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vrijdag 15 januari 2010

A Chicken!

I haven't done much this week, no stitching because everyting in on my laptop.
A friend of us is going to try and get al my stuff of the laptop so I can use it on DH's laptop, but that will take a will.
I've found some photo's on the camera from stitching project where I was working on.
Here is the update from the Fall Sal:

And a photo of the snow banner:
I was stuck on this, was missing one thread, The post delivered it this week, so I can finish it now.

My car needs a new door, maybe two new doors. In the mean time it drives, I only need to slam the door.

Like titel says I have sewed a chicken. It was a free tutorial from this site.
I found it this week a loved it so much that I started it right away, and finished in two ours.

Noah loves to play with the chicken, he calls it cow, cow, cow hihi but forgot to take a picture, so when Noah plays with it a again I will show it to you.
I haven't made any picture of Noah since last week (bad mommy)
Need to make a few this week!!!

BTW I found a lot of lovely tutorials, I love finding and make them, keep up the good thinking

Thanks all for the kind words and visiting my blog.
I hope to continu my stitches now
Till next time



5 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Nice stitching. The Fall Sal has such pretty colors.

And your chicken is such a cute little thing. Noah is so lucky to have a Mommy who makes him so many gifts!

sofietjes handwerken zei

die kip is gewoon weg cool annette.
Ik zou er meteen eentje willen.
groetjes sofie

Mylene zei

Both stitching projects are looking great, it seems you are nearly done with both of them.

Great job on the chicken, it is sooo cute!

Een hele fijne weekend gewenst!!

Inge zei

Hallo Annette,
Na een rondje weblogs kwam ik hier terecht, ben helemaal weg van de snow banner.
Mag ik zo brutaal zijn en vragen van wie dit pakket is?

Daffycat zei

ROFLOL That is an AWESOME chicken!