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zaterdag 31 mei 2014

Joy in life ♥

I had planned to talk about the weather, start there this post with.
But this morning when I was looking in my bloglovin, I saw a post of Nia, and she wrote the sweetest thing about me..
I really have to thank her so much for her awesome writing piece.

Sweetie, you will be the best mom too!!
Wait and see =)))

For those who wanne read it, look here.

And yesterday when I woke-up from my night shift I got the greatest picture send by whatsapp.
A picture of the bride with my wedding garter on her leg.
I started crying of you ( remember I just woke-up)
So sweet, the bride really loved it so much ♥
♥ Me is happy ♥
~~ It made my day ~~

Then lets show some crafts..
We start with Jingles, as it´s the last day of the months, so Jingles Time!!!
whahaha upside down.. lol  
( don't tell Rita, but i just finished it, made a pic real fast and then writing my post)
It was a bigger piece, but with such lovely colors again.
We are almost half-way there!!

Then I have finsihed the bunny's.
With Kira helping me stuffing, it goes so fast
Aren't they cute???
 ( ssssssstttt there is also a bunny flying somewhere sssssttt)

Then cute somebunny!!
It's progressing well.

I like Satin, it's beautifull thread, it's stitch really easy..
In my last somebunny, needed to stitch with a awfull thread, but Satin I like!!
And it's really beautifull too

The end is in sight!!!
But still much to do ;))

My Horse on a stock, is progressing awesomely fast!!
I finished all the part. Tomorrow going to the IKEA and buy a bedding, that I can use for stuffing, so it's not to heavy for Kira to play with.
Then need to add all the hair, and made a halter, for both I still need to order the yarn, after I put it togheter, I need to let Kira choose the next colors
Above is the body with head, then on the left the two ears, and right the nose.
I really can't wait to see it finsihed..

My last craft for this post is a order from my BIL.
A friend of him is expecting a baby this summer, and asked me if I could make a baby minion hat!!
I wanted to give it a try, and it worked
Look at how cute!!!!!
My cute neighbor boy (5 months old) was my testing person, as I don't have baby's to try it one.. and he looks so cute with it!
I hope the newly mom will love it too, when she gets it

Noah asked me if I would help him make a bookmark.
He wanted to knit it ( that what he calls all I do.. lol)
I went to my attic, found some supplies, and we have been stitching with the three of us, even Kira wanted to do it too again!!
Look at this cute collageI made♥
Look at that cute concentrated faces..  see Noah his face!!
It was very very very quiet at the table.
Just before bed this was how far they got

Can you see what Noah's making???
A Jedi, all by himself.. How great is that!!
Kira is making a present..
halfway it was totally full, but as you can see on the above pic's she does it all on her own.

She makes the thread wet, put's it in the needle, stitch it, and then cut it all again..
So after hours of work, many threads where stitched, but also many where cut loss again.. hihi

They didn't want to go to bed, but tomorow we will do some more stitching!!

So off to bed now!!
have a great Sunday all!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

donderdag 22 mei 2014

Will the sun stay??

Begin of the week we had such a wonderfull sun and weather, since two day's the rain and clouds are coming.
But My garden really needed the water.

And the flowers are growing so good.
Here a beautifull picture of my 3 white clematis flowers
Aren't they so beautifull ♥ ♥ =)))
I made the pic just in time, that afternoon it got very windy and the above flower ( the first one) lost all his leaves.

In the day's we had beautifull weather we also sat a lot out side ( still do ) , and doing some craft Kira and I while Noah was at school.

Look at those cute bunny's!!
They are progressing well.

Sweet Kira is helping me very good, she stuffs all the parts.

Right now she is sitting next to me filling the legs..
So the bunny's will be soon done.

The other order I was making is finished.
The wedding carter.
My friends loves it very much.
Let's hope the bride and groom will do to
I didn't made the bow yet, otherwise you see that in the ribbon.
Simple but so beautifull!!

I almost was thinking to get married, so I can wear something like this, and make my own flower bouquet..
....mmm..... still thinking.. lol :P

Then as I didn't have enough crochet projects 
I started another one
At the moment it looks like the bag of Santa.
But when It's finished it will be a Stick Horse.
I bought the pattern last week, I really love it.. it will be for Kira.. need to order some pink for decoration..
She chooses the colors.. lol

I didn't though Jingles this week, but I do stitched on a other WIP of mine.
The above is how I started it after frogged a whole color, I justed the wrong one.
I read the numbred wrong.. lol.. 
And on the after pic, you can see what I did this week!!
I orderd the speacial colors, so when I have them I can finish it!!

Last week we had a BBQ at my godchilds birthday, but as alwasy I never eat the meat of that, becausel I get so ill.
After I felt bad, because Dh told me the meat was so awesome, they made it there-self.
So I told him I want to try and eat it again.
So yesterday for the first time in about 15 years I eat meat of the BBQ

I liked it very much, I didn't got ill.. so we are going to try it again next week..
Let's hope the rain will stay away and sun keeps coming!!

I will end this post by saying Happy Birthday to my sweet colleague, who has her birthday today
And really loves Johnny Depp

Have a awesome day Sunbeam :))) ♥

Need to get on my bike and get Noah from school for lunch!!
 ♥ Have a great weekend ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

vrijdag 16 mei 2014

Spring has arrived ( again )

The last 1,5 week we had a lot of rain ( good for my garden ), but not for me.. lol!!
As off today warm weather is back, and the temperature will keep getting higher and higher!!
Yeah for us!!

How is the weather all over our globe???


I have been crafting a bit too between my spring cleaning ( yes still very busy on that) =))) 
Here the update of Jingles, I was stitching it this afternoon in the garden, while kids where playing there with friends
I need to order a few colors, as I;m almost out of them..

Still enjoying to stitch it very much..
I'm working on the biggest piece that there is..


My wedding garter is progressing very well..
I asked the sisters of the groom if this was what the wanted, and they liked it very much
It's a bad pic, I put in on my leg, as I have the same size as the bride.. hihi ;)))

This is the blue ribbon I'm going to use!!
Put a little bit in there, so I can see how it was looking


As the crochet butterfly's from my last post where so fun to make..
I made a few more, and send them too Valérie, as I know how much she love them.

Noah wrote inside the card..
She loved it so much!!


As I finished my first secret project, I could start a new project:
The strawberrie familie as it will look like when it's complete:
♥  isn't that cute????  ♥

It will be my summer project for the next 3 years..
It are 3 packages, and every year i will try and make one

The teapot I will save for last as the stitching is a lot, really a lot of work.
This is my first start:
I will start with the baby and then the mother... so more of that next time!!


I have been working in the garden this afternoon too.
I'm done back.
Here two pic's

 My sweet colleague always let me now when there are plants for sale in her town, also this boxwood ( buxus) where for sell, and see helped me with them..
I planted them..
hihihi I thought 20 was enough... as you see below... I'm missing 17..
So need to look for more..

And a close up from the beautifull white clematis..
The above flowers is 1,5/2 weeks in bloom by now.. I hope the third will be soon too.
I love to make a pic of them all..
So beautifull.
First year it gives me flowers


As I told you kids where playing so sweet this afternoon with a  friend..
I made some pic's

Look at them enjoying the weather..
Kira in our garden, and Noah in the playground across the street.

And yesterday went to our beautifull mill. kids loved it

The brown crochet bunny is progressing well too, forgot to take pictures..
But all parts for both are done..
So next week, will put them togheter, then I can start my final orders.. hihi ;)))
Now I;m off to bed, I have 2 night shifts this weekend!!
have a great evening all

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zondag 11 mei 2014

~♥ Mothersday ♥~ and update's

I wanne thank you all for the congratz wishes on our Anniversary.
I got a big blush on my cheeks ♥

♥ Happy Mothersday ♥

I'm in the night shift, kids where so hastly to give the there gifts when I came home this morning.
I got a very beautifull card.
And after sleeping I got the rest.

A great lunch was waiting for me , with all lovely present on my plate'
They burned my favorite candles, and put so many on the table..

You can see the strawberrie's too??
Mmm it was so great!!

Didn't I got the most awesome gifts???
Kira made me the big pink vase with the pink flowers

And Noah made such a beautifull necklace with a selfmade heart.

There was a poem with it.. so sweet:

~ ♥ ~
Hocus Pocus pand
Here is my hand
And look at what I'm doing
I put a kiss in there
And blow it to you
~ ♥ ~

Isn't that the sweetest, all with hand gestures
I got tears in my eyes!! =)))


I have been crafting a bit on different projects.
First my Jingles update

The tree and Y are done from the next part!!
Still love the colors


Then on facebook there was a question for charity, to make butterfly's.
These I send
They are fun and easy to make.
I can imagine someone is lovely them very much in France??
( No drooling Val)


Then for the bunny order.
For the first bunny, I finished all the parts
Now working on the one for the second bunny
This all will turn in too a bunny!!


Then I got a awesome order last week, the first crochet stitching are made
A wedding garter..
My friends brother and SIL are going to get married and off the month, and she liked to gave a present like this and asked me..
I hope I can do it such a great project!!
I have been looking al kinds of photo's on Google and my favorite page Pinterest!!
I can't wait and see till it's finished, to see how it looks


Friday on the last day of Spring break we took the kids to Antwerp and went to the movie Tinkerbell.
They had such a blast.
It's really a awesome movie.
I have never seen my kids sit so still for such a long time.. hihihih =))))))
In the movie break they where playing with all the kids, many of them talked France or Belgian , but they talked and played anyway.
How great is that!!
If you like Disney movies, you really have to see this one


I'm working in my garden a bit too.
But now had 4 day's rain, really hope we will get better weather this week.
My beautifull clematis I planted last year is in bloom.
This picture is made just before the rain
Then we still had sunshine..
Maybe by showing this picture the sun will see it's missed.
When I just looked outside, the second one is in bloom.
Then only have to wait till the third.
Hopefully I get more next year!!

So time for diner and then back to bed to after that work my last night shift..
Then 4 day's off

Enjoy your week and have a great crafty time

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

donderdag 8 mei 2014

♥•° 10 YEARS °•♥

Today the 8th of may 2014, is the date that hubby and I are 10 years togheter!!

First thing Noah asked me when I told him, is that we now are getting married and more children would come..
hihihihi sweet boy.. nooooooo!! ♥

Isn't he the sweetest.. LOVE =)))

♥•°  ~~  °•♥

8 Years ago we went to a photographer to take pictures.
But one pictures was the best
I love to show you
Look at how young we where, and how short my hair was 
( it was the second time I got it shorter, never again I thought, it happend one more time.. lol)
We where so young and in love... ♥

♥•°  ~~  °•♥

This is one of the pic's I like so much from a few months back when we made pictures again
Still young and in love
(I'm still in my twenties!!!!!!! DON'T FORGET IT)

This candle is one I love so much
It's written:
♥•° Our Love got hands and feet  °•♥
I burn it often, love the written so much

Look at this pic, made on the second Easter day
Aren't those the most sweetest kids ever!!

♥•°  ~~  °•♥

Tonight we went out for diner..
We had a awesome time. had such a blast.
Kids liked it so much too

My sweetie, love you so much.. ♥

This was the first of the 3 celebratings I have this year!!
next up is that i work 12.5 years for my boss.

Then in the summer......
I will get 30... Hellup :(
But for now still in my twenties, and enjoying it so much =)))

°•♥ ♥•° 

Yesterday I had a girl afternoon, and they spoiled me so much.
A gift so me... craft supplies ( crochet book, sewing boom, crochet yarn) baking package, white..... flowers, candle..
They now me so well... hihihi

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zondag 4 mei 2014

May the fourth be with you

With Star wars fans in house, this is what you now soon enough, and a bit notice from Noni.. hihihi
It's so cool!!!
Happy Starwars day ♥

Kids are having spring break , so I;m having spring cleaning
Also sorting out the Lego, Dh and I have been working the whole afternoon on a starwars plane for Noah.


I have been crafting on different things
Under the heart is my secret project.. hihihi
Working on a order, bracelets, secret project and Jingles
Here are the bracelets I made for me!!
Now will go and try other kinds of bracelets


As my SIL wanted to bring me some waxmelts to try I put a new try on table, decorated it a bit with a wax light.
I'm a happy girl.
♥ White lover ♥
It smels so great here...
Tomorrow will try a new scent ♥ Thank you sweet SIL


Today have been working out.. hihihi
But it was awesome weather.. togheter with the kids... love it!!!
And after picking cow parsley I can put them on my outside table

WOW ... I'm happy.

So it was a speedy post..
My brother and SIL where here, we had game night, so fun.. dronk wine.. ( to much) so time for bed now!!
Tomorrow kids will be jumping early!!
have a great week..
We still have a week off.

So let Summer weather come!!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥