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vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Little gifts!!

The last week I wasn't in the mood to craft, this afternoon, sat down by the sewing machine and things come rolling from it.. the virus is back!!!
My neighbor has giving birth to a boy, and made him a cute blue bunny. His older sister also get a present I made her a zipper handbag, the first time I ever made a bag. It's lovely, hope to make some more, some time to practise and make it more beautifull.

My SIL asked my to make her a bib that see can give as a present to her friend who just has given birth to baby girl!!!This is my progress for so far, It needed to be a lot of pink and purple with butterfly's, I made a lovely pattern so hope to finish it soon

Last week DH had his birthday, and made him a lovely ice cream pie. I make it every year, because he loves it so much...

Noah can talk a lot more, it's going so fast every day he learns more words...He can count till 10 and loves to do it, he also nows some letters from the alphabet, the goes like M P Q Z... Expecially he loves to Z.
This afternoon he wanted to paint so here is the result:

When you look good to his face you see that he has a thick cheek and upper lip.
two days ago he fal down very hard, he was crying whole the evening. The next morning it was over, but you can see it very good. At the moment it's having a kinds of colors, purple, blue and green... I can't touch it that hurts very much...

Thanks for the pregnant congratulations... I'm still feeling good, have a lot of problems with my muscles, but that's normal for me...My belly is growing and growing peolpe asked me how far I am and freak when they hear that I'm only 14 weeks...

Thanks for stopping by, hope I can craft more. The idea are growing in my mind...
I love to read your comment.
Till next time...


zondag 11 juli 2010

Hot hot hot!!!

Thanks to all of you for the congratulations on my pregnancy, I loved reading them.....

What a hot weather!!! Tooooooooooo hot for me, I only wanne swim so doo Noah, He loves playing in his swimming pool. I bought a new one because the one I got last year was broken. This time we have one with a duck that sprays water from his mouth. Noah loves it... everything will be wet nearby :-).

We started on the babyroom, I love to have it finished by the end of the month, and then I have several months to put lovely stuff here and there.....
Tomorrow morning we are going to paint the walls and at the end of the week do the much to do.

I haven't stitch much on Panda Days, I finished the water, which is only half stitches after a while I needed to think how to do a full crosses...hihi My order from threads has arrived so I finished LK SAL January, but the change is so little from my last post I haven't made a photo.

My best friend has given birth to a beautifull son, the Permin bears I made for her she loved and I also made a little bleu bunny Last weekend the Tour the France started here in the Netherlands, and they came by my village, so we went to see the Tour I made some lovely photo's, but you only can see spots....hihi

So first I'm going to bake pancakes for DH and Noah and then go to work


donderdag 1 juli 2010


As you can see in the above banner I have great news....
After a while of trying I'm pregnant, at the moment exactly 11 weeks..
I feel fine, no nausea only a little bit tired so now and then.
Noah loves to give the baby kisses on my belly and hopes it will be a little sister..hihi. We just hope everything will be fine, I'm due January the 21th. So I have a lot of time do make beautifull things for the baby, I'm so full with plans, Also wanne make a birth piece, and growth chart.. and think I'm going to make it from Winne the Pooh again just like I did for Noah(It's only in Dutch, In the beginning I only bloged in Dutch).
Here a picture of my big belly, just like with Noah I'm big already
You can't see it good on the photo but when you see me in RL you think I'm 4 months..hihi.

Stitching news:
I have a almost finish, and just on time. My first part of the LK SAL is as good as done, I'm out of 712, so ordered it, but just realized I forgot to pay it... so need to do it tommorow the get it..hihi pregnancy dementia, as we call it here!!!And just in time finished because tomorrow the next part will be mailed..

Last Monday the SIL's of a colleague organized a babyshower, and another colleague and I where invited.
At that moment I still hadn't told them I was pregnant because Tuesday I gave them a dinner for that.
This a the presents I made:

Another little baby clothes. The babyroom is purple so I stitch with purple, and I know she loves Miffy, found a picture of it and made it purple with MS paint, and with transfer paper iron it on the baby clothing. She loved it..
A while back I found a tutorial for this lovely bunny to make it from a old T-shirt. I don't have any nice old T-shirts so found this pieces of tricot, and tada..

Today we went to the ocean (I live nearby, 5 till 10 minutes drive). Noah loves to swim in there, he laughed from the beginng till the end when we came out of the water he cryed very hard. He has eczema and the salt water bit on his skin, after a minute of crying and a cookie it was good again...

Thanks to you all for stopping by and leaving a comment.. I hope you came back