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vrijdag 3 juli 2009

Little update on Cars

It is not much but it is someting:I first wanne do al the lettes, so I still need to do a few letters, and than I can do the cars.

This afternoon I have made a little mistake, now I can laugh about it.
I come to the conclusion that my English is still very very bad.
I went to buy some plants, on the way home, my car broke down on the highway.
My gas was empty, just for the tank station, so I was lucky.
But the car drove to far, so I take a look around, behind me was a Frenchman and his wife.
I asked if theu spoke English, a little the men sad.
I can tell you his English was better than
There came a lot of words from my mouth, but a few of them where right.
But to make a long story short, the men and his wife helpt me, and I whent home to plants the flowers.
It's a funny story...but the garden looks lovely now, 1/10 is done, but al on his time, they don't give the plants away in the

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