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zondag 13 december 2009

Not much done!!!!

I haven't done much crafting last few weeks. Noah is sleeping about one hour in the afternoon, so during the day is almost impossible, in the evening is the only change I can craft. Last weeks I had to work 3 a 4 evenings a week. DH work also a lot in the evening. So when we have a evening together I don't craft...
Last Week Noah was a bit ill, he had a cold, and so did we.... And Noah had 2 new teeth during this week. Poor boy!!!

But the postman brought we some lovely thing...
I recived my part of the EMS christmas exchanges from Anita.
Anita thank you so much for this lovely book.

Also I recived a lovely ornament from Mylene
Mylene thanks you so much I really really love it.
It's hanging in my hanging tree above the table...

In the beginnen when I lived alone, every year I set up the christmas tree, but when we moved to this house I wasn't in the mood to set up the christmas tree. At one moment I when with a collegue to a christmas workshp, and saw a beautifull branch decorated. And the branches where for sale. So I bought 2 branches and every year lay them on a pretty scale on the kitchen table and decorate them with lights, balls a other christmas stuff. But last year every time I wanted to sew I needed to put it away. This year I was tired of that, and decided to hang the branch on the lamp.
It turns out great

It's hard to get it on a photo
You can see the ornament from Mylene and Andrea are hanging up, and two disney balls. At the moment you can collect them in the local supermarket.

I've started on the christmas outfit for Noah. The trouser is done, I'm working on the blouse now. It's a pattern I haven't just before. So need to take my time on it.
I also like to make a jacket, I have a machting fabric with the trouser.

Here you can see the progress I've made:

I hope to do some stitching this week, but can't promisse
Thanks all for visiting, and leaving a comment, I really appriciate it.


4 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

That's a wonderful christmas exchange you received from the EMS group.

Glad to hear it has arrived safely and that you like it. Now, we'll see if we can build a real one this winter. It is getting colder now and expected below zero at night.

Hope you are all feeling better.

Annie zei

Lovely exchange piece. And Mylene's ornament is adorable.

I bet Noah's outfit will be just perfect. Take care and stay well.

Daffycat zei

Lovely exchanges to receive! I hope Noah is feeling better soon! ***hugs***

Wendy zei

Je hebt zeker mooie geschenkjes gekregen!!

Hopelijk voelt je zoontje zich vlug beter.