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dinsdag 30 maart 2010

TUTORIAL: Painted paper eggs

I'm feeling better, and you all know how I love to make stuff from tutorials.
So I tought lets make one myself.

The Painted paper eggs.
Here they are hanging in the branches . (I'm not a good photographer)

This is what you need:

* Painted paper
* pen/pencil
* Scissor
* glue
* Ribbon

Noah has finger painted this for me;

Then look for a shape you like draw it as many as can on the paper

Cute al the pieces

Fold them all in half

Glue two pieces togheter

Put some glue on the back of the two pieces and lay the ribbon on it

Lay the other glued pieces on it and you have a egg

You can make it from 3 pieces till so many pieces, I have made them with 3,4,5 and 6 pieces, but can do it with 12 if you want..

Good luck with it.

And thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, a saw I have some new readers..Thank you


zondag 28 maart 2010

Come and dance!!

For my it will be a short dance, Noah is almost better from his stomach flu, but now DH and I have it..
With a few stitches a day I managed to finish the horses!!!

Sorry for the short post!!


woensdag 24 maart 2010

A finish, al almost...

I was getting tired of all the brown, so got back on the Freebie from Barbara Ana - Spring in my garden. It's such a lovely pattern and the variations colors are so nice too stitch.
But the color 4150 looked a lot like the color of the fabric, I thought it was more white, if I had know that I hadn't painted the fabric...
Here you can see it:
But what shall I make of it.. Please help, let my know what you think!!

The horses are almost done. I only need too do 2 more green colors... yes all the brown is done... thanksfully. I hope too finish it by the weekend..

Yesterday I got my happy call.. The lady from the sewing store called to tell that my locker was done, so I got in my car and picked it up.
Today while Noah was sleeping I started on his trouser, It's finished so far that I only need too do the buttom border.
But I forgot too wash the fabric first, it is linen stupid me... and I already had cut the two trousers and one jacket, so I decided to sew the trousers and leave the button on-sewed and after washing I will sew it when to boys are whering it..
The jacket is the size of Mika, after sewing it, I will look with of the boys will fit it..
I love this pattern, I have made is so many times for Noah and his nephew's.
If you look closely you see a label... it's my label..

I found this tutorial a few weeks back and tryed it, and it worked... I glued a piece of fabic on a piece a paper. Made the label in Words and printed it, then put it in a cup of vinegar and voila..

I already have said Noah Loves Bumba, at the fabric market last week I bought a yellow fleece. This afernoon I made a pattern, and had the time to sew it aswell.
Look at the lovely outfit:
It's a dress and a had.. looks big?? yes I made it a few size bigger so Noah can wear it long, it's so big that I fit it too, for my it is a T-shirt..hihi.
As a child I had a girlfriend who had a dress-up chest, we loves dressing up in all kind of clothes.. I whould love to make one for Noah, and something he can wear in a couple of years too. I could wear anything because I was so thin.
So the first clothes for Noah is done.. to be continued!!

Noah is ill, he has stomach flu, poor boy, the last two days he throw up everything he had eaten... Today he had eaten something and it stayed in..thankfully, only the diarrhea isn't over yet..

Poor boy, it's so pitiful too see him like this..
Hope is it over soon, than he can enjoy the day again, at the moment nothing is nice, beside watching BUMBA..

Thanks all for stopping by and leaving a comment, I love reading them...


zondag 21 maart 2010

Winner and update!!

So it's Sunday March 21th..
So Noah picked out a winner this afternoon
Look at the movie:

And the winner of my first give-away is:

Please e-mail me your address and the present is soming as soon as possible

First a update of Noah's sunflowers.. This is wat it looked like Friday And this morning it looks like this, they are growing so fast, Noha loves to look at it.

It was a busy week, I had to work 6 days, and yesterday we went to the in-laws.
And this evening to the birthday of my youngest brother.
But between all of the busy thing I managed to stitch on the horses The three left horses are done... The end of the tunnel is in sight...

I recevied two mails that my package's have arrived.
Mylene sended my a few magazines a month ago, as a thanks I maid here a easter ornament. For Miek I made almost the same ornaments as a thank you for a the lovely color fabric she sent me:

So last Wednesday I went to the fabric market. And this is what I bought: These two fabby's are the one for the suit for Noah and Mika: The next day when Noah did his afternoon nap this is how for I got on the two trousers:But know I'm stuck. My Locker is still at the repairer. I hope it is done on Monday or Tuesday, so I can get further on the trousers.

All have a great Sunday and till next time,

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dinsdag 16 maart 2010

update horses!!!

So I've been stitching a lot on the horses, and finished a few colors..
Today my threads came with the post, so can stitch more brown brown.... I haven't been sewing this week.
Tomorrow there is a big fabric market, Hope to score some lovely fabric. I need many fabric for the two little suits I'm making for BIL and SIL's wedding in May.
I will show my bought fabric in my next post..

But the postmen did not bring only threads, but also another packets..
Look look look what I got..Miek has sent me another packet. I love love love love it..
She made the lovely little piece in the list, She painted it with tea (She was inspired by my burned piece...hihi). She added a few of her hand dryed fabric and some beads... Ow I love it.. Miek Thank you so much...
Here is a preview of a gift Noah is making for you
Look what I baked this week: Brownies...yummy Noah loved it to, if I let him, he had eat the whole cake....Last week I bought some new flowers for in the living: These where standing in my front window, but after 2,5 year I was tired of them, so moved them to my back window (whitch was empty because my plants dead), as you can see on the picture
These lovely hydrangea are know standing in my front window, I love hydrangea, I have them also in my garden in many colors...These I bought for on both corners of my credens. The Hedera helix had dead too... yes sometimes I forget to watering my plants.... oops
I also bought some violets for in the garden, I planted them togetheter with Noah.
At the flower store Noah got some sunflower seeds, so we planted them, and they are standig in the kitchen, where we look every day If we see something grow.. Here Noah was making holes for the seeds!!
Sown and in the kitchen
It's written 'Noah's garden'.

So that was my long post for tonight.
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zondag 14 maart 2010


Congratz to me!!! I've been blogging a year know, a whole year. It's so fun to do and I learn so much from everyone of you. From the beginning I looked from blog to blog, and saw such lovely things, idea's etc....
I have learned a lot about stitching and sewing and other craft...
I love to show what I've made, and really love too read your comment and tips.
You make my day with it!!!!!

So in honor of my first blogoversary I'm holding a give-away.
You can comment on this post If you will enter the draw for a selfmade gifts from me.
Noah picks a winner on March 21st..

So people say it forward!!!

Have a great Sunday


P.S. Don't pay attention at my blogoversary buttons, it's wrong.....

vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Stitching and sewing!!

I've been busy this week. First a update of the freebie from Barbara Ana I need to order the DMC Color Variations, Barbara Ana works a lot with DMC Color Variations. It's fun too stitch with.

I've also stitched on the horses a bit. It's not much but it's something.. It's still a lot of brown...

Last week I made the funny chicken for my friend, her mother saw it and loved it, she asked my if I would make one for here too. So I did.. She was so glad with it..

Yesterday we whent to visit a pregnant friend who loves chickens, so I made her a chicken. I bought some diaper wipes and fold them in to a nest, and put the chicken in it... She loved it, it's so fun too make..

Noah is weaking up, so here ends the post.
Till next time, thanks all for stopping by and leaving a comment


zondag 7 maart 2010

Finish, flatfold and new start

The lovely Hoppy Easter from Barbara Ana is finished.
It was a great design too make, it's only many colors, and a few stitches of a color... but it's finished.It's difficult to get the color of the fabric right on the picture. It a piece of painted fabric from Miek. It's so lovely too stitch on, and it looks beautifull

I was thinking in wat I will finish it too, I saw Mylene make a flatfold this week, so I looks up a tutorial of it, and this afternoon I made it while Noah was sleeping.
It was fun to make, and not that difficult.
Look what I made off it:

Also while I was making the flatfold, I was trying to paint a piece of fabric with tea!!! yes tea. A while back I was looking through some blogs and found this tutorial.
I meant to make a light yellow/green fabric, so I used green tea with lemon, when I make tea of it, it's light green. I put some fresh lemon with it, baked it in the oven and this is the result: But the second time I did it in to the oven I raised the temperature, I was a bit to late there are a few burn marks. Also it's not the color I wanted but I will do it with it, and try again next time with another tea...

I started tonight on another freebie from Barbara Ana 'Spring in my Garden'. This is how far I have came till now:
That was it for tonight, hope you all had a lovely sunny weekend!!!
Thanks all for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I love too read them...
Till next time!!!