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dinsdag 22 februari 2011


It was a busy week, we went to my work and to DH's work with Noah en Kira, still we have people coming over too see Kira. Not many people wanted to come in the first week, only for the best for Noah.. it was to busy for him that first week after Kira was born,.

Because of the busy week I haven't done much, only stitched on Bumba.
And finally his dress is done!! Jippie
(Noah was driving with his fire-truck..hihi)

Now only need to do the smaller part, hope to finish it soon.

I have done a bit of crochet.
My garland looks now more on a garland. Just finished another piece, so tomorrow attach in on the garland.
I think I need to make still about 10 more... so it's not finished yet!

This week when we where walking I picked some Forsythia, outside it's to cold so not yet in bloom, but inside it nice and warm, and it's blooming
And to finish this post my beautifull kids!!

Till next time!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!I love reading them!!

11 opmerkingen:

Saskia zei

Ik had ze(bumba/slinger) al gezien, maar toch nog even je verhaaltje gelezen. En kijk Kira nou dan, koppie omhoog en kijkt zo wijs de wereld in. Echt een dametje he....


Annie zei

Must be fun to show off the kids to all your visitors. Looks like you got some fun project time in too!

miek zei

zou Noah bedoelen dat je op moet schieten met bumba dat hij de brandweer al op je af stuurt?
wat wordt noah al groot, en z`n zusje zal hem snel achterna gaan.
maak maar flink foto`s nou ze nog zo klein is.

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel erg mooi gemaakt annette.
En ik wil mij excuseren dat het zo lang geleden is dat ik nog iets heb gezegt hier.
Groetjes sofie

Carol zei

You sure are busy, Annette! Glad to know Bumba is now fully clothed :)

Forsythia! Oh, you're so lucky! We got another 8 inches of snow on Monday--this winter is never ending.

Hugs to Noah and Kira (and you, too!!)...

Mylene zei

You are such a busy-bee Annette and progress is looking beautiful.
Cute pictures of Noah and Kira.

♥ Nia zei

hahahah Kira's serious look made me laugh :D She's sooo cute!!!
Also, love the firetruck detail on your wip ;) LOL
It's looking good! You're almost done! :D

Katrien zei

leuke foto's van je kinderen :) Kira kan ook al goed haar hoofdje recht houden. Jelena ook al vanaf de geboorte.
Bumba ziet er goed uit in zijn gele kleren :)

Lumiruusu zei

Congrats with finishing Bumba!

You tryly are so busy allways and having all that dine with two kids,that really something!!

Vinniey zei

Time flies. I has been busy with my works and I have chance to visit some of my favorite blogs finally. First, I would like to congratulate to you. Kira is such a cute baby girl. Adorable! Your Bumba turns out great! They are too cute. :)

♥ Nia zei

Wishing you a great Sunday!!
I hope it's a sunny day there :D