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dinsdag 2 juni 2009

My sister-in-law loved the birthsampler and the play cloth.
Here is a picture of the play coth
In my play coth for Noah I have used for stuffing fiberfill (I don't know if it is Englisch, I don't know what it is could in Englisch), but after a few times in the washing machine, it got thinner.
So for this play coth I was looking for something else, I have bought a blanket that I sew on measure of the play coth. Put a zipper in and done was the job.
When Adam is a bit older he can play on it.
From my mother-in-law I got this lovely polo t-shirt:
For the birth celebration for Adam I made a trouser fot Noah so he can ware it with this polo t-shirt.
Here is a picture of the trousers, I love it, it's a nice pattern.

I like the little fold for the knee.
It's a little big, but than he can ware it whole the summer.

Now the ABC of Cars, it's making progress, I let a picture see this week.

Enjoys the lovely weather a happy stitching.

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Mylene zei

You have completed a perfect match for the poloshirt, great job!

The play cloth looks wonderful. (Fiberfill is the right word in english).

Hope you are enjoying the nice weather.

How's your garden going though??

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel erg mooi annette.
Het zal mij nooit zo lukken om kleren te maken.