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vrijdag 25 september 2009

SAL updates

It was a very busy work week, I'm done pears picking, so I have more time now too stitch.
Here are some photos:

You can see, she whares a dress, now I need to full up the dress.

The other stitchers are done with this one, I need too do 2 parts and then I'm done too.

The last one, the other stitchers are also stitching the 4th part, I need to do some stitches and this part is done.
Lady's...... Chocolate!!!!!!
I wonder what I need to stitch above the lovely cow, who is sitting in a bad of choclate i think.

Noah is very glad that I'm more at home now, It was long ago that I picked him out of bed in the morning.
Today we played with his new toys, we made a walk through the town, this afternoon two colleagues come and visite for his birthday, He got a train with al buttons, which came music from, he loved it, tonight we whent bicycles.

A photo when we come back from the bicycles.
When we got home, Noah whent straight to bed and fall asleep.

I'm off for bed too.

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zondag 20 september 2009

I'm stitching again.......

Thank you for your lovely words and compassion.
Yesterday was the party for Noah's first birthday.
Grandfather was there too, he's is getting trough this well.
He loves to see Noah play and laugh, that makes his smile.
Many family-members where on the party, Noah got alot of presents.
Here is a picture of the presents he got so far:

Lovely toys and clotes.
The chair comes with a table but it don't fit on the picture.
Noah didn't know what come over him, al the attention, al the presents...
It was a lovely day, everybody enjoyed it.

Here are the pictures of the slings I have made.
There photo's aren't so clear, but I hope you can see it.

On the short sling stands Noah 1 year.

And then now the pictures of my stitching:
I started back on the SAL, I'm way behind but I'm cathing up:

I just got the new parts of the SAL so I can stitch further.
I'm so glad I'm stitching again.....

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donderdag 17 september 2009

Thanks all

Thanks all for your compassion, I really apreciate it
My grandmother has past away last weekend Septembre the 6th.
The Friday before we went with Noah for the last time, then she was responding well, when Noah laughed or cryed she looked to him and made a sound, it was very nice but also sad to see it.
We miss her a lot, it was such a great and lovely women.

Yesterday was Noah's FIRST birthday.
I has been a year ago that he was born, time flies.
This is a picture of Noah just out of bed and when he saw the slings, he stood still for 30 minutes, he didn't know what he saw.

This the present that he got from us:

He loved to play with it, so it was a good choice.

And then blowing out his first birthday cake candle:

He is such a cute boy and now 1 jear old....
Yesterday we got the friends over with the small children.
Saturday is the party, the family will come then.
They promissed very nice weather (I hope so), we can sit outside than.

Because of all of the above and pears picking I haven't done any stitching.
The birthday slings are done on time, 2 days of sewing and done.
After the party has been I make a picture of the slings.

Here is a picture of the summer exchange from EMS that I have got al the way from Canada:

The pattern is from EMS, we all had to stitch it, and made it into a envelope purse.
Here is the link how to make a envelope purse:
I hope my part for the exchange arrivese soon, it has been a long time on the mail now, and I didn't hear of it arrivel.

I was a very long time from my last post, I promise to blog more.
I also haven't commented all of your blogs, I forgot who I did and didn't.
From now one I hope to keep up.

Thanks all for stopping by


dinsdag 1 september 2009

A while ago

It has been very busy week for my.
It's not going good with my grandmother, she is dying. We have been there for a couple of days, it's so sad to she her this way. But there was nothing we can do and DH had to work again, so we went home. It's was very difficult to leave her.

Noah is learnig to walk, he had set his first steps whithout help.. Good work Noah...mommy is proud of you...
Tomorrow wo are going to buy some good shoes for him.
Today his nephew Mika was here, he is 17 months, there where playing so sweet together.
Past weekend we where staying with nephew Adam who is almost 4 months, also with him Noah was playing so sweet.
He like's playing with other kids..hihi.

Here is a picture of Noah with de cake:

Last week I also have started on the birthday swings who I'm making of blue and green fabrics.
Here is a picture of the one I have cut so far:

I need to finish some things this week, when they are done then I'm making the swings.

Here is a picute of a cow, also stitched last week:

This one is very nice, can't wait til it's finished.

So hope to do more stitching this week, I have holiday, but I'm doing seasonswork, picking pears.
I do it every year and love doing it...
Hope to post soon again,

Thanks for stopping by and leavinga comment, see you soon.