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zondag 5 juni 2016

Sewing, crochet, ladiesrun and even some stitching

Hi all, how are you doing.
It has been a while.. to busy work, to busy with all kinds of things..
So I think it will be a long post!!


I first wanne start with today 
some of you saw it already on Facebook or Instagram
Nearby today was organized all kinds of runs... kids did the kidsrun .. for them the very first time.. the other times, I had to cancel it.. but now.. they had a run that was long.. it was 1.31 km.. ( next time need to look for a shorter one). Noah got the 38th place and kira the 55th place. 
As you can imagine I'm a very proud mom
And I.... I run the ladiesrun 10 km... it was my first 10 km.. and i did a very great job. 
I got a 2nd place.
From 4 km till 8,5 I was the number 1. but the woman who I walked the first 4 km with past by me for the last 1.5 km.. and she earned it.. I got 2nd.. it was awesome!!!
I got a medal and a trophy... So today I feel so lucky

My training for the 10 km stopped today.. tuesday I starting the traing for 15 km.. 
Since a week I have a inflammation in my heel ( hubby has a bad one for 9 months now) .... you can almost think its contagious.. hihi.. both was because of bad shoes... so buy good shoes.. it's very painfull.. thankfully I can still run

Kids are very active too.. last week we had the evening walks... it's organized in the whole country all on different weeks...... You need to walk 4 evening and can choose 5 of 10 km and then you get a medal.
last year I did it for the first tme with the kids.. and again we enterd.
The last evening was heavy.. but they did it.. #soproud
I also organized it that the patients from my work entered.
14 from the 18.. it was so great to soo so many volunteers wanted to help me, to push them in a wheelchair for 5 km. I feel blessed

Kids also go with me sometimes when they have the day off and  i have  a training
Here you see they went along for almost 9 km.. I also have done a 11 km with the kids.. so great
The first half always.. how far is it.. and the second half I can't see them.. they go so far a head.. but with seeing boats animals they always like it

 ~ ~ ~

Noah has yesterday another judo compitition
he got a very good earned 3th place!!!
Soon he is going on Judocamp.. it's "thankfully" only for 1 night... but he is looking out for it!!


In my last post I show a little bit of fabric. I made the kids some new clothing.. 
My godchild did his first communion and two nieces where baptized.
That means mommy needs to make something beautifull
I make Noah a Colbert from white linen and kira a dress with a heart on her back and a short pink jacket. as it was cold on the day of the communion I made her a white legging for under it
Aren't they looking pretty in it!!
Kids loved it
Kira is happy she can finally wheer it too school now.. 

At the baptize Noah went in the front of the church
He know what to see.. and it went very good... the pastorasked who know what he just told.. and Noah was the only who put his finger in the air ( as always:) )
I needed to be fast with my picture.. hihi... he loved it

~ ~ ~

I'm still not stitching.. but Kira is.. last December she got a package.. and this week she asked for it again.. she know knows how to go it.. When we wnet to bring Noah to Judo , she sat on the floor and stitched.
While know was doing judo on the background.... ♥

My father in law is retired now, and for the farewell lunch 
I wanted to make a new top from satin fabric
Kira made the pic's of me.. I loved it very much . on the back a silver ribbon
Here you can see what I did with my hair
( it's hard to take selfies for me..:) hihi)
 The front
and a bit of the bac.
As you can see i closed the back a bit more.. I like to where a bra without everyone seeing it.. it was too far open.. now not anymore =))


A whle back I saw for the very first time a pancake plant or chinese mint plant also called..
I needed to order it on Instagram..a nd a week later it was in my mailbox.. look at the cute.. 
 Kids asked when we could eat pancakes.. hihi..
No it's called that way because the leaf looks like a pancake
My green garden is growing very well.
We already can eat out of it.. 
Her you can see the kids plants more in it and kira eating the radish ( did not made a pic of Noah.. he promissed me to try every thing, but he was eating like he was dying....hihi)
The arugula I;m eating almost every day.. so yummy!!!
Hope soon to et more things


A few weeks ago on 2nd Pentecost we went to a farmstead , theer where organized all kids of games and you could try all there products
They had a blast and earned some medals...
That afternoon there was a horse concour nearby, so we went to take a look
we could see dressage, jumping, riding with carriage and many more..
Can you imagine Kira had the time of her life!!!She also ride all 3 the horses that where for the kids
One woman aske dif she wanted to stroke the horse.. it was a big horse but see did it
It was a very fun and full day

~ ~ ~ 

2 weeks ago we celebrated the 65th birthday of my father in law
he took us too a kids amusement park and to Dolfinarium (dolphins)
Togheter with my BIL and SIS and ther 4 children we had a awesome weekend. 
Noah and Kira has so much fun

~ ~ ~

On Facebook I'm a memebr of some sell-pages. A friend tagged me a while back for a really girlie-girlie bed what would be perfect for Kira.
So I started too offer on it.. someone else got it, but she didn;t wanted it anymore.. so I got it.
Hubby and I took it o 2 days to put it togheter.. as you can imagine she is very happy with it 
It has a little WALK _IN_CLOSET!! and a desk.. so she is very happy with it.. and it's also pink and purple

~ ~ ~ 

As you can see I was very busy.. hihihi..
Hope the next weeks are a bit lesser busy..
I opened my bloglovin.. and I'm getting there... still a few more blogs...
Keep it up all your beautifull carfts.. I'm going too do some more here too

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥