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donderdag 17 december 2009


When we woke up this morning there was snow everywhere outside.
It was such a lovely sight.
Noah looked to the window, it was strange for him to see.
We whent outside with the sled, he had a great time...

Noah and me sat on the sled and DH pulled us truw all the streets.
We whent to visit my father and some other people, Noah enjoyed it a lot....
I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!

I have a stitching finish...
Bob the Builder is done. Now only need to make the gradenpants/playpants and sew Bob on it.
I already have cut the fabric hope do something tomorrow.
It's light bleu, a bit the same color of the overal of Bob.

The blouse of Noah is almost finished. The hard parts are done, now only need to do some finishing off and then it finially done....

Then the snow-banner, al the cross stitches are done.

I have done some french knots, but I'm not satisfied with them, I needed to do them with 2 threads, did the threads one time around the needle (first two times, but there where TOO big, maybe need to get used to it.

What do you girls/guys think??? Is it good, or need I change it in a french knot with one thread??

So that was all for this night, I'm glad I'm crafting again.... and I like to show you what i'm doing, so thanks you so much for visiting and leaving a comment I really really appriciate it!!

Till next time

3 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

The snow pictures looks great. It had started here late this afternoon so it looks white outside right now, i wonder if it remains till the morning.
Congrats on finishin Bob the builder, he's soooo cute.
With the snow-banner, you can try first on another piece with one thread(frenchknot)before doing it on the snow piece, otherwise these ones looks fine to me.

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel mooi gedaan annette allemaal.
En dat kan ik geloven dat noah zich heeft geamuseerd in de sneeuw.
Groetjes sofie

Danielle zei

Noah is the cutest! Love his green boots. Great stitching finishes. I think the French knots look good the way they are, but you are the one who has to be happy with it.