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zaterdag 30 april 2011

Queen's day

Today in the Netherlands it's Queen's day. We celebrate the birthday of the Queen.
In every Town/Village and City, they celebrate it with a parade, and play all kinds of games. Also the Queen and her family visit 2 towns, this your a City where my MIL and FIL live, they also sung in there choir for the queen. We watched it on the television... Noah love it to seeing his grandpa and grandma on tv.
Yesterday I decorated the handcart, and this morning we walked the parade, Kira's godmother went along.
At the end of the parade, we let up balloons with our adress, so when you get one of my kids there in America ....(hihi LOL) please send it back

My chicken is progressing slowly. I finished his body and one wing
So one more wing and plume to go

Last night I made a sun hat for Kira, so she could wear it today, it's a bit too BIG, but it's so cute!!
More will follow!!

Yesterday we had a short storm..., and a few days off rain, but we also have a lot of sun:)
Inside and outside we had a lot off fun..and finally I got Noah drawing...At the moment my nieces, and Kira's godmother are here ... so I'm going to get further with the game Monopoly!!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!


woensdag 27 april 2011

Our Easter Weekend

I finally found out how the make a collega...:)

A few weeks ago Noah and I made our house in Easter style, and so also a easter tree as you can see in the left below corner, On the other pics you can she what we all did!!

You can click to enlarge!!
We had beatifull weather, a great time, we painted egg, Which I hide in the garden and Noah went looking for them, Noah en DH (yes yes) baked cookies. We played with water, sand everything..
Noah and Kira had the time of there life..
My little brother and his girlfriend came and played along..
To bad it's only 2 days Easter..

Today did all the Easter decoration away... see it next year again, and I hope to have more time to make Easter-crafts...

Did you also had a great time??

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
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zaterdag 23 april 2011

Very Long Post about vacation, craft, garden and kids

Last Monday we went away for a few days and yesterday evening we got back.
We went to Center Parcs 'De Vossemeren' in Belgium, such a great and lovely parc, with a lot to do for the kids. we went with my MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL and my two cute nephews.
We had the time of our life, we had beautifull weather above 20 degrees, the kids had so much fun.
Every day we went to the swimmingpool

Noah went for pony-riding We made a lot of walks, the parc is so beautifull, many playgrounds, a petting zoo. Also a few time went cycling
Every day the ducks and cheeps came to us to get some food.. They walk free on the parc.. so great for the kids!!

There also was a great place where the children could clim, slide etc.. to bad we dicoverd it the last day
We had a great time, to bad time fly's when your having fun!!!

Then I forgot to show this lovely card the daughter of Saskia made for me a while back. And when I got back I found this lovely present of her and her mother between my mail Saskia has a great blog, and at the moment she makes a lot of stitched pillow to give as a present, also she is making a beautifull SAL.

Then bewteen my mail I found a lovely package from Mylene, she is always to sweet!!
A lovely pinkeep, she always makes such beautifull things and the finishing so so great!!

A while back when I was surfing on the web I found this lovely cute crochet pattern and needed to make one. But he was feeling a bit along so made another one
Then I got addicted
The Monday we left I went fast to the mailmen and send them to my nephew and some blogger friends... I love doing that... So next time I will try and send some further then the Netherlands...

I hoped to finish my big chicking on vacation so It could find a place between my Easter decoration, but we where to busy, this is how far I get the last 2 weeksI'm still crocheting it.. I need to finish and next year it will be between my Easter decoration!!

Wen we went away not much green was there to see in the garden, but when we got back.. I got a warm welcome from my garden, lovely blossom, many green plant... Plant I thought died where green...

Between al the washing and cleaning today I did a bit of working in the garden .. it was such lovely weather 30 degrees.. I hope it wil stay this way... and I can enjoy my lovely garden.

Just before we went DH made me a wooden chest for the pillows of the garden furniture Thank you dear ... I love it!!

Today I got a present from my neighbor for Kira her room.. She made it her self

Now need to find a place on Kira her room, for this lovely gift.

This afternoon Kira got her first bottle of milk-powder, she loved it Dh has given her first bottle, in 3 weeks I need to go to work and I can't combinate my breastfeeding with work, So I have 3 weeks to get her on powder milk.. I think it wil get easy.. She loved it today.... I can't wait till Noah gives her the bottle.. he always love doing that with the children of friends

So that was my post.. a bit long...but wanted to show you :)

I wanna wish everyone a Happy Easter

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!

vrijdag 15 april 2011

(: ♥Happy Dance♥ :)

Yes, I have great news........... Kira's Pooh Birthsampler is finally done!!!!
Are you all dancing with me :):):):)

Two days ago a friend found out I stitched a name wrong
So this morging I was frogging and frogging, and then stitched the right letters.

Did it in the washing machine and hang it outside to dry in this lovely sunny weather

Tonight I ironed it

And then I framed it

I'm so glad my beautifull piece is finished... Now DH can hang it on her room..And We can enjoy it for many years.
I just dicided to crochet some pink flowers, hearts and butterfly's to decorate the frame.. but have to many projects right now, so it have to wait!!!

What do you al think of my beautifull piece :)

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!

maandag 11 april 2011

Sewing gifts and working in the garden

Another week gone by..
The time is going to fast, in about a month I need to go to work again :( :(...

On the first of April Noah's teacher has given birth to a baby girl. They asked if we wanted to give a present, and this is what Noah and I made:

The patterns of the little bal and owl are so fun to make... more will come slowly...hihi

Yesterday my oldest nephew turned 3... such a sweet boy. His mother had asked for a birthday garland... He was thrilled when he saw it! I got many compliments over how lovely it was. Then the suprise gift the overall for him and his grandma It was the best gift I could made.. his grandma was so glad with it, we started crying with the three of us.. LOL...:) It's still very lovely weather, so we walk with the handcart to school and to the store... This is how Kira looks when we do get Noah from school. Noah was helping DH with the sand and he loved it... Kira was sitting in the handcart The garden is getting greener and greener and my first flowers are coming in bloom. Here my first pics of plants in bloom.. the white one I bought this week So I bought the frame for Kira's birthsampler Satherday, so need to get stitching... it's still not finished I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! gaat morgeI love reading them!!