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zondag 23 augustus 2009


Sorry ladies, my Englisch is still not so good.
I used the word listed but I meant framed.
My mistake..

cake of felt and listed ABC

I started on making a cake of fabric and felt.
It was a free pattern on:
This is a photo of how far I'm now:

I started it this morning, only need to do the strawberries.
It's fun to make, it's somethings diffrent than stitching, I need a hort breake of it.....

Also I have listed the ABC of Cars.
Yesterday I took along to my work, the ladies loved it.
They don't understand how I have done it...blush blush

Tomorrow I rep it up, and give it to Robbert, the boy where I made it for.
I hope he love's it, I now his mother will.

Yesterday I also have made this:

A colleague has turned 50 last week, this wil she celebrate on Thursday at work with a diner for the colleagues and patients.
For special events we make a book with pictures of us and the patients, we needed to make a A4 with something nice for her.
In the middle is a poem..
I hope she like it.

So I'm going to make my strawberries.

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vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

dance ladies dance......

Chiloe is always dancing when she finish someting.
Now you can al dance with me, because the ABC of CARS is DONE DONE DONE!!!!!!!!!
Finally, it's now in the washing machine.
I'm so glad it is finished.
Here is the picture:

Isn't it beautifull...

Thanks for the lovely comments.

woensdag 19 augustus 2009

New start and progress

So, I'm back home..
I was staying with my nephew Adam for a couple of days.
He is growing so fast, he is 3 month's now, it's a big boy already
A short vacation, with lots of visits, one of them to my grandmother, she is a bit ill the last couple of weeks...

Now it's washing and vacuuming etc...
But when Noah was asleep I have done a few stitches.
Here is the progress of the mountains from the ABC:4 colors done still 9 to go for the finish of this piece.

Last week I also started a new piece of the cow SAL, it's the last piece of 4.
I think it's about chocolat this time... what do you think?

It's a lovely weather here, the bath for Noah stands outside, when he wake-up he can play in it.
Till next time, enjoy the weather.

Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment's
It's the reason of this blog bying a live...


maandag 17 augustus 2009

I finally found it....
This week I was looking through the post's on my blog, and saw a few comment's that I had missed.
I knew that there was something, so that I get a message every time I get a comment, and yes I have found it!!!!!:)
Now I never mis a comment again.

Here is a little update of the mountains of the ABC:

I didn't stitch much this week.
Hope to do more next week.
Noah is changing his sleeps to lesser sleep, so now I have less time to stitch....hihihi.
Hy is growing so fast, he had his 5th teeth, he is trying to walk.
This afternoon I put him on his feet, he remained still without something to hold, then when I set a step behind he stept to me....bravo Noah.
I'm so proud of him

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donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Decision, frames cow and new trouser Noah

Thanks ladies for you quick opinion.
I have decided to stitch the 3 mountain, but NOT the one at the top.
I hope this piece will finish soon, I begin to be a little bit tired of it.
There are so many pieces I still whant to

Here is a photo of the cow SAL I have framed:

The green edge around, I got away, otherwise it don't fit in the list
I very pleased with it, up for the next cow.....

Here is a pfoto of my darling son in his new trouser:

It fits perfect, and stands him so cute......
The next couple of days I have more pictures to how, but need to find them first.
I have been very busy latly...

Once again thanks for the quick help
Till next time


Your opinion please!!!!

If have done al the letters and cars from the CARS ABC.
But i'm in a dilemma now.
I don't now if I need to do the mountains.
Here is a pictures how it is now:

Here is a picuter of the web how it need to be:

The mountains at the top, I don't like, so I don't stitch they, but the other 3 mountains and woods I don't now.

What do you thinks???
Please leave a comment with your opinion!!

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maandag 10 augustus 2009

My birthday today....

Yes i'm a year older now, it don't feels like it.
I'f got visit and lovely presents.
I had a lovely day.

Fillmore is almost done.
Robbert the boy for how i'm making to loved it.
I'f lost my camera, so the pictures comes this week I hope

I'm off to my bed, yes a nother quick post, but it was a busy day.

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donderdag 6 augustus 2009

Mater and Luigi

Two more cars of Cars done; Mater and little Luigi.
I finally started on Fillmore.
When he is done I decide of I am going too do the rocks.
I think it's to much with the rocks, but I can't see it before the cars are done.
Here the photo of Mater and Luigi

I have been very busy this week.
I have finished 3 trousers for Noah they are so CUTE.
A picute has token, but I don;t know where it
When I find it I let it see.

The weather is here very very very very hot.
It's 30 degrees, maybe more.
And little Noah has a fever, tonight 39.6, he is crying al lot.
I find it so pitiful, he looks in pain, I think it is his teeth.
Mostly it's over in 2 or 3 days, hopely.

I'm going to set some stitches on Fillmore.

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Hugs... enjoys the lovely weather

zondag 2 augustus 2009

A quick post

It has been a busy week.
I have worked a lot and baby-sit the boy where I'am making the Cars ABC for.
I just finished the Mystery SAL.
Here is a pictures:

I hope to buy a list this week and frame it and give it as a present.
But have another busy week so.....

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