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woensdag 10 december 2014

Bye Bye Sinterklaas

Is it me, or is December a very busy month??
I have to work very much, so my time is a bit limited to post/read or craft.

But we still do it.

As the post titel says we said goodbye to Sinterklaas but first wanne show you some things 

Let's start with the craft pic's I forgot in my last post
Both made last year, and it are patterns of HuisVolKLeur, as you all know my favorite felt designer.
( and she made such beautifull Xmas pattern, but don't have the time to make them :(  )
.......NEXT YEAR.......

And of course the felt finger puppet.
It's not a great pic, but you get the idea
(poor horse it a needle in his.... )

The horse Americo from Sinterklaas..
You can put your finger in it, and make story;s... also more of this next year.. hihi

* * *

Are you curious how the cake looked like I started baking last time, for the party by my SIL?

and yummy that it was... 
I really have to do it more often baking these cake's..
I stuffed this one with bokkepootjes, (togheter with whipe cream and hazelnut paste) it a dutch cookie, and ow so yummy

* * * 

Then i will show some pics of the Kids on different Sinterklaas party's.
 The loved it so much!!

 This is on my job, the first time they did it
 Driving.. kids had so much fun
This one is from school.. yes also there he comes
And in the class off Kira

Kids got so spoiled, they are so happy with all they got!!

And at all fun things comes a end..
Then it's time to put it back in the boxes

Next year, we will get it all out of the boxes again, and make new things, but now it's time for Xmas...
but that is for the next post, togheter with the jingles update!!

Today I had to two ill kids..

Noah has troubles with his asthma, and Kira throw up many times, the poor things..
In the evening, Kira was feeling better, will see how the are both tomorrow..

It's really Winter, cold, sometimes rain, and sick kids..

but one things I'm still missing:::::

* * * * * SNOW * * * * *

Last year we didn't had any, I really hope to get some this year.

Last year I asked if some would send some, but the only thing we got was, rain, as it was to hot here so it melted, I don't like the rain, so I will not ask to send it again..
stuped mistake.... not going to do that again.. LOL
I will sing a snow song every hoping it will come.. =))

* * * 

I'm enjoying all the Christmas light and the music so much, so I;m stopping with typing, and will start crocheting and watching the lights!!
Have a great evening all..

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥