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zondag 20 mei 2012

All of my projects ;) ;) :)

It's may the 20th, and this is my first post of this month??? Bad Annette...
To busy working going away.. and on the moment I had time, not in the mood.. Als not much of crafting has been done.. but started op some projects.. fun ones.. cute ones.. nice ones.. So many pic's to see here in this posts. Another problem is that I haven't been on all of your blogs too.
I missed reading them.. This week will try and catch up with them all ;P Lets start with a stitching project One of my goals for this month was starting Kira's Owl..
 And who isn't in love with PINK!!
The first xx-es are made. I so loved the the Spring Biscornu that I was making from Barbara Ana, I found the free be.
What I think is a bit from this time of the year, so I started that ;P
Who isn't in love with this cute bee's..hihi ;) I'm in a learning fase.. Maybe some of your remember the zwarte pieten and the fall-fly-boy I made out of felt I found a sweet lady we is learning me al the basic ways to make..
 I know how I need to make it.. but she is giving me so many tips, to make them ever more beautifuller.. and who woudn't wanne learn to do something better.. This is where we are.
I'm learning to make a snowdrop lady.. one... but I'm making more heads.. wanne make so many more pieces.. lol... have to many patterns.. but first the basic skills....

 A while back Noah asked me something after seeing a photo. I started it , but stopped and didn't made it further..
Next months It will be in my goals..
 I wanne finish it this year :)
***Can anyone guess what or who this is??***

 Then the start of Kira's dress.. I haven't done much of it.. but I'm a bit further
It's getting there ;), and the idea of it in my mind is getting so beautifull I hope in RL is will be so to.. ;P

 This isn't all I have to show you... hihihi Not done yet (sorry) A while back I was wondering of fon the web.. (THERE IS TO MUCH WONDERFULL THINGS TO SEE) and I say something so great and it was sitting in my mind the whole time.
This week Noah and I sat at the table and I NEEDED to make is.. so togheter we started..
In the past years I bought some jewelry every time I saw something nice.. ( all very cheap things).
Often I lose a piece, or it broke or getting colored..
 At the moment I'm at a point I'm not seeing what I'm having.. After making this I got a blush.. so many ear rings.. and it's not all 2 weeks back I bought 2 new one and they are not on it... but It's so easy Now need to make something for my necklaces and bracelets... So I can see what I need to repare .. many necklaces the kids broke..
 **** I love jewelry****

 Kira's blanket is finally done !!!! YEAH
What do you think of it??
*** I love it***

 My dear friend Miek, had her B-day and I wanted to make something small
It's the same fabric I used for the knitting roll I made her a months ago.

 Then I'm working on a order, I big B-day garland I'm missing a fabric, I hoped that I got yesterday.. but to bad the mailman wasn't working with.. I hope I get it tomorrow, Then I can finish it this week
I've been crocheting little white flower. I had such a great idea whit them..
 But in RL it isn't that great.. so thinking further now
Then beeing in love with working with felt I made this package
So simple so cute :)).. and a empty spot in living isn't empty anymore

 Baking baking baking.. so much fun to do.. But I forgot the take pictures. I did made a photo of the lasted baking cupcakes
MMMMM.. this was a new recipe.. It wasn't so great as my older one.. but also very yummy..

 Then I got RAK'ed. Sweet Elaine sent me a cute RAk with many lovely goodies
Thank you so much my dear.. I really love it.. And it will all be for good use ;) ;) ;)

 My sweet kids are getting so darn big so fast... Playing outside.. looking so beautifull. So I made a little collage of us all from the last weeks..
That was us the past weeks.
 Now a new week is starting, with more free time, but also a lot of project doing in the house... so hope to get so crafting time too.

 I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!

 ♥ Have a great day ♥