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zondag 27 februari 2011

finishes, progress and new start!!

Let's begin with the stitching pieces!!

I'm so glad, I was getting tired of it I love the colors
It's hanging on a clothes hanger in my livingroom, so everyone can see it.
I need to make a pillow of it for on Noah's bed, but still thining what color fabric I will use!

Then a little update on Pooh: I'm seeing green, and it's very boring!! So need to look which WIP I'm going to do together with it... but the end is in sight!

Then my second finish is with crochet, the garland and it's hanging beautifull in my living!!, even DH likes it: You see a bit of Bumba hanging, in the middle of the room?
It's hard to get it right on photo because of the reflection of the glass. I love it, and it will hang there for a long time I think... maybe in the summer make some flower for on it!!

Then I made my first and second granny.
Both are testing pieces..
There are a few mistakes in them, but that why it's was a test..hihi I like the colors.
Tomorrow i will try and make a new piece, this time need to try to do it right so it wil no longer be a testing piece :).

Then I got 2 weeks back a beautifull crochet gift for Noah and Kira from Miek: Love the pink poodle.
Miek thank you so much

Yesterday another package arrived, this time from England from Lainey: All kinds of lovely patterns, gifts for Noah and Kira and beautifull cards!
Lainey thank you so much!

Last week I orded a sewing pattern at Farbenmix in Germany.
It's designed by last year, and I so fell in love with it.
And it also was big fabric-market (we have that 2 times a year here) and bought some lovely girly-girly fabric The dress is still a bit to big for Kira, so first try will be for my neighbor girl, she is turning 3 in April, and I wanna make a birthday-dress for her, The fabric to the right with the lovely PINK butterflies and flowers on them will be the fabric. First need to know her size and then going to make it at the end of March. But my nephew 3th birthday is sooner, so first need to make his gift, his mother asked for a birthday gardland like the one I make for my other nephew Adam.

Finally at the and of the post, look at how sweet!!

Till next time, have a great week

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

dinsdag 22 februari 2011


It was a busy week, we went to my work and to DH's work with Noah en Kira, still we have people coming over too see Kira. Not many people wanted to come in the first week, only for the best for Noah.. it was to busy for him that first week after Kira was born,.

Because of the busy week I haven't done much, only stitched on Bumba.
And finally his dress is done!! Jippie
(Noah was driving with his fire-truck..hihi)

Now only need to do the smaller part, hope to finish it soon.

I have done a bit of crochet.
My garland looks now more on a garland. Just finished another piece, so tomorrow attach in on the garland.
I think I need to make still about 10 more... so it's not finished yet!

This week when we where walking I picked some Forsythia, outside it's to cold so not yet in bloom, but inside it nice and warm, and it's blooming
And to finish this post my beautifull kids!!

Till next time!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

maandag 14 februari 2011

Happy Valentine!!

I wanna wish everyone a lovely Valentine's day with friends and family

I made a special dinner for us, with as dessert chocolate mousse... DH loved it !!!LOL

I´m trying to do a bit of al my craft every week, this week I did it!!
First my stitching update:
The tree is done on the birth sampler, the only thing that's left is all the leafs..

A little girl must have cute hairbands..

It was so fun to make.. when she is a bit older I wanne make new one's with a bigger beautifull fabric flower on them!!!
They look so cute on her with her beautifull hair..

Also have done a bit of crochet...
Two more pieces for the garland are done.. I decided to make a garland with only these crochet pieces... maybe in the futher make one with different pieces.

My cuties!!! I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

donderdag 10 februari 2011

Stitching update and a new crochet project!

I finally have decided what to use for color for the leafs on my birth sampler.. So here is my progress:The tree is als good as done...only a few flowers and leafs on the bottom
I so like the tree...

Because the birthsampler is so many counting and little stitches, I got out a WIP from last year with easy big color pieces!
This is how it looked like last year:
And this is how it look like now: I finished all the black, and started on yellow from Bumba!

Here the pictures of my finished February stamp from my Lizzie kate SAL
Still need to at the ribbon on the flatfold, but don't have one I like....

Them my new crochet project..
I have a beautifull sideboard... And a few weeks back I saw a pictures on a blog of someone who had made a garland and hang it on the side board.. I so loved it, it's in my head all the time... how to make it from what to make it.
I have now the idea of making a garland from al my crafts.. so felt-crochet-stitching-sewing...
I made my first 2 pieces for the garland with crochet... And I like it so much.. maybe I'm going to make a garland with only crochet pieces..hihi... still thinking it out
(also a lovely idea for a bikini....hihi)
But more of this project later!!

Then on the last of my post pictuers of my beautifull children..
Noah and I where making Pizza tonight

Cake on the background... I have made 10 so far for the people that are coming to see sweet Kira
And Kira was sleeping:

That was al for today...
I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

vrijdag 4 februari 2011

pink sewing, green stitch!

I haven't done much but I have done a bit of sewing!!
Looking on the web I found a cute tutorial for my little girl.
This is what I made of it: I'm going to make more of these... They are also lovely to give as a present!!

I'm starting to stitch a LOT of green, here is a little progress of it Hope to finished it soon, wanna hang it up in Kira's room.

In the beginning of January I promissed a better pictures of the felted ice-crystals. Next year I wanna make more, and some felted mittens to hang up with them... so next year more of this....

My February flatfold is almost done, only need to ad the ribbon.

This afternoon I made a lovely pictures of Noah and Kira That was it for today, till next time!!
I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!