and already out of a color. But many other brown colors too do.
Here is the progress:
In the time my laptop was broken, I needed to google my blog every time I wanted to get on it, on DH's laptop. And in one of the link I saw that I got a award..... in the summer 2009 .... yes 2009.... Then I didn't know you could receive a e-mail for every comment, I missed a lot of comment then. But now I get one with every comment, so mis non.
They award I got is from Ingrid , Thank you so much for my first award

And today I have got my second award from Kronova. Thank you so much for giving it too me..

Rule 4: 7 fact...uuuuhhmmm...
1. I'm mother of a lovely 17 month old boy Noah.
2. I'm 25 years old (that young.....yes)
3. I now DH almost 7 years and we are almost 6 years together..
4. I love sewing and stitching (but you already know that)
5. Through this blog I'm trying to learn better English (It's working a bit..)
6. I would love to learn crochet again
7. I love reading your blog... and look for new ideas to make.

That hard to think about..

Rule 5: Give it to 5 others:
* Chiloe
* Mylene
* Wendy
* Wendy
* Annie

And I would like to give it to every-one. I love to look and follow al your blogs, It a enjoy to read them..... I'm almost blogging for one year now (yes one already) and have found so many lovely blogs.... Keep on blogging all!!!

And the finish of tonight a lovely picture of Noah done eating his dessert Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment

dinsdag 23 februari 2010

Long time no see!!!!

That has been a while sinds I have been blogging...
Not only my laptop crashed, but also DH's laptop crashed. After a lot of installing we managed to get his laptop working but not everything workt.
But this morning we bought a new laptop...jippie I'm so glad with it, I can blog again, and look at al my favorite site's......
I'm way behind with commenting on al of your blog, some of you blog I managed to comment, but others it wouldn't work.

Mainwhile I haven't done much a bit.
Here is the progress of the horses:
And I have made three ball's for my nephew Adam, his grandmorther had phoned my SIL that see was looking for some soft ball's for Adam, when see babysit hem and taadaa I brought it with me, they where so glad with it, and also give Adam a chicken. I love those chicken, I hope too make some more soon.
I also hav esome cute photo's of Noah, past weekend Noah had halpt BIL with the wood, he needed to take the wood out of the wheelbarrow and give them to BIL, Noah had fun with it....hihi

So now farther with reorganisation of my laptop..(I have so many craft stuff on the extrene hard-drive...)

Still a bit ill but when I do it slow I maneged to do what a want too do...

See next time, hope you will visit my blog again...

zondag 14 februari 2010

Chickie has two friends!!

This week I've made two more Chickens.. They are fun to make and lovely baby gifts.

They are sitting outside in the snow....

Yesterday we went to Noah his girlfriend Tess, she is getting a baby sister or brother in the summer. I made for Tess a pink play-ball and we gave a chicken for the baby.
Noah loved to play with Tess.
A few days ago the two played in the snow since then Tess says Noah's name al day..hihi

I also have made some birds, they are done and sitting in the branch.
I finally made a picture of them:

I'm still in a non stitching mood.... I just started trying to make a Bumba doll. Noah loves Bumba..

A few lovely pictures of Noah:

Thanks all for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.


zondag 7 februari 2010

Something new for on Noah's windows!

The last week I had a lot of pain in my shoulders en back, So I haven't stitch much. Also I have a bad sinusitis.
The Fall Sal is still the same as last time, haven't feel like it to stitch it, but the horses on the other hand having a little progress.
The middle horse is almost done
The bib for Mads is completely finished:
Yesterday I gave it to my on neighbor, they where very pleased with it, they loved it.

Like the titel says I have made something new for Noah's window, the fall things that you can see in this post, I have taken off and replace with this:

I need to think something extra to put alone the animals, say a sun, birds....

This week I have made two lovely pictures of Noah playig with his Duplo
Isn't he the cutest!!!

That all for today, hope for a pain free week ...

maandag 1 februari 2010

I'm dancing again...... I have another finish.
Saterday my new threads where brought by the postman, so this weekend I stitched and stitched... and so was my cow-baby from Ellen Maurer-Stroh finished.
It love it, the cute little cow-baby.

Soon I hope to start a new baby from EMS, but with a winter theme this time, I think it wil be the christmas Cat with a poinsettia in his hand.
But need to think it through first..

I'm now busy to finish the Fall from the four seasons SAL, it's almost finished. I'm stitching it for a long time now, and I get tired of it, so need to stitch, stich stitch....

I have found a new start te make (after Fall Sal is done).
Here is it, I hope to start it this week..

Normal I order the threads that I need for a piece i'm stitchig. The colors that you need a lot for diffent pieces I have, and for every new piece I just need a few new threads. For a few months now I'm ordering more threads, so I can aggregate al DMC colors.
A few months back I order two large boxes, and one of them is full now.

So now saving for the second box

Years back I bought a DMC book with al the numbering system in it.
On the back you can find al the DMC thread numbers, when I buy a color I strip it of.
Here you can see how many I have at the moment.

From 150 to 900 I have all the colors... no that not true I miss a few, but there are not in stock, so hope to got them soon. When I start a new piece I notice I need to buy a lot less colors then before. It's so ideal

I off to vacuuming with Noah

Thanks all for visiting my blog, and leavind a comment, I love readig them.