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zaterdag 20 februari 2016


Good Morning all....
Do you all also have such strange weather.

I have seen so many rainy grey days, but also day's with -5 , or then days with +10..
Last week started with -5 and sunny, so lovely... now grey and rainy..
What time of year is it?? 

Thank you all for your sweet comments about mt last post .... blush

Here I have some crochet clothing finishes:

I had shown the start of this scarf.
Here the finish.
I reall love this yarn ByClaire nr.2 so soft!!

And the yellow one is also finished.
( here I just cut my bangs myself... I needed a change)

I'm very happy with my scarfs.

 Here is my Criss Cross Shrug. 
It was a big and long project, but I'm glad I finished it!!

I love wearing it. On the above pic the front I need to put a bit better. 
But now you have a bit of a idea how it is.
It's just a long scarf with sleeves, really great to make

* ~~* 

Then I told you about a new orer.
Let me show you the start
The start of the faces!!

When its finished I hope it will look a bit like this:
Mother Earth
Such a lovely pattern.
And as I love it so much, I'm also going to make one for me too..!!
So I will be busy  next weeks

* ♥ * ♥ *

Noah loves Judo.. you all have seen that..
But look at this

 Little Kira, also training Judo..
You can try 3 times before going on it.. so she wanted to do that.

Now she first has to wait till she got the first 2 swimming diploma's before she can judo again..
It's a good motivation......

Kids here have Spring Break now.. 
Here are a few things organized, so we will have a lot of fun!!

Have a great weekend

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

maandag 15 februari 2016


So just done with my 5th night shift.
Let's write a post.

Last weekend it was Carnaval.
So let me show you some pic's of us.

On Friday morning Kids celebrated Carnaval on school.
Noah for the 3th year as Jedi Luke Skywalker. No change in that.
Kira wanted to go as Elsa again , I needed to make a dress a bit bigger, it was already a bit smal last year when I made it.
Now it's too big, so need to make it smaller again, but she can wear it again.
This year wanted to make something new.
I made her the crochet crown hair . 
She told a girl friend who also was dressed as Elsa that only she was the real Elsa as she had the hair also :O :O..... I did not teach her that...........

That weekend we had a dress up party.
My clowns outft from the last years I wore at school, wasn;t alive anymore.
And as a big little red riding hood fan. I wanted to make myself a outfit!!
I did it
What do you think?
I made a petticoat for under the red skirt, so it's much more beautifull to wear.
I really love it.
For years not have been much sewing, I missed it, and was happy it work what I made.
The white peasant top I really love.. I remodeled it many times. Need to draw a new pattern.
And I think I will make it this summer again for my self. eally liked it!!

The next day a friend told about a kids ball, so we went there, for me the first time to see that

As you see on the pic's Kira wanted a Elsa face paint!!
And I wanted to practice again :)
Every time I did it a bit different, I really like doing this!!

On Monday we had really bad weather, heavy wind. so all the parades where cancelled.
On Tuesday the weather was a bit better, only many rain, and as I wasn't in the mood for sick kids we stayed at home.
So we didn't see anything od the parades ... to bad....
Hopefully next year we have a better change

* * * ♥ * * * 

I'm also getting back on baking
 Here I made cheese cookies.. the kids and I where the only one who liked themm..
So I eat them almost all.. hihi.. they where very yummy
Here Kira wanted to bake Apple Turnovers... they where very yummy too.
We will bake them more....

* * * ♥ * * * 

Yesterday Noah had another Judo compitition.
He won all 3 games. and had enough points to urn his new embleme
You see he is very happy wth it!!!

------- * --------

I have been crochting like crazy also.
But I will save that for the next posts...

I got a very very cool order, to make a beautifull Waldorf doll.. 
I got all the materials, tomorow I will start.. I really happy wit it.

And i'm already looking for a stitch piece to make.
All my crafts are coming back.. my mojo is back!!
I'm back!!! :))

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

dinsdag 2 februari 2016

Wip's post

So all the party things are back in the box, or trashcan.. 
Now it's time for some new project..

I wanne make some cowl scarfs.
A while back bought a new yarn, ByClair nr2...

I can tell you I'm addicted...... its so soft..... I love it 
It's 50% cotton 50% polyacrylic
It's for Hook 5/7. I used 9
All my years I have never looked with yellow. but this color I love so much.
It's ochreous (okergeel NL), just made single crochet stitches...

I bought two colors. also a red one. 
Went looking on my pinterest for a other pattern. Found one.
Bordeaux, such a beautifull color and pattern again.

My Criss Cross Vest is progressing very well 
Here you can see on the photo that I just started on the arm.
In real it's finished, next post will show you it

And i thought lets start a new big project
A shawl/wrap.. not really sure if I like it`, I will see.. if it's finished b the sumer, i'm happy.. hihihi

If you think I;m done with maing Wips.. ow no..
Next weekend it's Carnaval here, and Kira her Frozen dress of last year is to small.....
So a while back went to my Grandma to ask how to make it bigger. she gave me tips, and last night finally started 
First cut it open again
My sweet friend the sewing machne came back on the table.

And as I wanted to make something with it 
I started a crochet crown of Elsa, perfect with the dress.

Next Friday it's Carnaval at school, so it will be finished .
Noah wanted to go as a Jedi like the other years, so no sewing :))))

My Clown outfit didn't survived the last time in the washing machine, so needs something new. and I thought lets make something
A beautifull red satin fabric... guess what i'm making??

In months I havent crafted much.. In a week I have done more then in 2 months.. hihi.

I'm off to bed, the alarm clock will go off tomorow ... way to early

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥