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vrijdag 28 februari 2014

<♥> Last day of the month <♥>

Thank you all so much, I loved reading all those wonderfull comments about my two little wonders in there Carnaval outfits..

They had a awesome time..
The grandma of neighbor-boy made a pic of me in my Clown's outfit, so when I get it I will show it you.. too funny!!

I got so many compliments about the outfits, it was so fun so hear.

  * * * *

Today last day of the months,
What does that mean???

>>>>>>SAL TIME<<<<<<

2 days ago I made a picture of it. And I'm blushing.. it's still looks the same. I had hope to finish the January and February piece, but I didn't got that far.. Next months I will try the February and March piece.. We keep trying!!
I already shown it to Rita, she has doen a bit more then me.. but there are many day's to come.. the night is still young.. hihi
For now this is the update

I still need to pay a lot of attention to the counting, but I like it very much..
I love how all the colors pop out of this color of fabric..

I'm so happy with it..
Carol I finished your gift, and I like it very much.. thank you for it!!

So sweet of you!!


So enjoy it!!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

12 opmerkingen:

Rita zei

Oh that sentence is soooo true!! The weeks should had the number of days of the weekend and the weekend the number of days of the weeks ahaha

Well done on Jingles sweetie!! I've just posted too!! ehehe I stitched a little more but that's ok...this month you will stitch more than me eheheh The important thing is to have fun!! ;)

Have a great weekend and enjoy carnival!!;)

Pauline zei

Mooi borduurwerkje! En veel plezier met het carnaval!

Anoniem zei

prachtig borduurwerk, Lizzie Kate is altijd zo leuk ♥

Amarins zei

Wat super leuk dat we met hetzelfde borduurwerk bezig zijn. Je gaat lekker. Groetjes, Amarins

♥ Nia zei

We were talking about your wip yesterday and I hadn't seen it here on your blog yet!
Now you have all the first half of patterns, you can follow the plan by the calendar ;)
Have you taken a second look at the free border pattern? It seems that everything below your hohoho block is one space to the right.. Those small blocks should be aligned to the right of the hohoho block, also the cheers heart frame... Looks like you made one thing one space to the right and again the same with cheers... =/ wasn't that your mistake?
Or am I not seeing the right thing and there's something else on the pattern? .. Hope you'll find it sweetie!

ricketyjo zei

Your SAL is looking wonderful, I think you've managed to do a lot of it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

Angel zei

Mooi begin!
Ziet er erg mooi uit!
Het jaar is nog lang, het gaat je vast lukken!

Valma zei

super =)
your first block is really beautiful
very well stitched on that fabric a bit 'new' for you =)
very very great
I hope Nia hasn't pointed out a problem in that second part you started =/
it would be a pity mister frog entered such a great work
have fun sweetie
big hugs

Mylene zei

SAL looks lovely!!
Yeah, just too short hours in a day...
Have a lovely week.

Stitching Noni zei

Jingle all the way!!! And no frogs allowed!!!
I am joining you girls in this little adventure but it might be a month or so before I start.... Just as well we have all year!!!
Hugs xx

Carol zei

HoHoHo looks great, Annette--so glad you enjoyed stitching it :) The colors looks great on that fabric--even the white shows up nicely which isn't always the case! Have fun with the SAL!

Hetti zei

Wat zien de kids er leuk uit Annette in hun carnaval pakjes! Mijn complimenten, daar zullen ze zeker van genieten :-)))
Je Lizzie Kate ziet er mooi uit en ach, in deze dagen moet je gewoon lekker carnavallen en niet borduren :-)))
XXX Hetti