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donderdag 30 december 2010

We had a sad Christmas!!

It's wasn't really the Christmas we where hoping for!
The morning of the 24th we got a call that our grandfather had past away.
The last few weeks he was getting sicker, but the last few days before Christmas it when very bad with him, we thought he would make Christmas, but it wend a bit faster.
He past away in his sleep, so he didn't had any pain, thankfully.
DH and grandfather had a special relation, so it's very hard on him.
Grandfather turned 93 this past summer, and still living on his one...He was a wonderfull men and we will mis him just like we mis grandmother (who past away last year!!
Also Noah was very ill the whole Christmas, he had a high fever and a ugly cough
Here a pictures of how he spend Christmas:Thankfully is all better now, and playing and laughing again

Yesterday we had the cremation of grandfather, it was a very beautifull ceremonie.
It's so strange that there now both gone!!
It was a lot of walking for me at the cremation, last night and today it's not going that well with me I have a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions (harde buiken).. so I'm doing nothing today..

The whole week I haven't done a lot of crafting. I only have done a bit of crochet. Before Christmas I started a piece and today I finished it. I saw something like it on a blog, but could not finds a pattern, so was trying something and it worked! I've put a glass yar in it, with around it a piece of paper where I've cute out some hearts. I really love it, so I'm going to make another one!

I wanna thank everybody who stopped by this year on my blog, and for the ones that taken the time to leave a comment. I means the world to me!
I hope you will come back next year!

I wanna wish everybody a fantastic ending of the year, and a wonderfull start of the new year.
May it gives us a very creative year, and I hope to enjoy al your beautifull blogs and ideas in the new year

A very big hug

donderdag 23 december 2010

Different pieces and Merry Christmas

I'm working on a new small stitch project, I was forgotten about it, it needs to be done in January so need to stitch it up.. I can show what I'm making, so I have tryed to make the photo blurry, it's not how I wanted it but you can see what it is!!
When it's at the owner, I will show it, and that will that a while someone is going to make something off it.....hihi mystery.

My package to a dear stitching friend has arrived The pattern is so cute but the finishing off not that good, the ribbon not that nice on the ornie.. but the reciever likes it... but I need to practise a lot on it...

About bluury pictures I have another one... For quiet some while now I'm working on a pattern, at the moment I almost have finished 1 piece, but I'm out of stuffing so it's need to wait a bit longer... but this is what I can show you:

Then we had the stitching and the sewing... now for the crochet part.
The big egg has a little friend a little chick with a upper and bottom egg-shell. The chick only need some eyes, but also I'm out of glue too.My crochet book is full of lovely amigurumi's (what a word!!) and love the white color so finished another piece:
Because I made it in white it's a bit hard to see what it is, but Noah saw it at ones... I'm not satified with the face.. The face on the egg is not good for the opcoming baby so tryed to make ons with french knots... but I need to try some more..
Can anybody see what it is???

For a few years I hoping on a White Christmas... I love white... and every year the snow is gone before Christmas or/and is falling after Christmas... at the moment we still have snow but for two days it's melting... I need to be ther for 2 more days... PLEASE give me a White Christmas!!!!!!!!


Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment, I love reading them..
Hopefully you will come back again.
See you all after Christmas

zondag 19 december 2010

All kinds of craft pieces.... (Crochet!!!)

The snowmen of fabric has a friend, a snowmen of snow!!!
Last Thursday in the evening it started snowing... Yes we have snow...
Friday we had a lot of snow.... Last night there was totally fallen 15 cm (5.9 inches)That is so much for here... We never have so much snow... And I love it, so does DH and Noah.....
The little snowmen is moved to the front window... And I finished his broom! You see my lovely white poinsettia... I so love these flowers with Christmas..

Rudolph the red nose reindeer, who doesn't know him... he is so cute and Tilda had made a cute pattern of a reindeer. Last year the pattern was in a Dutch sewing magazine... I so love it, so this week looked it up and made it.
It's a normal reindeer, but I so love cute Rudolph, so gave him a red nose!!

This week a package arrivedLook at what a dear stitching friend had send me, a beautifull felted Christmas tree, with a cinnamon as trunk!! Thank you so much, it smells so nice!!!

The cold winter is coming and I found a pattern of a hooded scarf. It could be made in two versions, The first version I made was much to small.. So that will be for the baby, the second version is to big, but Noah will be warm and can wear it till he is 18...hihi Blue fleece on the outside white fleece in the inside...
The mittens Noah has are knitted, but every time he play's in the snow they get wet and het gets cold fingers, so this week also wanne make fleece mittens

Then last night (yes finally) I have crochet (It has been 15 years ago..) It was a lot of practice, but finally after a try of 10 I could do it.
This is my testpiece Then I watched in my crochet book I got for my B-day this summer and saw this lovely pattern of a egg With a few mistakes in it, is this my egg lying in my Christmas gift from my work I also wanne try the other three pieces, nice for Easter.
I have been looking on Google and found a lot of beautifull pattern to make, so more of this will come!!
Ow NO another addiction!!!!

Today it was the meaning to go to the Efteling, but because all the snow, the most of the family didn't wanted to drive.
So this morning we baked Christmas cookies And this afternoon we played outside in the snow (we... DH and Noah... It's not possible for me anymore...hihi) We went to my father and later on to the dike, to slide off the dike.. The boys had so much fun!!!

Noah with his to big hooded scarf
Dh on the top of the dike

Hope you all have a lot off fun with the snow... good luck for the one who has to go to work tomorrow...

I think I will try to crochet a bit...
Till next time..
Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, I love reading them!!!!

dinsdag 14 december 2010

Snowmen without

We had snow for a day of 3 a 4, and for the past week NO snow at all....
So when you want to make a snowmen, but you don't have snow, you make one out of fabric...
In a very old Dutch sewing magazine there was a pattern of a cute snowmen

I need to finish his hat and broom, and then it ready..

I have done a bit of stitchingIt's a cute little snowmen.

My neighbour girl her birthday was a week before Noah, I promised her a gift, but didn't know what, But this week I know it.
A memoboard!!
I put some pictures in it of her and Noah.
She and her mother loved it!!

Yesterday we when to the Intratuin, It's a garden center.. I go there ones a year just before Christmas before of all the beautifull decoration!!!

The polarbear and seals moved!!
I was very glad to be back home, so I could lie done on the chair!!

We also baked some honey cookies this week.

So I'm off for my doctors appointment, till next time
Thank you all for stoping by and leaving a comment!!!

zondag 5 december 2010

Noah's car play mat

Friday on Noah's school Sinterklaas came to bring gifts to the kids, because i'm in the activities committee, I schoot the photo, luckely I brought my own camera, here is a picture of Noah on school (it was the first times I stayed longer):

I put Noah in his Pieten outfit.. more children had them on.

Yesterdag we celebrated Sinterklaas with my father's family.
We did surprises (when children are a bit bigger, and don't believe in Sinterklaas anymore we make a funny thing and put a gift in it, we don't know who makes something for who..) I had my niece who playes fieldhockey so made her a hockey-stick
Today we celebrated it with the three (and a half.) of us.
We started with playing with the gifts he got yesterday, watched a Sinterklaas movie, then Noah whent upstairs with DH and I put his gifts on the table, and knocked on the window door. Called Noah and said Sinterklaas and the Pieten where in the house, and the left presents for him..
He loves unwrapping gifts

He got the car play mat and some little cars... he loved the cars...

Here you can see the mat better

I'm not totally satisfied with it, it's not that straight sewn, and the fleece is curl on the edges..
But Noah likes it, it's my village in small, our friend who live here are on the mat, his school, our house, the mill, playground, train station etc etc..
After playing, I baked French Toast, but Noah did not liked it (he is a bit ill has a fever), then after a while we baked taai taai poppen, it's a traditional yummy with Sinterklaas

While they where in the oven, we watched the second Sinterklaas movie.
During the movie the cookies where done.. yummy..
For diner I baked pancakes, Noah loved it..
We played a bit with his car and we song to Sinterklaas, and then it was time for Noah to go to bed...
He had a fun day, I removed al the Sinterklaas decoration, tomorrow he is going 'home'. And then we can decorated for Christmas...

Thanks all for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, next time I hope to have a stitching update...