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vrijdag 28 februari 2014

<♥> Last day of the month <♥>

Thank you all so much, I loved reading all those wonderfull comments about my two little wonders in there Carnaval outfits..

They had a awesome time..
The grandma of neighbor-boy made a pic of me in my Clown's outfit, so when I get it I will show it you.. too funny!!

I got so many compliments about the outfits, it was so fun so hear.

  * * * *

Today last day of the months,
What does that mean???

>>>>>>SAL TIME<<<<<<

2 days ago I made a picture of it. And I'm blushing.. it's still looks the same. I had hope to finish the January and February piece, but I didn't got that far.. Next months I will try the February and March piece.. We keep trying!!
I already shown it to Rita, she has doen a bit more then me.. but there are many day's to come.. the night is still young.. hihi
For now this is the update

I still need to pay a lot of attention to the counting, but I like it very much..
I love how all the colors pop out of this color of fabric..

I'm so happy with it..
Carol I finished your gift, and I like it very much.. thank you for it!!

So sweet of you!!


So enjoy it!!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

woensdag 26 februari 2014

*~# Carnaval #~*

Hi all, here I'am again. ;))

Both Carnaval outfits are done.. YEAH =))
And they look super super cute!!!

Let's begin with Jedi Noah: ♥

Papa smurf ( LMEO :P ) is done, and now it's a cool jedi lightsaber!
Noah's wanted to scream from the roof that he likes it so much!!
And he can put it in his belt.
The robe makes it all even more cooler..

He is now a very very cool boy!!
♥ * ♥
Then little red riding hood Kira

Don't know what happend with the skirt, but it's upside down.. lol, I like the tule coming in under it out..
Wanne do that more in the further..

I like the pinny ( really that's the Englisch word.. hihi In Dutch it's schortje)

The red cape is awesome!!
And what do you think of the cookies and the basket..
The basket I braided out of eco-felt, got it from a friend, they use it for furniture... my first time.. but I love it..
And the little LRRH hair pin is the most adorable piece I made.. 
Both felt LRRH's are patterns from HuisVolKleur.

Here the original piece of the hair pin

She designs are so awesome.. really my style, Thank you Kristel for making these awesome patterns..
BTW The one on the basket is a free pattern, so if you wanne try it??

Already curious how they both look like???
Here I have another collage!!
Click to enlarge! ;)
Aren't they the cutest!!

Friday morning the will celebrate Carnaval on school, so mommy made also a outfit for the school-dolls
 Tis is a BUMBA outfit for Puk, he helped Kira at school
This is a Clown's outfit for Pompom, he helped Noah at school
His teacher put this pic on Facebook this week.
Doesn't Pompom looks cute!!!!

This weekend the most of the South of the Netherlands celebrates Carnaval, we also have vacation next week, so we will have a awesome time..
I will put my clown's outfit on..

But first some day's of work and school!!
Have a wonderfull sunny day.. here we have a lot of sun..

*~~~ SPRING is in the air!! ~~~*

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zaterdag 22 februari 2014

Noah carnavals outfit. The start off

How are you all??
Im going to try again a post on my phone.
Last time I wasn't happy with. But Lets give it a try again. :-S

A few post back I shown a sneak peak from a outfit Im making for Kira.  ;-) For Noah I was working on one to. Noah wanted to be a Starwars Jedi. I told him that was to hard for me to make and his Super Mario outfit from last did not survived a day so I would make a New one. Hihihihi. Kidding ;))) B-)
I was making him a Jedi outfit. Totally as a surprise. I showed it to him today and he wanted to put it on. He Is so happy. He told me Im the best mom. BLUSH :$ :$

Today he had a birthday party from a girl in his class and Yeah all where asked to dress up. So proud as he was I put on his outfit. :-D
Mommy made a little gift quick and off he went . ;-)
I also crocheting a Light saber (papa smurf thing right Valerie and Nia LMEO ;-)) But with my phone I only can attach 2 pictures in a post so When I finished it totally next week you Will see it. :-)

Also the pictures are only below on this post. :@
Grrrrrrr I really hope there Will be a great Update for the Blogger app. Its a day and night differents with on the laptop. >:)

But for now it works . :-SS

Have all a awesome weekend. Lets hope for many sunshine B-)
Im going to stitch my Jingles SAL, sew the outfits and work on my Voldemort piece. Hihihi :-P
Happy crafting !!!

<3 :-* Hugsssss Petite Anne :-* <3

zondag 16 februari 2014

New start op the Jingle SAL and more

How is everyone doing this evening??
I just came home from work, and thought, let's make a post

As the name of this post say's a new start of my SAL,
You could see I got the official fabric for it from Rita in my last post.
So now time too start!!
It's my very first time stitching on linen, and I like it very much.
I need to look a bit better with counting ( I'm also almost 30 .. whahahaha getting older), but it's going good.
Here you can see my start:
It's a little progress, but this week will try and do a bit more


Then I think I have a lucky angel on my shoulder.. ;))
2 weeks ago 1 entered a give-away on Facebook, and I won. :)
It's was a crochet bracelet for your daughter/niece or granddaughter
Let I tell you that Kira was very very happy with her gift
It's a very beautifull bracelet.
I send a pic to the designer/maker of it, and she photoshopt is so beautifull, I have to show it
Isn't that pretty.. it also looks so great on her hand..
She is very happy with it and often she puts it on!!


But that's not the only give-away I won.
Kronova, also did a give-away, fabric from her own big stash, 
and yesterday a big box was deliverd.
Kira was on top of it, because Kronova put all colors in there for Kira, as she has 3 big girls of her own
Look at this

And as sweet as she was, she also sells many of her pattern that she don't use anymore. she asked me if there was something there for me, but I couldn't find something but I did remember she made one time a awesome cardigan for her Daughter,
And as a surprise she put the whole magazine in the box..

Awesome, Thank you so much Kronova

* * * 

And if that isn't enough, Yesterday I won another one on Facebook, that will probably be her on wednesday..
Can I feel luckier then that??

♥ * ♥

I know here and there is terrible weather,
We only have a lot of rain and wind.

But that rain is very very good for my garden.
Just made 2 pic's to give you all a bit of a Spring feeling
(the white flower normally dies every winter, but it's not cold enough, 
so It's getting back im bloom again. That was a good spend of my money.. lol )
And if that doesn't give you enough feeling of Spring,
Today was a awesome beautifull day, it was cold and windy, but the sun was shining so strong, 
so I thought lets make a big walk with Kira

Can you see Sausage???
She is going everywhere, where Kira also goes, so also in the polder on the bike of Kira.

Noah stayed at home with hubby, as he was very ill this week, he has a ear and lung infection, he really was so very ill, it was a terrible sight to see him like that
♥ But he is getting better ♥

So that's the post from today
Now going to stitch a bit on my VOLDEMORT piece ( hihihihi Little Nia) LMEO

Have a good night all ;))

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zondag 9 februari 2014

Gifts and a new big project

How are you all on this crazy world??
What a strange week, all over the world there is strange weather,.
Even my flowers in the garden are in bloom :O :O :O 

Here windy and rain, but thankully not as much and terrible as in some other country's in Europe.
And now the sun is shining :O so I thought let's make a new post :)

My sweet friend Petra who I made addicted with the craft of felt was so sweet to send me a gift.

We both bought a pattern a while back, but she also the materials, I needed to buy them still.
She knows that for now I only like to make one part of the pattern, but was waiting to buy the materials

SO as sweet as she is, she send me what she will not use, and I can make one little bird out of it!!

And below on the pic you see a doll needle  (sweet)  , she know I lost mine, she wanted to give me one..
♥ Isn't that sweet?? ♥
Thank you so much sweetie

♥ * ♥

But that's not all that I got.

You all remember that I start a SAL with Rita??
She mailed me if I will wait to start ... to bad I already started.

Watch your mail see said.
So after 2 days of sending it arrived :O
Can you imagine .. in 2 days from Portugal to the Netherlands.. I think the mailman had some magical shoes or wheel in his car.. hihihi 
And this was the surprise!!! =))))
She send me two charts off or SAL, and the fabric to stitch it on.
Isn't that AWESOME ( btw I love that word)
But that's not all.. also some cute little buttons.
I love cute buttons!!!
Rita your the sweetest, this is really AWESOME


Then my big project.
Last week, every evening, you could find me behind my sewing machine.
I'm making a Awesome project for Kira again.
It's almost finished then I will start on Noah's.
I can show you a little sneak peak of the sewn part
( I wanne show it when it's totally finished)
and  AWESOME Cute ♥

I Can show you a other part of the project, that's made out of felt

This really was a fun project, and Kira like them so much..
She was telling me which cookie I need to make, and was helping with the colors
After this project she can use them in her kitchen. :)

And mommy will make more ♥ =))

So we have Red and Cookies, I think you can guess what I'm making!!

Have a great Sunday all

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

dinsdag 4 februari 2014

Stitching Somebunny, and the SAL Jingles

I can tell you I found my needles back, and also my love for sewing.
So at this moment I'm having a hard time every moment I can craft: 
....WHAT WILL I DO.....
What a hard life we have as a crafter.. hihihi
But for this post I will keep it with stitching.

My sweet Somebunny Pot of Luck, was calling and calling me
So I picked it up and started again.
This is how I left it last year
Isn't it the cutest piece????
So let me show you how it's looking now:

The bunny's are kissing.
..... ♥ CUTE ♥ ....

I wanne try and finish this WIP before Spring will start..
Hope I will manage that.

.....♥ * ♥ .....

I think many of you know the blog of Rita.
For those who don't ....  Go have a look soon, she really makes the most wonderfull pieces.

And a cute son she has. =))))))

But the stitching part :)
Rita organized a SAL.. she talk about it with Nia and me, and we are entering

( it was on my Top 5 list of wanne make )
So if you wanne join us, go over too her blog and let her know.
This is what we are going to make
It's Jingles from Lizzie Kate.
I don't have the brown fabric, but found some light grey in my stash.
This afternoon, when both kids where at school I made a start

The chart I got from dear Carol for Christmas last year is the one I will start with.
12 pieces does it have, so 1 chart a months.
It's already February,  
This month I will stitch 2 pieces.
Isn't this first one very cute!!!

 ♥ .. ♥ .. ♥ .. ♥ .. ♥

A few weeks back on Facebook I saw a calling for couples who wanne do a Loveshoot, before I told DH I signed us it, not knowing, that we would be pick.. hihi =))))
So on Saterdag we went for the shoot, she told us the end of the months the pic's would be in my mailbox.
But this afternoon I already got them.
I wanne show you the most beautifull ones.

Some I really had the most awfull face, so nobody will see those.. hihihi :)))))
I really really really love them, and was so happy to have done it..
They asked us to wear matching clothing, and preferred black,blue or white.

What do you think??

.....Love is in the air......

 There is one pic Dh pulled my hair, so you can understand the next pic is me pulling his hair 
The photographers needed to laugh so hard that those two moment are on the =))

Have great crafty evening..
My craft color will be RED.. really to cute!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥