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vrijdag 29 januari 2010

A little Finish

Our on neighbor has giving me a couple of time some old good clothes, that I can use for sewing. Last week she told me that her grandson has his second birthday in February, so as a thank you I started to make a bib for her grandson. Here is the result, now only need to make it in to a bib:
Mads is de name of the boy. The patterns are two of the free patterns from Ellen Maurer-Stroh Toys babybook. I hope tomorrow come my order of threads, then I can finish cow-baby. A new pattern is waiting to be stitch and I can wait any longer, but first I need to finish the Cow from myself.... Rule made with me..... I have sew a bit too. First the other baby-shoe It's a freebie that can be found here I love this pattern I'm going to make it again for Birth gifts And made the two more balls for Noah to play with, he loves it This is also a free pattern from here

Then I finished the three birds and made four more. They all have eyes. and looks so nice
I'm trying to put a video of Noah on my blog, hope it wil work this time. Noah loves to help me clean the house.
He can vacuum very good. Hope the video worksI'm giving him a kinds of orders, and he does it. When the postmen come, I say 'Noah post post' and he walks to the mailboc to collect it and brings it to me, on the bedroom I ask him to close his big BIG big curtains, and the little boy close his curtains.
Here the video of Noah vacuum

I'm trying to make a video of Noah closing the curtains but that's not easy!!!
So that all for toningt.

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dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Stitching and sewing

We are getting better, but slow, I have gone to work yesterday, now I have a few days off again, so can easy get better.
But I've not sat still.
The cow is almost finished, but I'm stuck, three colors aren't in my stash. So need to wait till they arrive, I just ordered them.
He is how far I came:

It's such a lovely pattern....

Meanwhile I've started something new. But not much is here to show:
It's a train... but soon I hope to show more.

I've been sewing too:

A blue ball for Noah to play with and a shoe for a little girl.
My friend has been asked to make a few dresses for a girl that need to be in a gypsum pants for 3 months, she will not be able to move here legs so she can't wear many clothes, I found a lovely pattern what my friend is using. I love to fabric she bought and needed to make something from it, she gave me some little pieces and tada....
Noah loves the ball, I can find it al throw my living... I've made 2 more but need to stuff them.

This afternoon I was playing with Noah and when I hold him upside I saw a molar (kies in Dutch), his first molar in his mouth. That was also a reason that he was sick I think.

I can't upload any more pictures for some reason, so my post stops here.

Till next time.

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zaterdag 23 januari 2010

Stitching update's

Not only Noah has been ill, DH and me where also ill this week.
We are feeling a lot beter at the moment, hope is wil be over soon.
But one advantage....more time to stitch....
Here are the pitures from my progress:

It was a lot of brown...

Need to do one part and then it's finished...

We love Disney, this afternoon 'The fox and the hound' (in Dutch 'Frank en Frey') was on television, Noah just woke up, so we all watched it.
For those who don't know what this movie is, a lovely picture

Look at Noah..
He had his drink and raisins and sat still for 15 wow... that was the first time... He stood up because of the commercials (damn commercials).
After the movie we bake pancakes...yummy. As always Noah wanted to help:

He loves to play with the water....

I'm off to some stitching on the cow.

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woensdag 20 januari 2010

I'm a happy girl!!!

Yesterday evening a friend stopped by to look at my laptop. He brought his computer with him. Everything put together start up and yes we saw something...on his screen. My laptop in pieces, he thinks my videocard is damaged.
Fast collected al my personal stuff and Noah's pictures and put them on an external hard drive also all my stitch and sew patterns.
And now I've got everything back...I'm so happy I can dance......

But don't stop dancing yet.
I've got another finish, the snow banner is finished.
I sewed it on a white fabric, only need a stick to hang it on.

A few weeks back I orderd children fingerpaint, and last week it was brought by the postman. And I put Noah to the fingerpaint...hihi... it was funny. Noah is ill he has a nose-cold, soar throat and hoarse voice... So he wasn't totally in the mood..
Here some lovely pictures of it:

And the end result:
When Noah feels better, we'll try again...

I've started a new piece, the snow-baby from Ellen Maurer-Stroh
It's progressing well

This afternoon I started a few birds that I found here. Here is the free pattern.
At the moment I'm changing the accessory color in my living it was green, now it's white, romantic white, is the meaning. So the birds are white with a black/white belly.
Here is a picture of two from this afternoon, They aren't finished yet, but almost.

The meaning is that I make many more to put in the brance above the diningtable. That's the brance that I hang there with Christmas, I took it all off except the stitching gifts.
Soon I want to make some new pillows, but first many other thing to do.

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vrijdag 15 januari 2010

A Chicken!

I haven't done much this week, no stitching because everyting in on my laptop.
A friend of us is going to try and get al my stuff of the laptop so I can use it on DH's laptop, but that will take a will.
I've found some photo's on the camera from stitching project where I was working on.
Here is the update from the Fall Sal:

And a photo of the snow banner:
I was stuck on this, was missing one thread, The post delivered it this week, so I can finish it now.

My car needs a new door, maybe two new doors. In the mean time it drives, I only need to slam the door.

Like titel says I have sewed a chicken. It was a free tutorial from this site.
I found it this week a loved it so much that I started it right away, and finished in two ours.

Noah loves to play with the chicken, he calls it cow, cow, cow hihi but forgot to take a picture, so when Noah plays with it a again I will show it to you.
I haven't made any picture of Noah since last week (bad mommy)
Need to make a few this week!!!

BTW I found a lot of lovely tutorials, I love finding and make them, keep up the good thinking

Thanks all for the kind words and visiting my blog.
I hope to continu my stitches now
Till next time



dinsdag 12 januari 2010

Very bad day!!!!!

I'm having a very very bad day.
This afternoon I walked to my car and there was it, a big dent in my car..... Yesterday it wasn't there, so probably last night someone hit my car. But unfortunatly there was no note from the person who did it.

Then the next thing!!

I was reading my blogs and at ones my laptop shut down, and now it won't start crashed....

I lost everything....
Also al my stitching pattern where I was working on, where on my laptop, so I can't stitch anymore, before I found them again...

My beautifull photo's from Noah!!!!

So i'havind a very bad day.
And I wanted to stitch tonight :(

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vrijdag 8 januari 2010

A few things to show!!

Everything is still white overhere!!! Jippie
So that maens in the evening a cup of tea and stitch with a blanket .
First I have my second finish of the year to show
The pattern is called "Love you to the moon" and is a freebie from Barbara ana
But in what am I going to finish it??? You ladies have a idea???

Then I finished a few bibs with bias-tape, and they are al given away.
I love the little cute polarbear, It won't be the last time I wil stitch it

I've pickt up my Sal's again, I'm way behind, but hope to catch up soon. For the Fall version from the 4 seasons Sal I have stitched up 2 parts this week, But i'm out of the right threads first need to order them before I can continu.
This is how far I'm now:

Noah is now enjoying the snow more and more!!!
I've some great pics..

I'm so glad with his big snowpants, I looks great when he is walking in the snow....hihi
Here he was laying in the chair eating his raisins, so cute!!!

Thanks all to visit my blog and aspecially for those who thake the time to leave a comment. I love to read them..


dinsdag 5 januari 2010

First finish of the year + Christmas clothes

First as promised the clothes that I made for me and Noah..

I love Noah's outfit, the trouser is so beautiful
The spencer is bought, and it's perfect together.
Fot myself I made a dress, first I wanne to make a girl dress for the girl next door, but I loved the fabric.
Here is the result:
And a detail photo.
I made the dress a bit different than the pattern and added the lace.
But it isn't totally like I wanted it, when my SIL marries in May I like to make it again but then I lower the waist.....

Then the first finish. The polarbear is done, it's almost ready to make into a bib, need to at the terrycloth on the back.
The lettertype I normally use is gone, on this site I always used the big letters, but now you need to pay for it, so used the one that was still for free
I also started a new piece, it's a little freebie for Valentine.
When this is done I wiil work on my SAL's and the snow banner

As you see I've changed the right side, and added a list with finished. I like to see what I make in one year time.

A two days ago it started snowing again and last night it snowed big time.
So Noah and I went outside to play in the snow en with the sled
Here are some pictures:

He loved it, but for a short time when he fell in the snow, it was very cold on his hands, and he had gloves on...

That was my post for today, thanks al for stopping by and leaving a comment.