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dinsdag 8 juni 2010

A few finishes!

I know it has been a few days since my last post, we where very busy in the garden and Noah isn't sleeping anymore in the afternoon, so my time to craft is a few ours lesser... But love to can do more with Noah.

But I have finished a few pieces, looks at this lovely piece:
It's turned in too a sheet. I love the pattern I hope my friend loves it too, she is doing any time now...

For another pregnant friend I made these bibs:
I hope tomorrow to sew the dolphin in too a bib, and then they are finished because she is doing any time too.

For a very long time know I'm in love with a pattern, but I told myself that I needed to finish this above pieces first. A few minutes ago I started it, after counting wrong, cutting wrong..... It's not much but hope to show more soon.

I have made some pictures of some lovely flowers from the garden and a porch that DH and FIL build this week, I'm so in love with it... it's a bit bald at the moment but slowly I making and looking for lovely things for it....

And a lovely picture on Noah who wanted his BUMBA outfit on to watch some lovely disney movies, on Sunday...
At the moment I'm trying to make roses from felt and paper, it's progressing slowly, pictures soon

Thanks all for stopping by and leaving a comment I really love reading them

11 opmerkingen:

Ranae zei

Adorable sheet!
I am positive your friends will love their gifts.
Noah looks so serious about them Disney movies, lol

Corina zei

Wat een lief lakentje!

kronova zei

lief al die borduurtjes en wat is die bumba ene schatje.
groetjes Kronova zei

hahaha zo leuk die foto van Bumba :) ! Heel mooie borduurtjes heb je gemaakt ,het lakentje is super schattig , je tuin is echt helemaal top Annette !!!

Annie zei

Love the bears and the bibs - such cute stitching.

The flowers are beautiful. And Noah is so funny dressed up to watch movies!

Amarins zei

Ik laat die Bumba outfit maar niet aan mijn zoontje zien, hij zal vast heel erg jaloers worden haha. Prachtige werkjes heb je gemaakt en super leuke foto's.

Marion zei

Hoi Annette.
Wat ben je druk geweest en zoals je zegt nu Noah niet meer slaapt in de middag, zijn je vrije uurtjes schaars maar als ik zie wat een mooie en leuke dingen je toch nog gemaakt hebt gebruik je je tijd heel goed.

Groetjes Marion

Mylene zei

You've been busy stitching and they are all so cute! Congrats on the finishes.

Cute picture of Noah and sooo serious watching the movie.

You have beautiful flowers in your garden. Hope you can enjoy them. Here's very wet today and sooo dark.

Lumiruusu zei

You have ahain such lovely stitchings here!
I am so happy you visited my blog again!

Katrien zei

Het lakentje is prachtig, net als de slabbetjes. Je vrienden zullen er vast blij mee zijn!

angelique zei

Hoi Annette,

Dat lakentje is helemaal geweldig met die waslijn, zou je mij kunnen zeggen waar dit patroon van is, mijn buurvrouw wordt oma, en die zou dit ook graag willen maken.

Groetjes Angelique.