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zondag 31 oktober 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Just out of the oven: Noah had so much fun baking, it was to long ago I wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN, have fun with TRICK OR TREATING!!!!!!


vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Next update of the mystery piece!

My stitching Mojo was a bit lost this week, so haven't stitched a lot but you can see what I'm stitching.And for those of you who guessed, yes it's tigger from Winnie the Pooh, so cute pattern, but more in my next post...hihi

I have been sewing a bit too more baby stuff:

The last Mooshy Belly Bunny, why last... that a little mystery as well, so keep following me and you find out.
And made a sling It's a Boy and It's a Girl. So cute.

Last weekend we went to a inside playground and look at all the fun Noah had, I only have one picture the rest my MIL made, with her camera and I'm still waiting on the photo's, but here the one I made:
This week while I was cleaning I sorted out some of Noah toys and put them in the hallway on the shoecabinet So I could take them upstairs, and look at what the smart little guy did:He pushed this chair in to the hallway and tada...
He is so smart and cute...hihi

I've nothing more to tell, I wanne thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Keep coming back if you want to see more of me.

zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

Lots to show!!


We begin with the stitching part!!
I finshed the June part of the Lizzie Kate SAL

And I started the July part And started a surprise piece.. It's not an existing pattern but a pattern that is made from four patterns together and added more with it, not by my hand but by a very sweet lady.
So are you curious, keep looking here on my blog!!!

I love the fall, why?? then it's time for homemade apple-sauce: And stewed pears:I so love love both, I make it about 2 or 3 times a week, yummy.

And when it's fall you need fall decoration.
So we went to the forest to collect:
And then you get:
The smaller plate is standing in my hallway, and the big one with the lovely squirrel and dead flowers (need to get new ones...) on my diner table. In my front window I have to two vases full of them. The branches with the roses are now felted red/orange/brown leaves photo will follow next time. So love it when the house is so love decorated.

Then my sewing stuff!
I'm making a little stock of baby gifts, may there be many pregnancys when I gave birth I have something to give when I'm not in the mood the sew:
For Noah's room I making more boys stuff
I made from thisThis:Noah loves them, I wanne make 3 more, but first need to draw them, I'm thinking of a train, tractor and a boat or truck.
When the other 3 are done I will make up a little tutorial how I made them!!!
In the last few days I got so many ideas for Noah's room, WHERE is the time to make it.

Look at what the mailman brought, a big box: A box full with fabric I ordered: And I think as a surprise for my big order They put in a sewing magazine, and found a beautifull knit fabric dress in it.
Love love love it, I wanne make it, but first need the right fabric for it..

So think I have written enough for this evening, see you soon
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment


zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

HM Sal and plopsaland

Finally I finished the first part of the Helga Mandl Halloween SAL: I love the colors that we use, can't wait to start the second and last part (it's a 2 parts SAL).

Last wednesday we went to Plopsaland!! (did the Engelisch link)
It's in Belgium, and special for little children, and the most important thing it's BUMBA...
Look at the photo's Noah had so much fun:

There where seven attraction where Noah was allowed to go in, after a hour he know which he liked best and that was the slide...

Here ends the post tonight, I'm tired so going to bed!!
Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I love reading them

PS. the Spekkoek is a cake and so very very delicious, you have two kinds of dough white and brown, and put them layer for layer in the oven and after a hour or two it's done... So you need whole the morning for this...but so very delicious

dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

May, Thomas, Halloween SAL and more

I finished the next Lizzie Kate piece 'May'. Now start June.

Here my progress of the Halloween SAL from Helga Mandl: It's going slow, but getting there, It's so lovely to stitch and I love my dyed farbic, going to do that more.

I also finished Thomas the Tank Engine and made it into a pencil pouch The inside is bleu with white dots.
I gave it as a present to Robbert who turned 4 this week.

This weekend friends came over with there 4 months old baby, so made a little trouser for the little boyBecause she is Indonesia I made her some spekkoekThe last time I made is was a year ago.. It's not hard to do but it takes a lot of time, but it's delicious. My friend always need to laugh when I make it, she has never made it and I a Dutch blond can make it...

We when kiting a few times, Noah loves it, Yesterdag didn't had my camera so made them with DH's foon, but don't have them on my laptop.
Here a photo from last time And a very lovely picture of my sweet boy who I love so much Thanks all very much for visting my blog and leaving a comment.
I love to read them

woensdag 6 oktober 2010

I've been a busy girl

My back is some better, but feel it still, maybe it's staying the rest of the pregnancy. The little baby is kicking a lot , so it's such a joyfull time. Noah is loves school again. What do I want more.....

I put Bumba still aside, and finished my April piece of the Lizzie Kate SAL:
I've started also on the May piece: Not much too see yet.. but I'm in a stitching mood so I will finish soon.

Then the Halloween Sal I talked about in my previeuw post. I wanted to make it on a orange fabric so diged in my teabox, tryed some tea and loved to color of the rooibos tea, so cooked the fabric then baked it in oven, and tada:

The fabric turned out light orange with some darker orange/brown spots, I love it, exactly as I wanted it to be.
The is the beginning of my first part of the SAL: It looks great on the fabric.

Then sewing pieces.
I've made another PJ for Noah, it's a picture before it was ironed At the moment he is sleeping in it, he loves his new PJ, everything I sew is a PJ he says...

My pregnancy of Noah was mostly in the summer, so I don't have many winter pregnancy clothes. Can you remember the knit fabric dress I made last year. I so loved the dress, it still fits great, my big belly fits in it too, so I decided to make a winter dress of it. The pattern has short or long sleeves, last year I made it with out sleeves, now I made it with long sleeves, and made two of them.
The pictures are very bad but DH is not home so can't make a photo wearing them, maybe next time
It is one pattern with two version, and I wanted to make them both. The pattern of the bleu dress is a bit strange, but love the fabric. The dots dress is the one I really love. It's a normal dress but because of the knitted fabric I can wear it in my pregnancy too, so next year I still have a two beautifull dresses.

So this is the long post for this time, thanks you all for stopping by and leaving a comment, I love reading them..