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donderdag 24 maart 2016

Mother Earth

Hello peeps,

First I wanne have a moment for Begium, after the nightmare in Paris, 
it now was in Brussels
It's coming so close by, so scary

~ ~ ~

How are you all? 
I'm getting back on track.
I have been very ill for 2 weeks. The docter told me I had the Mexican flue ????????
I have never been so long so ill. I only saw my bed or the couch. I had a fever for more then a week..
Did nothing else but sleep. Noah started to take care of me, made me a sandwich and give me drinks. so sweet.
Now more then 2 weeks after I started to feel better, it's still not totally gone, I still feel it when I go for a run. But I can do everythings else again.

♥ * ♥

In the meanwhile I have been crafting on the moment that I did feel good.
In my last post I told you about the project Mother Earth that I was making in order.
As you can think it's finished, it's already at the recever, and she is very very happy with it, she had a visitor, who saw the doll and told her it was the most beautifull one she had ever seen... blush blush
I will show you some pic's how I made it, so you can see it a bit how you make one.
It starts with the ugly face

It will not stay like this, we put some skin tricot over it, and a body arms..
Then It looks like this

Still looks funny, and not like a beautifull one.
I wanted to make the hat. 
Let's give her some clothing.
I made her a tube from wool-felt and then 2 skirts from nicky velours, and a shirt from a white fabric

Now she is looking more like a lady

Next step:    FINISHED!!!!

Crochet a stola for her, gave her a face and ... tadaaaaaa

I love her so much..
I took my Spring decoration out of the box so I could make a beautifull pic of her

It looks so beautifull.
As I loved and liked her so much, I bought another package and made one for me to.. 

I finished that one a lot faster.
Her a pic in the evening I finished her
The next day I worked on her children, I made a few more from the fabric I had left

And now for weeks I have been looking to such a lovely place with my own Mother Earth

Can you imagine that I;m so very happy with it?

I also have finished some crochet pieces, but I will show them next time. 
I have enough pictures in this post. :)

We started a bit late with our Easter decoration. .... -> yesterday.... but we are enjoying it

The start off with hama beads.. new decoration for the Easter branch.

Next post, easter decoration and a crochet piece...
This week I will also look for a new stitching piece to start!!!!

Today it's White Thursday. Kids went to the church with school, and eat at school. Now they have 4 day's off for Easter, I have to work, but Hubby is at home. 
Many activities are on the planning

Extra Note.
I'm working on my blogloving, I only have posts from the past 22 days ( many many posts), I hope I didn't miss any posts of you

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥