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donderdag 30 januari 2014

Sausage and a Peanuts garland with great tits

How is everybody?? :)
Here my little princes is indeed very spoiled with pink. ♥

♥ Finally after 3 years she has a girls room, so fun to watch the kids rooms grow.

Kira's little pet Sausage ( really to funny still ) is being spoiled to. :P
She really is family member nr 5. :O
When she sleeps during the day, Kira brings us to silents, otherwise Sausage will awake =))))
♥ cute girl.
But as it is winter and cold outside (only still no snow) Sausage needed a blanket. brrrr
Also some food ...   yummy =)))
But what do you think about a collar???
 ( thanks Marielle for the tip, don't want Sausage being taing away by the Police, for not wearing a collar)
She got it all. :))))
I asked Kira for the colors for the little blanket, blue and pink :P
( I think she is still thinking if Sausage a boy or a girl.. lol)
Look at her ;P
She is very happy at our home. :))
This afternoon Kira went cycling with us to school and we put Sausage in the doll seat, so she could come with u stoo school
Totally forgot to take a pic  :(( , will do that next time

♥ * ♥

With winter coming for years I had a felted pattern waiting to be maked.
Last September bought the supplies, and now finally started it. :))
Let´s see the beginning ♥

A felted apple with 5 peanuts al made out of felt
Look at how real they look
After a few day´s all 28 peanuts where finished, and attach to the garland. :))
But then, who will eat the peanuts
A cute little great tit..♥
What a funny name in English :))
And she got a brother, and what are they doing ... 
The two are playing in the peanut garland. :))
The pattern say's I need to make 3, but I had the idea of making other birds, I'm working on a robin, but don't know if I will hang that one, because the sweet designer told me that robin's don't play in garland but,  look for there food at the ground.. :)
But for now it's finished and hanging in my back window.
( looking good at the right in the pic, my little craft cabinet with sewing machine)

♥ * ♥

Then a last felt piece, was a b-day gift that I made.
Cute simple and beautifull ♥

Now going to empty my mailbox, finish the robin, and when there is time left do some stitching..
have a great evening, day!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

16 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Hello Annette

All your makes are so sweet.
I love Sausage's new blanket and collar!
Beautiful felting too.

Stitching Noni zei

I am in awe of your felted garland. The bird is absolutely gorgeous! You are so very clever :) Love the little heart - so pretty.
Sausage is one very lucky puppy - beautiful blanket :) Kira has great taste in her friends - I have a German Shepherd just like that and used to have the real bigger version too! :)
Hugs xx

Emma/Itzy zei

I love the great tit - it is wonderful!

kronova zei

gelukkig is sausage een hond en geen kat anders waren je vogels geen lang leven beschoren ;)

Preeti zei

Your felted hanging looks absolutely perfect !! I loved it :)
The little things you made for Kira's Sausage look very sweet :)

Unknown zei

Oh,wat heb je dat mooi voop elkaar gekregen.
Gr, M-J.

angelina zei

Ziet er allemaal weer prachtig uit Annette! Kira boft maar met zo'n mama! En vind het super dat je ook echt alle pinda's hebt gemaakt.. Ik had daar niet genoeg geduld voor!

Liefs Angelina

Valma zei

how do you say sausage in Dutch ? as I can see a W on the collar =)
so cute, a great idea !!
lucky sausage who now has a beautiful blanket & collar and food...
cute little fellow
very ell done
amazing job on this garland !!!!
the birds are incredible
I have pictures of those birds in my garden eating peanuts and it's really the same !!!
and this apple already eaten a bit !
excellent =)
an amazing job once again with felt !!
have a great weekend sweetie
maybe we will have snow !

Bernadett zei

Lovely projects dear Annette.:)
I had to crochet for my daughter's toy dog,too.But I had to make a cap,coat,gloves,even for its tail :))),scarf...:)
We make everything for our kids.:)))


Angel zei

Je bent goed bezig, mooie dingen!
Zag het roodborstje op fb...echt supermooi!
Veel knutselplezier!

sofietjes handwerken zei

Heel erg mooi Annette allemaal je bent nog altijd even creatief bewonder je echt . Groetjes Sofie

Anoniem zei

mooie vilt creaties

Carol zei are the nicest mommy to make such pretty things for Kira's little dog (Sausage--too cute!!!).

Your felt creations are the best, Annette--love the bird (yes, that name has a different meaning here in the the states!!) and his apple and peanut garland. Very cute!

And I love your felt heart--so lovely in every way :)

Happy February to you, my friend... Hope this month is filled with lots of ♥♥♥♥♥!!

Nima zei

wow..that's lovely Annette...the felt heart is super cute

♥ Nia zei

ohh that's so cute!!! :D Love the blanket! the food! the collar! Love it all!! too cute =))))
Wow! Another fantastic idea, how awesome is that??!!! :D I wasn't seeing the use for the peanuts but then I saw the birds heheheh Well done! Looks fantastic and so original :)
Great work sweetie, all wonderful, just wonderful!!! :D

Rita zei

ahahaha sausage is sooo cute!! And his (her?:p) new blanket is just lovely!! beautiful!! :)) I'm sure Kra love him!! ehehe

The little garland that you made is beautiful!! And the birds are too cute! it looks great on your window!:))
Great job sweetie!