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woensdag 10 augustus 2016

It's my birthday!!

Hi all!!
There I 'm after all those weeks!!
And on a good day too
I'm telling everyone, I turned 23.. but as you all know.. I;m a bit older :O :O :O
This morning came out of the night shift, after some sleep went for grocery's.
My grandma came over with some beautifull flowers, and I started cooking.

Look at in what it turned out:

Scallops with lemon butter

Holland fish stew

Creme brulee  ( not selfmade, but self bought )

As you can see I'm a big seafood lover.. I bought fish I had never eat of cooked before..
I loved it so much.. mmmm
With the Kids I made agremeent. If they eat it all without to nag.. They got a yummy dessert.. bought something with chocolat..
All plates where took them a while.. but they deserved it!!
Noah eat with his eye's and nose closed hihihi


I had a very busy time, a lot of working, helping at school, activitis with kids.. etc etc etc 
In the evening I was tired.. to tired to read blogs, to tired to write a blog
Did some crafting.
I decided to take a break from blogland.. sometimes read some small blogs.. last week did some more reading, but I can find as many blogpost as I think that where written.
We are in our 3th week of the summer vacation, and mostly I saw rain...we had some lovely days, but not much.
I hoped in the vacation it would be a bit lesser busy.... NOT
Hubby is at home walking with crutches.. today he got gypsum ( my birthday present.)
So he can't do anthing.
normally I would say darling do you do this or that.. but now it's all on me, and as my vacation is over, I have to work a lot again, summertimes, many are on vaction or sick!!
I miss blogging al lot, but I need the time for me, I'm trying to get back on track, already posting more on facebook and Instragram.. seeing more are followng me there ..
But I will be back here too.
In september my schedule is a lot nicer... then you will see more of me again..
I have so many small projects to show to you..
I'm not crafting a lot.. at the moment the last time was a 1,5 week ago... but I'm enjoying my time!!

I hope you all have a lovely summer, for those of your who have sun and heat.. please send me a bit..
I'm dreaming of a real summer.. it has been years ago!!

Now of to bed .. a new day tomorrow!!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥