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woensdag 27 april 2016


Today it's the birthday of our King, and we celebrate that with Kingsday
Here you see him with his family.
With the complete Royal family they visit every year a city, where all activities are organized.
We can watch it on tv, it's really awesome.

In most towns and city's also all activities are organized.
As the weather men said we would get very bad weather 
( last time it was that bad today it was 1985, I was just a baby.........) 
So all the programs where adapted, many activities where deleted.
BUT.... we still had a awesome (but cold) day

This morning we had the bicycle parade, normally you decorate your bike and who has the most prettiest bike gets a prize.
The decoration I always use when it gets wet the bike will color to, so I decided with the rain they where telling about not to do that this year.. but decorate our faces
My beautifull children ♥
And also the clothimg is in style.. Red-White-Blue   and Orange
In the Parade
For those who don't know my kids are riding one, they are called Space-Scooter.
Bought them this weekend from different people for some very little money, and my kids are very happy!!!
For years I'm telling that they are to expensive... but know found 2 good deals....

Then after lunch we got back and it was time for the jumble sale. 
Normally it's very big, but for now, it was small in our townhouse.
Kids every year get a little bit of money, and can buy what they want :O
Kira bought 2 horses and a bracelet.,
Noah a race course and a binocular
Both got 2 euro......
I found a horse puzzle and a reading book, both for 20 cent..
So we had a great time.
There also where games
Collect the balls......
There where so many games, but to many other children in the pic.. but you can imagine they had so much fun.

Tonight it was Playbackshow.
Kira's girlfriend enterd with the song of Frozen. and finished 2nd !!!!!
Kids had so much fun. Next year the wanne enter too
Normally there are so many more actvitie, hopefully next year better weather I will show you more

~ ~ ~

Last weekend we went a few day's to my in-laws.
We also went to the swimming pool there, but very fast we needed to go to the doctor with Kira.
She fell very hard on the flour, and I know she always falls unconscious after that, she has that from the moment she was little.
Only as she falls on her head.
This time she fel on the front of her head above her eye so hard hard, that after she was unconscious she started to shock..... I never seen that before with her, and holder her in my hands with her shocking her arms and legs. I got so afraid it looked like a epilepsy-attack. We went to the doctor. as it all took very long, we first needed to get dressed, go to the hospital, I already was thinking maybe it was from the fall.
Mostly with in 30 seconds Kira is her old self and doesn't know what happend.
The doctor looked at her, but all was good, when she has it another time, we need to go back.
So it was a strange day 
But for the short time we where swimming they had a lot of fun.. Kira now with a swimming diploma, wasn't affraid anymore, run in too the weather, so great to see.

That afternoon, grandma learn the kids how to play the piano
The song Frere Jacques, after 3 times Kira could play it..   :O   :O
I made a movie of it, but my phone isn't in the mood to send it to my laptop.
This weekend I'm going to my little brother he plays the gitar, and I asked him if he wants to learn the song to play, so he and Kira can do it togheter..
So great when Kids play the piano
Noah liked hitting the notes more.. hihi
I had a little Keyboard, so as it is May-vacation we had practice some more

~ ~ ~ 

Last week we had another day that is was really lovely..
The past 5 day's I only see RAIN, SNOW and HAIL, then some sun.. every hour it repeats again...
My garden is growing like crazy.......
to bad with the kids having 2 weeks of we can't go outside........
But when it was lovely weather hubby and me working outside to make a green garden..
Above you can see the before....
Bad picture, but you can see hubby working... me taking the picture ( also working, telling him what to do.....)
 a big empty place.....
And tada.... my green garden.. I needed to remove a few more plants.. and some put on a different place. In teh summer I will see how it all looks , may in the Fall I can replace a few more plants who are to close to eachother.
Also we cut the grass in a straight line.. got a lot of garden back know, and looking so beautifull

My seeds in house are going so fast, that I already put some outside, and new one inside
 We can eat a lot... ( when it all survive the cold storm we have at the moment)

 ~ ~ ~

I have been working on a vest-pattern from The Velvet Acorn ( the same designer as the Pink Poncho from my last post)
But I didn't like it........
I pulled it out.. and started to try and make one myself... 
On the web I found someone who made a vest from 5 rectangles... in a simple stitch..
I went looking for a special stitch.. found one and started.. really hope it will work, 
I have THE vest in my mind that I wanne have for years, but can't find one in the store.. ( just a simple one) so I;m going to try and make it myself
Love the stitch... Hopefully it's not to stiff... but we will see..

And when I just started this one, yesterday a blogger posted a free pattern of THE vest I love to make...
So now..... put this one aside and start that one... or finish this one first not nowing if it will turn out, and then start the other............. so hard... what to we crafters have such a hard life, with all the decisions we have to make what to make........

You will see it soon enough what my decision is....

Then I started another Doll
 Hope it will be as pretty as the last one I made...
And a new pattern also is waiting for me to start for a doll. and another one in my stash... hihihihi
See so hard being a crafter...

Also my head if full of sewing plans. ........  My godchild has his first communion in a few weeks, and 2 nieces will be baptized... and I wanne make some new clothing for me and the kids for it... you read it good.. sew/make........ and my FIL is going to retire... wanne make something new for that too...
But it's all in a few weeks..... do I have the time, and will I finish.. or even start.......
So hard... so hard......
But I wanne do it all.......hihihi :)  you only live ones, make the best of it.....

I think that's all for today.
I need to get some things ready, Kira went sleeping with a friend yesterday, and tomorrow that friend will sleep over with us... so... enough to do..

I leave you with a pic of some Kingsday crafts from the last years
Bracelets and a pin, Noah has one for on his shirt, Kira for in her hair

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

zondag 17 april 2016

So much to tell and show you

So there I am again :)
How are you all feeling, enjoying the sun?
At the moment the sun is shining here, but only 8 degrees.
Kira is a bit ill, we planned to go out and skate in our new street the work-men have been working on the last week.. but as tomorrow is school again. we are having a lazy day


At the moment still only crcohet, but in my next post I will show a project i'm working on with Kira

I wanted a new poncho for a long time.
I found a beautifull grey wool, and or a long time I had a lovely pin in my Pinterest.
So I started, and finished :))))
I'm very happy with it
I have been wearing it often last weeks... when the temperature is between 10 and 18. It's lovely to wear. easy to put on when I need to get the kids from school or to school.

~ ~ ~ 

Last year I made a poncho for Kira, but in the morning when it's still very cold. it wasn't warm enough.
So after ordering some patterns from The Velvet Acorn.
I started on a lovely Cape/Poncho..
Found a real PINK color in the store..
And then Kira had a new poncho!!
Now she doesn't feel cold in the morning!!


On the 3the of April, Kira got her very first swimming diploma after swimming onl 6 months
She is very happy with it, and working on the next one.
I promissed her that when the has 2 swimming diploma's she also can do judo..... so... 

~ ~ ~

Yesterday it was the Judo clubchampionships.
Noah was so exciting... and Hubby who started 4 months ago also was exciting
Now I can tell you it was a awesome day
Noah sat in a poule of 6 boy's, one was his best friend that got the 1ste price.. and Noah got a beautifull 2nd place. We are so proud of him!!! His best friend is so good, we now that at this moment it's hard to win.. but I can tell you it was a close call... in the last minute his friend got the first point. From the other 4 boys now won. So proud ♥ :)))
Hubby who saw who his opponents where got very exciting .... the other are doing it so long..
But against all expectations Hubby won all 3 games!!!!!!!So he got the 1ste price..
So I now got a big 1ste place cup and a beautifull 2nd place cup .....
( think I need to finf a bigger house for it all)
I'm so proud on both my men!!!
And cute kira was coloring so sweet.

~ ~ ~

Then about me..
Last weekend I did another run of 5 km 
Many small kids where entering too. At the start I looked above most of them ( the 3km and 5 km started together)
But those kids started..... and I didn't saw most of them anymore... whooooo that fast they where walking....
From the 33 who entered the 5 km I got 7th over the finish!
I feel great.
Then I was talking to a mother, the boy who got 6th never ever run before???????? he was 13 ( i think) .... then I was thinking I need to run longer runs..

The last weeks I was thinking.... let's try and really run a half marathon (21.1km)..... 
I was rejected in the try-out to go learn to run a marathon (42,2km) in 6 months.. and that motivated me very much.. They can't get me small.... :))))
So I jumped on the web and went looking.
I found some schedules.
And started this week.
This morning went for a great run
I found a Half Marathon on the 9th of October.... so training days are on!!!!
From time to time. I will show you some progress
Look at the view I had this morning.. running by the water so great


I have been working in my garden the last weeks!!
It's almost done for Spring... here some pic's from my back garden flowers.

Last week we had one day it was 19 degrees.
So we eat outside
Kids loved it so much!!!

~ ~ ~ 

We also started our green-garden
I made a change in the garden.. we are really going to have big veggies in the garden..
In a other post more


Last week we went to the dentist
Not my favorite.
But kids loved it

So that was my big post for today.
I have been looking on many blogpost I lost in blogloving, get many back..
Still have problems with bloglovin, he removes post that i'm saving :( :(
But back on track now..
Email empty also 
I'm a good girl .. ♥

I will finish with the decoration I'm having in my living as Easter is over.
In 10 day's it's KINGSDAY. so pulled out all my things I made the last years
I gave Lilly some Dutch flowers in her hands....

Have a great sunny sunday you all!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

vrijdag 1 april 2016

Happy april Fools!!

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments.
I'm feeling a lot better, running is still a problem. but by the end of the year that will be better too.. hihi :)

March is already gone and April is here.
I have seen so much sun today, I hope it will stay the whole month.
And the 1st of April. Noah loves this day, everything he says is a joke.
I needed to work this morning, it was so funny, we all laughed so much and enjoyed the sun.

I told you about crochet pieces.
Lets start with my cute dolls!!
The beginning of 4 dolls
here you can see a bit more, to little ones are almost finished
Let's get further with them.
Finished 3 of them. Give them eyes, cheeks en decorated the grey one a bit.
They are sitting on my mirror in my hallway
He wanted to show him self some better.. hihihi

Then we go on with Lilly.
Here a very ugly picture of her, no hait no clothing..
And I couldn't let het stand,...

But she still was a WIP so it will go one
She has a dress, hair and a hat... now working on her shoes
Shoes finished, and some cheeks,

Lilly is done, got a bracelet and tulips in her hands
I gave her a special place in my kitchen, and front the couch in the living I can see her.. so beautifull.

When I look the other way I see this.
My Spring table.....

It feels so lovely with all those lovely creations in my house!!
We had made some hama beads eggs for Easter.. I can't find the picture..
Need to look for them.

I need to run to the bathroom, going out to diner with friends.
Need to get ready

I'm wish you all a lovely weekend, hope the weather will be lovely where you all live

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥