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donderdag 31 december 2009

three bibs, one of them finished!

I'm finishing some bibs.
The first one is totally finish, the other two need a color around to sew..

And the other bibs:

I'm almost of to work, yes I need to work tonight, but i'm off just before midnight!!


Here a lovely photo of Noah!!

I wanne thank you all for visting my blog this year and leaving a lovely comment, I've got so many lovely comments, I love them.

Till next year


maandag 28 december 2009

So the Christmas day's past..... still a few busy days and then we all can start on a new year.
First Christmas days we spend at home, with the three of us.
Noah on the photo was waiting on his special dinner.

And the Christmas gift he got from us, a toll box, and he loved it....

The second day we went to my SIL in Belgium, and spend it with to whole family, we had a great day with lots of wonderfull food and gifts....
Noah weared his Christmas outfit, it looked so darn CUTE, but forgot to take a photo. I wore my Christmas dress I had made, and also forgot to take a photo. So when they came out the washing machine tomorrow I wil make one and show you as soon as possible..

Then third Christmas (yes when you have many family parts you have many Christmas days....) we whent in the afternoon to the Ardennes for the snow, It was a hour drive, we walked in the snow, drank a glass of warm chocolate milk a drived a hour back (my BIL wanted to see some snow for a walk and before I knew we sat in the car on the way :)hihi), then we whent to his mother to celebrate Christmas and at a lovely dinner.
I made a photo with my foon in the Ardennes, but need to asked DH to put them on the laptop, so I can show you.. It was my first time in the Ardennes, it was beautifull and very very very cold..... and with a pram through the snow isn't easy....

Still a few days and it is 2010... I wanne make a to-do-list for 2010, so need to think very hard for the goals....

Noah is sleeping, so I hope to do a bit stitching this evening,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas days, thnaks for stopping by and leaving a comment..


vrijdag 25 december 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

I wanne wish everyone a very very Merry Christmas!!!
Have a great time with friends and family!!!

dinsdag 22 december 2009

There is still snow!

The snow keeps coming and coming. Noah think it's to cold, When I put him in teh snow, he wants me to pick him up again...hihi, but on the sled he loves...
Yesterday we when to my in-laws to celebrate "Sinterkerst" (Sinterklaas and Christmas together). We do did every year.
We got there a bit later then we want, because of all the snow, but It was still in time. When we got there, Mika my nephew was playing in the snow, so We put Noah and Mika together on the sles and FIL pulled them truw the snow.
Here is a photo of the boys, Noah in the back and on top of him, his big nephew Mika..

They had a lot of fun. Both got the same snow pants from grandpa and grandma, so it was nicely warm for the boys..

Later we sat around the christmas tree unpacking presents.
And when Mika got his present what I had made my SIL was so happy, she loved it, she was so grateful.
I only have photo's of the present when Noah wears it, and he is hard to get on a photo
But here they are..

Isn't it a cutie pie!!!!

I have some detail photo of the garden pants.

I loved it, I want to make another one, but that's for next year...

I have some lovely photo's of Noah in the snow!!!

Where there is still snow enjoy it!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


donderdag 17 december 2009


When we woke up this morning there was snow everywhere outside.
It was such a lovely sight.
Noah looked to the window, it was strange for him to see.
We whent outside with the sled, he had a great time...

Noah and me sat on the sled and DH pulled us truw all the streets.
We whent to visit my father and some other people, Noah enjoyed it a lot....
I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!

I have a stitching finish...
Bob the Builder is done. Now only need to make the gradenpants/playpants and sew Bob on it.
I already have cut the fabric hope do something tomorrow.
It's light bleu, a bit the same color of the overal of Bob.

The blouse of Noah is almost finished. The hard parts are done, now only need to do some finishing off and then it finially done....

Then the snow-banner, al the cross stitches are done.

I have done some french knots, but I'm not satisfied with them, I needed to do them with 2 threads, did the threads one time around the needle (first two times, but there where TOO big, maybe need to get used to it.

What do you girls/guys think??? Is it good, or need I change it in a french knot with one thread??

So that was all for this night, I'm glad I'm crafting again.... and I like to show you what i'm doing, so thanks you so much for visiting and leaving a comment I really really appriciate it!!

Till next time

zondag 13 december 2009

Not much done!!!!

I haven't done much crafting last few weeks. Noah is sleeping about one hour in the afternoon, so during the day is almost impossible, in the evening is the only change I can craft. Last weeks I had to work 3 a 4 evenings a week. DH work also a lot in the evening. So when we have a evening together I don't craft...
Last Week Noah was a bit ill, he had a cold, and so did we.... And Noah had 2 new teeth during this week. Poor boy!!!

But the postman brought we some lovely thing...
I recived my part of the EMS christmas exchanges from Anita.
Anita thank you so much for this lovely book.

Also I recived a lovely ornament from Mylene
Mylene thanks you so much I really really love it.
It's hanging in my hanging tree above the table...

In the beginnen when I lived alone, every year I set up the christmas tree, but when we moved to this house I wasn't in the mood to set up the christmas tree. At one moment I when with a collegue to a christmas workshp, and saw a beautifull branch decorated. And the branches where for sale. So I bought 2 branches and every year lay them on a pretty scale on the kitchen table and decorate them with lights, balls a other christmas stuff. But last year every time I wanted to sew I needed to put it away. This year I was tired of that, and decided to hang the branch on the lamp.
It turns out great

It's hard to get it on a photo
You can see the ornament from Mylene and Andrea are hanging up, and two disney balls. At the moment you can collect them in the local supermarket.

I've started on the christmas outfit for Noah. The trouser is done, I'm working on the blouse now. It's a pattern I haven't just before. So need to take my time on it.
I also like to make a jacket, I have a machting fabric with the trouser.

Here you can see the progress I've made:

I hope to do some stitching this week, but can't promisse
Thanks all for visiting, and leaving a comment, I really appriciate it.


zaterdag 5 december 2009


Today it's Sinterklaas, for all the people who celebrate's it have a nice evening with a lot of lovely presents, pepernoten and speculaas. Let all the children enjoy it, with singing songs and unpacking presents....
Noah got his present this afternoon. He is very pleased with it. It's a wooden puzzle, and when he puts a piece in it, it makes a sounds.
When he puts the airplane in it, you hear a airplane fly, there also is a police car, taxi, ambulance and train. Noah is still a bit to little to celebrate Sinterklaas, he dasn't understand it, I hope next year to do more with Sinterklaas

My inlaws just went home, they have helpt here in the garden to lay a path around us house, and to play and enjoy with Noah.

(Noah was watching DH)
Yesterday evening they had to babysit Noah suddenly. I went to work, but my furrow wheel broke. My car stopt at the middle on the road, I called DH, he brought the dragging service, but a second before there came another car and collide aganist my, then to a third car and again my car.
I was in shock......
Thank goodness I was alright, only my car had some damage. Now need to wait till he is made and teh bill naturally.

My best friend is pregnant of her second baby (Robbert gets a little brother or sister)
And this is the card I have made:

Yesterday was her birthday, also made a card

Girl, again congratz on both celebrations...

I have not stitched one stitch on teh snowmen, don't feel like it this week.
But I finished Noah's overall.
Yesterday and today he played outside several short time (because of the rain) in his overall, he loved it. And it look so darn CUTE with his green boots and hat

Last week I wanted to wash the pillows and bags for the remote's. So DH had empty them. When I wanted to get it out of the washing machine, I found this:

On two I can see tghe numbers 995 and 3325 , but the other two.. I saw a 5, and that was al so needed to figer out wat it was, but it was easy, it was a green and red color, not so many are there, after a few mintes I saw it was 911 and 349.

Hope to stitch tomorrow something, havn't stitched in 4 days, wasn't in the mood.
All have a great weekend, see you soon btw haven't comments a lot, the last few days, at the moment we have a good friend for sleepover, so hope to read your blogs this week...

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment


zondag 29 november 2009

White White White!!!!

But first....
Look at what the postman have brought yesterday night.

A few weeks ago I was one of the lucky winners of Andrea RAK giveaway.
She had choose to let 11 lucky people win a ornament, I'm so happy to be one of them....
Look at the lovely ornament she had made for me!!!
Thank you so much Andrea for the lovely gift

Yes the white. I have done al the white in my snowmen banner. It was al lots of white, and this evening I was very glad that it was finished. White snow, white snowmen and white snowflakes, white white white.....
Still need to do 2 colors and al the backstitches. One of the colors I need to order first, it run out. Then the backstitches again, with 1, 2 and 3 threads!!!!
Hope that they are done soon...
And hope it wil be done for christmas, then I can hang in on the wall

The card for my pregnant friend is done, hope she has arrived it.
Here the end result.

I also made another card but can't show it yet, it's also a lovely card.

This week I hope to start my first christmas ornament for myself.
Also need to make one for the EMS exchange where I signed up for.

That was it for tonight, thanks al for stopping by and leaving a comment...