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dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Stitching and sewing

We are getting better, but slow, I have gone to work yesterday, now I have a few days off again, so can easy get better.
But I've not sat still.
The cow is almost finished, but I'm stuck, three colors aren't in my stash. So need to wait till they arrive, I just ordered them.
He is how far I came:

It's such a lovely pattern....

Meanwhile I've started something new. But not much is here to show:
It's a train... but soon I hope to show more.

I've been sewing too:

A blue ball for Noah to play with and a shoe for a little girl.
My friend has been asked to make a few dresses for a girl that need to be in a gypsum pants for 3 months, she will not be able to move here legs so she can't wear many clothes, I found a lovely pattern what my friend is using. I love to fabric she bought and needed to make something from it, she gave me some little pieces and tada....
Noah loves the ball, I can find it al throw my living... I've made 2 more but need to stuff them.

This afternoon I was playing with Noah and when I hold him upside I saw a molar (kies in Dutch), his first molar in his mouth. That was also a reason that he was sick I think.

I can't upload any more pictures for some reason, so my post stops here.

Till next time.

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5 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

The cow is so cute. It's always so annoying when you run out of a few colors right in the middle of a project.

But glad to see that you aren't feeling so poorly that you had to stop crafting! Plenty of cute things flying off those needles.

And Yea! for Noah and his new tooth! I have lots of teeth problems myself and I know how miserable they can make you feel sometimes!

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel erg mooi gedaan annette.
En vooral die bal hoe heb je dat gemaakt is wel mooi.
groetjes sofie

Mylene zei

The ball and the shoe turned out great, Annette.

Carla zei

Cute cow!! Hope your threads arrive soon so you can finish it :)
The little booties turned out great!!

Wendy zei

Oooh die koe is wel leuk zeg!! Heel lief.