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zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

A bit for stitching

Thank you all for the better wishes for my back, it's getting better a day, Friday I went to my physiotherapist, and since then I getting faster better. I can move again, but some moves still hurt a lot.
Monday I see her again, so hope she can help it away..

So the big piece of one color of Bumba is getting a bit tired, I started a smaller piece.
Thomas, Noah can't say it and calls it Thomat... It's a train who can talk and has a lots of train friends. Children love it, so also Robbert who is turning four next week, so started this piece:
It's almost finished finished, I miss two colors need to order them and hope to finish it one time.

Because I could not get further, I restarted with Lizzie Kate SAL. I'm working on April at the moment: I'm way way behind, the most are stitching up September, so need some smoking needles to catch up them.
I also signed up for a new SAL, haven't started it, but hope to do in the next week, It not a big piece and it's Halloween, it will be my first Halloween stitch, and love the design, but more of that I hope in my next post.

This week again I was feeling for something sweet to bake so I made profiterole. It's was my first time and they where very very very and very delicious:You can see the whipe cream come out of them, I stuffed them to full
After making the whipe cream Noah knowes he always get some, look at him: Smile.....
My sweet boy.

Noah got a kite for his birthday, so this week we went to the dike for kiting: DH and Noah walking up the stairs!!

This is the only picture I have, because the kite went in the air, fell done, Noah walked over it and it broke... it was a very short kiting......
But this morning bought two new kites (one for backup..hihi) so we try it again this week.

That's all for today. Hope you all have a wonderfull weekend
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment I love reading them, gives me much motivation to craft more...


4 opmerkingen:

too_busy_to_stitch zei

Oh, so cute! My eldest DS (called Thomas!) just loved Thomas the Tank and his friends - we knew the stories 'by heart' eventually :) I'm starting to learn Dutch (actually, elder DD, Thomas is too), so maybe one day I can comment in Dutch! Tot ziens :)

Lainey zei

Glad you are feeling a bit better Annette. Thomas is so cute, my little two year old mindee is nuts about Thomas the Tank. Look forward to your Halloween piece.
Great profiteroles.
Hope Noah has better luck with his kite this week.

Mylene zei

Good to hear your back is feeling much better. Thomas the Tank is sooo cute and good start on the LK stamp.

Can't wait to see your Halloween SAL.

Happy weekend!

Here is bright and sunny though a bit windy, will go at the dyke for a walk later today.

Annie zei

The Thomas piece is really cute.

Noah's creme mustache looks so cute!

Hope the back keeps improving!