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dinsdag 4 februari 2014

Stitching Somebunny, and the SAL Jingles

I can tell you I found my needles back, and also my love for sewing.
So at this moment I'm having a hard time every moment I can craft: 
....WHAT WILL I DO.....
What a hard life we have as a crafter.. hihihi
But for this post I will keep it with stitching.

My sweet Somebunny Pot of Luck, was calling and calling me
So I picked it up and started again.
This is how I left it last year
Isn't it the cutest piece????
So let me show you how it's looking now:

The bunny's are kissing.
..... ♥ CUTE ♥ ....

I wanne try and finish this WIP before Spring will start..
Hope I will manage that.

.....♥ * ♥ .....

I think many of you know the blog of Rita.
For those who don't ....  Go have a look soon, she really makes the most wonderfull pieces.

And a cute son she has. =))))))

But the stitching part :)
Rita organized a SAL.. she talk about it with Nia and me, and we are entering

( it was on my Top 5 list of wanne make )
So if you wanne join us, go over too her blog and let her know.
This is what we are going to make
It's Jingles from Lizzie Kate.
I don't have the brown fabric, but found some light grey in my stash.
This afternoon, when both kids where at school I made a start

The chart I got from dear Carol for Christmas last year is the one I will start with.
12 pieces does it have, so 1 chart a months.
It's already February,  
This month I will stitch 2 pieces.
Isn't this first one very cute!!!

 ♥ .. ♥ .. ♥ .. ♥ .. ♥

A few weeks back on Facebook I saw a calling for couples who wanne do a Loveshoot, before I told DH I signed us it, not knowing, that we would be pick.. hihi =))))
So on Saterdag we went for the shoot, she told us the end of the months the pic's would be in my mailbox.
But this afternoon I already got them.
I wanne show you the most beautifull ones.

Some I really had the most awfull face, so nobody will see those.. hihihi :)))))
I really really really love them, and was so happy to have done it..
They asked us to wear matching clothing, and preferred black,blue or white.

What do you think??

.....Love is in the air......

 There is one pic Dh pulled my hair, so you can understand the next pic is me pulling his hair 
The photographers needed to laugh so hard that those two moment are on the =))

Have great crafty evening..
My craft color will be RED.. really to cute!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

19 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

Leuke konijntjes. En een mooie SAL.

Anoniem zei

Hello Annette
Your Somebunny wip is just gorgeous.
A lovely SAL too.
I love the photos - well done they are all lovely!

Annie zei

Your bunnies are the sweetest. And the SAL should be a lot of fun.

I saw one of your photos as your new FB profile pic and was thinking how beautiful you two are. The rest of these photos confirm it ... love personified!

Mylene zei

Hi Annette, you're moving well with the "Somebunny" design and oh love that new SAL of Lizzie Kate. Looking forward to see your updates.

WOW! I did seen a couple shots at FB and all in all were trully gorgeous!! Such a lovely couple you are!!

Preeti zei

Your bunny project looks very sweet !! It's on my to do list as well. Lovely photos of you both together:)
Good luck for your SAL!!

sofietjes handwerken zei

Wow Annette heel erg mooi allemaal. Leuk dat je terug bent beginnen met borduren erg leuk. Heb er ook vaak aan gedacht terug te beginnen maar ga het niet doen. Wil je mijn blog ook es bezoeken.

Marie-Jeanne zei

Heel mooie werkjes.
Gr, M-J.

olifantje68 zei

Heel mooi de bunny's Annette
Maar vooral je fotoshoot is helemaal geweldig
De sal is leuk,maar niet mijn smaak, maar toch veel plezier ermee
groetjes Annie

Stitching Noni zei

Your Somebunny stitching looks absolutely adorable!
I love Jingles.... and my fingers are itching to join in with the SAL but so far I am resisting as I don't think I can add anymore SAL's to my basket... but then again you never know!
I love the photo shoot that you and hubby did :o)
Hugs xx

Stitching Noni zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.
Angel zei

Hey wat toevallig...ben ook iets van somebunny aan het borduren(ander patroon maar ook o zo schattig!)
The SAL ziet er leuk uit, veel plezier ermee dit jaar!

Rita zei

Oh...the pictures are sooo lovely! I saw the ones you put on facebook and just loved them!! You two seems really happy and that's the most importante thing!;)

Your somebunny its soooo cute!! Love it!! You soon will end it, i'm sure!;)
I also started the year like that....with much will for stitching, because in december i just did scrapbook, so i've missed stitch:) I already did some pieces, that i have to show:)

Thank you for your always nice words about me and my're a dear! And i'm soo happy that we are doing this SAL...can't wait to start mine!! Just waiting for the threads to come;)

kisses sweetie!***

Unknown zei

Hi Anette! Thanks a lot for your visit! I chose this very same somebunny pattern to be my first stitch of the year :D Hope to get it done soon!

Anne zei

Dear Annette, I love your Somebunny ! I too have it on my stitching list in my magazines! :). How wonderful to have such beautiful pictures of togetherness!! :) Happy stitching too with Rita on SAL. I've joined too, but being so busy doing WIPs, I hope to get at least some of Jingles done this year!!!! :)

Valma zei

we are very happy you found your needles back...because this somebunny is very cute =)
great great progress you've done !
almost done, you'll have fun with the backstitch =D
And those pictures with hubby !!! woooow ! so beautiful !!
love the 3rd, on the 3rd line, (from the left) seeming to say 'Don't worry, I'm with you, I love you'
wonderful !
they are all very beautiful, you 2 are =)
enjoy the SAL, can't wait to see your progress
happy stitching

Lumiruusu zei

Hello annette ! Lovely to visit your sweetblog for the long time ! You have been as busy little crafter as allways! The Somebunny pattern is one of my favourites on that brand.. The Spring must be coming if the Bunnies start kissing !

Tania zei

Je bunny's zijn zo lief.
Super van die shoot.

Emma/Itzy zei

Cute stitching! Enjoy the SAL too, I would love to join but already too much stuff on the go! xx

Carol zei

Your bunnies are so cute, but not as cute as the photos of you and your DH :) How sweet all of them are, Annette! That must have been a very fun experiences :)

So glad that my little gift helped you out on your SAL!! It will be fun to watch it all stitched up...

Enjoy your week, my friend!