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zaterdag 28 juli 2012

Girls love pink!!!

Almost every girl loves pink ;))))
Kira likes it also very much so what to do when your a crafty mommy.. craft pink.

You can all remember the pink owl. ;P
The stitching part is finally finished
What do you think??
The picture is bad.. just made it and it's getting dark
Next -----> felt.
Can't wait till she got eyes!!

I have told you I'm learning to made dolls.
This are special waldorfdolls for kids, only made of natural products.
And with a special technique
My first waldorfdoll is finished.
It's a sleepdoll for Kira, and I named her Kiki.
Kira loves it, and sleeps with it every night.
Do you like it as much as I do????
I love her..
There are so many more of these  waldorfdolls coming

If you wanne know more about this dolls... typ in Google waldorfdoll (for Dutch zonnekindpop)
These it a baby doll... next a doll for Kira's age.
It's a hard work, but so great to do, and all hand sewn!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

maandag 23 juli 2012

Birth-day gifts

I'm just done with 5 night shift, so I'm enjoying a evening and not need to go to sleep and in a few hours go to work.
Need to work again tomorrow, so taking my rest this evening and doing nothing only catch up with blogs.. =)))

I made some Orange present for my MIL who turned 60  =))
I see your all thinking .... your MIL turned 60 last months... 
yes that's right but I have another MIL..
Two MIL's and two FIL's.
So I don't want anybody nagging about there terrible in-laws, because I have it double
hihihihihihihihi ... joking
No .. I have such sweet in-laws..

But to the presents..
She is in love with elephants.. love love love them.
And orange is one of her favorite colors..
What to make... orange elephants??

Yes that's what I did...
I love my towel bags  so much.. I made a towel elephant..
Go look for orange towels.. it's not easy!!
Isn't he sweet??

Then I wanted to do something with photo's of us
It didn't worked as I wanted so ended  up with only pic's of the kids... 
need to make some good pic's a day!!

In the middle I wanted to do a pic of the four of us but no small good photo..
Maybe she has a good one her self!!!
I love making the presents!!

Then the day after Mil's birthday my sweet DH turned 30.
I planned a surprise party but his sweet brother told him the night before..
But we still had a wonderfull day.
With some friends I baked the day before everthing.
My neighbors have a big garden just outside our town I could use it for the occasion.
Whole week we had rain, teh baking day also  and just when the party started the sun came an the whole day it stayed dry!!
And the next day rain again
Here a little collage of the day
See Noah playing with his nephew's?
They had so much fun on the bouncy castle I ordered for the day

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
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donderdag 19 juli 2012

Ou vacation to Turkey

So finally it's time to post about our vacation.
I will do it all in one post, so beware many pictures!!
Let's start with a pic when we just started to drive

Bye bye home.. we will miss you :D

The kids loved the airport, so many plained to see.  :)
This was our plane... blue.. Noah loved it. ;P

We flew in the evening, went here away with 15 degrees, when we arrived in Turkey it was 35 degrees... very hot!!
It was a beautifull hotel. Here some pictures of how the resort looked like.
So many beautifull flowers.
I tought I was in paradise :)))))))))

There where 3 big pools, with little baby-pools.
At one of those pools was a aqua-park, there where 11 slides, so you can imagine, we had a lot of fun.
Look at this collage
The kids really had the time of there life.
There was a animation time, a Dutch one, they had so many activities with the kids.
Many Dutch children, whole day lon playing playing =))))))))))))))))

200 meters there was a beach, we whent there one time, and Noah another time with the animation team.. Mommy followed not long after.. hihi too afraid, without him... hihi
Building sand castles, jumping in the water, looking for fish... hihi ... 

We where nearby the town Side, one day took a bus to go watch there.
It was so hot not much fun for sitting in a bus
Many old Greek building where there... so beautifull. 
We want to take a boat taxi back, it went a bit wrong, so we sat 2 hours on that boat, having the time of our life. It also was the last time that the did that... hihihihi.... They didn't it was that for to bring us back to the hotel

The Dutch aninimation team, and the one from the hotel, together organised a Mini-Disco every night. at 20.15.
The kids really loved that, after a few day's Noah know al the dances, so love doing them evry night, the songs where from al country's and languages, so Noah can zount in Englisch and German... Turkisc and Russian I coulnd't unfderstand.. lol..
Here you see little Noah on teh right hand in hand with his friend, and little Kira loved to clap and jump, dancing in circles.
I have uploaded a movie of Noah dancing.. Hope it works...

We all had a wonderfull vacation, met so many wonderfull people.
We really had the time of our life =)))))))))))))))))))))

A lot of great memories have been made ;))))

I wanne thank everybody who just found out my little blog, and took teh time to leave a comment or follow me.
Next will be a craft post again

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Owl versus strawberrie

Thank you all for the lovely comments about our Belgium trip.
Now it's time for some craft updates

I told you I brought some crafts with me to Turkey, I took a felt-project, crochet-project and a stitch project.:-)
As blond as I was, I forgot a crochet hook, and the threads for my felt-project.....hihihi. ;))))
But I did took everything for my crochet project with me.
And that project was my pink owl.
This is how it loked like when I got home
You can see it together with the one from Noah.
Because I had so many project with me I didn't had to much thread with me, so here I needed to spot.
Also a few where totally gone from my stash, so needed to order new ones...
When I got a little time, I did some stitches..
Here a update how it now is looking :D
I can't wait to see it finished!! =))))))

Then a little project in between for the summer.
In a July stamp from Lizzie Kate was a strawberrie to see.
It was to much work to stitch the whole part for now,
So only used the strawberries.
I finished them off in little hearts.
I'm not that glad with the left one, the strawberrie isn't in the middle, but the right one I love..
A few weeks back they sold a beautifull white ????? (no idea how you call it in English).
Look at it..
My July summer theme is strawberrie.
There are some lovely gifts in it, it's still very empty... next year hope to have more.
For now this is the way it stays.. I love it... 
Thank you al so much friends.... huggggssss.


Are you ready????????????????

Here it comes!!!!!!!!!!!


My kids are stitching.. they wanted to do what mommy did... so I gave them a needle and
Aren't they cute???
I love them so much

This is the end of this post!!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

woensdag 4 juli 2012

Our weekend to Belgium

Thank you all for your lovely comments.
What a great feeling to be missed =))))

Oke.. Our lovely weekend to Belgium.  ( a no crafting post ... sorry)
As you can see I'm still here my MIL didn't kill me, because I told you her age.. 
she needed to laugh so much.. hihi.

On friday we drove all the way too the Belgium Coast.
It was very windy and at the beach al the sand was flying everywhere.. Little Kira couldn't walk there every time she fell down, and when she finally was standing again, she fell again, so strong was the wind.

Here a little collage of our first day
After diner we walked on the beach, played a bit, and went back to the hotel.. 
Behind the hotel was a big playground, so we went up there, and the kids played so much, had the time of there life!
They loved it so much, they couldn't wait for the next day..

The next day we went to Plopsaland. My SIL&BIL with kids also came, so the kids had so much more fun
Here some pic's =))))
There where so many attractions there, the kids had a blast!
Mommy and daddy went with them in everything they wanted, the day was busy and so fun.
For diner we went to the same restaurant as the day before, and after to the beach.
The kids had totally no problem of getting in to sleep ;)))))

I have something bad to tell you:
I live near the beach, and I go there almost never, and when we are on vacation, we wanted to go there.. ;P
Bad bad bad me.. need to do it more often..

The last day we went to the beach again... lol
Here you can see it
They really really had so much fun... 
I need to go more often to the beach.
And as you can see the kids slept so sweet when we drove home... lol..=)))

So that was our weekend, we had a wonderfull time, I have so much pic's made more then 200 in that 3 days.. lol.

I promiss next post a crafting post.. the pink owl is growing... and when I have the time.. some more crafts maybe.. hihi.

Before I forget my July goals:

1. Start of Super Mario to Crochet
2. Stitch on Kira's pink owl
3. Make summer craft for the living.
4. Christmas craft......

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
♥ Have a great day ♥