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maandag 23 juli 2012

Birth-day gifts

I'm just done with 5 night shift, so I'm enjoying a evening and not need to go to sleep and in a few hours go to work.
Need to work again tomorrow, so taking my rest this evening and doing nothing only catch up with blogs.. =)))

I made some Orange present for my MIL who turned 60  =))
I see your all thinking .... your MIL turned 60 last months... 
yes that's right but I have another MIL..
Two MIL's and two FIL's.
So I don't want anybody nagging about there terrible in-laws, because I have it double
hihihihihihihihi ... joking
No .. I have such sweet in-laws..

But to the presents..
She is in love with elephants.. love love love them.
And orange is one of her favorite colors..
What to make... orange elephants??

Yes that's what I did...
I love my towel bags  so much.. I made a towel elephant..
Go look for orange towels.. it's not easy!!
Isn't he sweet??

Then I wanted to do something with photo's of us
It didn't worked as I wanted so ended  up with only pic's of the kids... 
need to make some good pic's a day!!

In the middle I wanted to do a pic of the four of us but no small good photo..
Maybe she has a good one her self!!!
I love making the presents!!

Then the day after Mil's birthday my sweet DH turned 30.
I planned a surprise party but his sweet brother told him the night before..
But we still had a wonderfull day.
With some friends I baked the day before everthing.
My neighbors have a big garden just outside our town I could use it for the occasion.
Whole week we had rain, teh baking day also  and just when the party started the sun came an the whole day it stayed dry!!
And the next day rain again
Here a little collage of the day
See Noah playing with his nephew's?
They had so much fun on the bouncy castle I ordered for the day

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

13 opmerkingen:

Daffycat zei

I love the towel elephant! How cool is that? LOL @ you have two in-laws! I adored my MIL and miss her so very much.

Carla zei

That towel elephant is so cool!!!

Olga Visser zei

ten eerst - gefeliciteerd (achteraf) met alle verjaardagen! jij heb leuke cadeautjes en lekkernijen gemaakt! top!

hoe maak je die, de tasjes en nu de olifant van de handdoeken? heb je ergens master klas gevolgd?


Annie zei

That towel elephant is just the cutest! Good job!

Did DH play in the castle?

Pauline zei

Wat een creatieve idee├źn weer!
en wat een druk leven...

Unknown zei

Wow, wat een koddige olifantjes ! Tja, waar iedereen mooi opstaat is dikwijls een probleem he ;-)

En wat een leuke dag is die verjaardag geweest !!

♥ Nia zei

You have double trouble! LOL :p
That's adorable!! Really sweet :) I have no idea how hard it is to make that but it's so original!! Love it! :D
Ohh I'm trying to catch up on blogs too but it's not easy to read it all in one day :p hehehe At least I'm done with emails! uhuuu those are all replied and my box is clean and empty now :)
You made so many cakes!! Those took some hours to make :p For my b-day I think I will make a cucpake tower heheheh I have the idea, if it works great! If not.. I will go buy a cake ahahhahaha At least I will try! Let's hope it works :)
Noah has cousins with the same age (or close)? that's great!! It must be fun for him to play with his cousins :D
Once again, best wishes for your DH!!!! I hope he will have 30 dreams come true :D
Hugs sweetie!!!

Sally zei


Just found your lovely blog.

I love the elephant.
The birthday party looks great. Delicious baking and great photos.

Carol zei

You are so sweet to your MILs, Annette--they must be great women! The orange elephant is adorable--I've never seen an orange towel in my life so you were lucky to find one. And she'll love the little elephant garland with the kids photos :)

Happy birthday to your DH--he is the same age now as my oldest son!! And here he has two children already and my son isn't even married :( I so hope he meets a nice girl soon!! Your food looks amazing--can't believe you had time to make all of that yourself in one day. So glad the sun came out for the party :)

Valma zei

how many arms do you have to make so many cakes in just one day =D
Haaaa if I had known, I'm only 1h hour and a half driving from you, I would have come and taste those very yummy cakes =D
bravo for the garland and the towel ! great job
big hugs

Marion zei

Leuke kado'tjes Annette. Je bent weer erg creatief geweest Crea Bea.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Doni zei

Your elephant is adorable Annette! I'll bet your MIL loved it! :) And a very happy birthday to your DH too! :)

Katrien zei

lovely gifts you made!