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maandag 29 september 2014

How are we going to call it.....

MIA - > Missing in action

AFK - > Away from keyboard

I think next we will make it

BRB - > be right back..
Better right??

Last post is from ?  ........    28th August.
Ow my..
I can tell you I don't know how this happend.
I;m still working at much as 2 months ago, the only thing changed is I sport a lot.
But thats nothings special 

But lets forget about it.. I;m back..
Still have some things to show you, a birthday gift and a sweet RAK.
But for now first Noah's Birthday.
That was the 16th of September.
My little big boy turned 6.. 
......can you believe it 6... :O :)

♥ The cutest son, who I love so much ♥

As you all know he still loves Starwars very much, so I gave him a Starwars party!
The only needles I thouched in the last 6 weeks, where for the crochet doll Luke Skywalker, that is his favorite!!
I wanted to make more, but could not find the time.
I made him his name in Lego, and gave the Starwars people the candles.
Made 3 pie's::::::
 a apple, a whipcream with eatable Starwars picture ( that I ordered), and Stroopwafelpie.
Stroopwafel is a real Duth things, I found a awesome recipe, and I loved it ( after screaming a lot on it, and made it again.. lol 
I breaded my hair in a  new creation.
You can see Noah standing on the table in school, and all kids where singing to him ( can you see his girlfriend is sitting across the table with him.. hihi ♥)
Also sitting with MIL with a special birthday dessert in the city as we went out to diner on his birthday.
He had a blast of a week..

With as cherry on the pie a Star Wars kids party
I made all kind of games with Starwars theme.. ( thank goodness for Google and Pinterest for all the help)
Noah and the kids loved it so much!!
This mother was very happy, and even more when she could sit done on a chair after a few long days!!

Last weekend we went to MIL&FIL as we do each year, because nearby them is the biggest LEGO shop of Europe, so Noah spend all his birthday money there, and bought as you can guess Lego StarWars.
Kira had some money to, so she bought a Disney Frozen Puzzle (100 pieces and already to easy)
As you can imagine the next few weeks, I don't have kids, there are too busy with there new things.
(I traid some puzzles with my neighbor this afternoon for Kira, so she is also busy)

About the sporting.
A hour ago I got back from my running, which I;m doing since a few weeks, and I running very hard, it's crazy
5 km in 24 minutes :O
But I love it so much..
I also take the kids with me often, as I not only do running but also inline skating
Kids run, and skate and cycle with me..
We are having a great time doing it..

But the sun you see on this pictures is gone I think..
We had the last hot weekend, now the fall started with rain today.

I'm working on my Bloglovin and emails..
Almost there!!

Didn't forget you all!!
Have a great week, I;m a few days off, after 5 night shifts
♥ ♥ ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥