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dinsdag 28 juli 2009

Cow done!!!

Here is a photo of the first Finished Cow SAL:

I don't have much stitching done this week.
I hope to do more next week.
For Noah I have started on making some trousers
Already finished one, but forgot to make a photo.
Still need to make 3 more.
For myself I want to make a kind of pantskirt, it wil be the first time so hope it will work.

The weather is here very unstable, on day it's rainig the next day it's 30 degrees.
But I haven't need te water the plants......

I think Noah is awaking so I need to quit.
Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by

Hugs Annette

donderdag 23 juli 2009

The next 3 parts are done.....

Tomorrow comes the next 3 parts of the SAL's.
I'm just on time done.

Here is a photo of the Cow SAL:

Tomorrow the last part, and in 2 weeks starts Cow 4, that is the last one.

Here is summer of the 4 seasons SAL:

Stil 5 more parts of this one.

And the mystery SAL:

Tomorrow the last part, then this SAL is done.
In September starts the next Mystery SAL.
I'm very curious what it will be.
We have done a poll, what we want to do.
Soon we wil know the outcome.

Thanks for stopping by, I saw on the counter it was over 1000, great!!!

zaterdag 18 juli 2009

Mater (Takel in Dutch) and the letters

Yesterday night I have stitched on Mater.
Here you can see the total progress of it:

Now I can see good how big the project is.

This week I also have made a little trouser for Noah.
I'm not glad with it, but you can't you it from the outsite.
When it's back from the washingmachine, it let a photo see.

Today I have tried to make a strawberries whipped cream cake.
It's was not how I expects it to be, but it was edible...hihihi

Noah want to typ someting to...
favrcwcx mbgvfzxv ndfadcsfvg7y6


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donderdag 16 juli 2009

Two lovely cards..

Here are the photo's of the two birthday-cards, that I have made this week.

This is a card I have made for my 2nd mother-in-law (hihi. Yes I have two of everyting..hihi).

This card is made for the birthday of my grandfather who turn 93.

They where pleased with the cards, and so am I.

Bit by bit the Cars ABC is progressing.
I have now done al the letters, I started tonight on Mater, he is so cute..More of him later.

Thanks for visiting and your comment.

maandag 13 juli 2009

Some letters and the catus almost done..

I just finish two birthday cards.
When Noah is awake, I going to post them.
When I hear that the cards are arrived, I show a photo.

I have done a bit of stitching on the Cars ABC

I haven't touch the SAL's, I hope too do al bit tonight, when Noah sleeps.

Thanks for visiting my blog

zaterdag 11 juli 2009


This is something I found on a other blog, it's test how fast you can type, it lovely to do.
Try it:

39 words


vrijdag 10 juli 2009

Next SAL the Mystery

The Mystery SAL is almost done, still need to do 2 parts.
Today comes part 8 and in 2 weeks the last part, part 9.
Here is a photo of how far it is:

Yes the needles were on fire..hihihi
The French knots are a bit difficult, but after a knot of 10 I can do them right.
In al 3 SAL I have to do French knots, and I wil do everything myself (stubborn), so have learned it.

I have done some more on this SAl, I started to finisch the yellow lines, so can I see how big the -project is. It is many counts, but it worked.

Today I get the next parts of al 3 SAL's.
So I need some water to cool down my needles...

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woensdag 8 juli 2009

Cow Sal

With the cow SAL I now need to wait till friday, than comes the next part, part 5.

Here is a photo:
The Mystery Spring is also almost as far as the rest, I need to do still one part than it need to wait untill Friday, till part 8.
My needles are on fire........

Noah is al beter now, but DH is ill, he fainted yesterday, in the evening he got a high fever.
Today the fever is gone but he is very ill still.
We went to the docter, but he didn't say much.

Now I hope that I dont get ill, I don't hope so...

Diner is almost ready, so till next time.
Thanks for the visits and comments..

maandag 6 juli 2009

Part 3 is done of the summer SAL

I love the bright colors of the SAL.
Next friday comes part 4.
The other SAL's are progressing well.
A few of the flowers I have planted, didn't survive the sun and rain, from the weekend.
But the garden looks still very lovely, I love the sit on the swinning-chair.
Noah was very ill this weekend, he had a fever, the poor boy was crying, fortunatly it's over now.
He is a bit clingy now, but he can laugh and play again.
Thanks for you visits.

vrijdag 3 juli 2009

Little update on Cars

It is not much but it is someting:I first wanne do al the lettes, so I still need to do a few letters, and than I can do the cars.

This afternoon I have made a little mistake, now I can laugh about it.
I come to the conclusion that my English is still very very bad.
I went to buy some plants, on the way home, my car broke down on the highway.
My gas was empty, just for the tank station, so I was lucky.
But the car drove to far, so I take a look around, behind me was a Frenchman and his wife.
I asked if theu spoke English, a little the men sad.
I can tell you his English was better than
There came a lot of words from my mouth, but a few of them where right.
But to make a long story short, the men and his wife helpt me, and I whent home to plants the flowers.
It's a funny story...but the garden looks lovely now, 1/10 is done, but al on his time, they don't give the plants away in the

Thanks for the lovely comments on my SAL's and for stopping by..


woensdag 1 juli 2009

Part 1 of all 3 SAL's is done

Here are the photo's:
Mysterie Voorjaars SAL/Mystery Springs SAL
Part 1/9
Part 1/6
4 seizoenen Zomer SAL/4 seasons summer SAL
Part 1/9
I just got the part 2 of the SAL's, so I can get going.
I love the colors, it's for the first time that I take part of a SAL
It nice to do.
Thanks all for the lovely comment of my beautiful son, I appreciate it very much