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vrijdag 29 mei 2009

Totally Finished

Yesterday we came with a few colleagues together for some coffee.
One of the colleagues had her birthday, so we celebrite it a bit.
She is crazy for Johnny Depp.
That is why I have made this cushion for her.

I was glad she loved it, she had not expected it.
She can't onderstand that I have made

The birth-sampler for my godchild is done and I have listed it by myself.
If I may saw so, I think it is nicely done.....

The play cloth for my godchild, is almost finished, i need to get a zipper, and sew it in to the play cloth, than I can give it on Sunday on the party for Adam together with the birth sampler.

For the occasion I like to make trousers for my son.

So I need to hurry, will I get it finished on time.

Thank you for the lovely comments

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Mylene zei

The cushion turned out great for your colleague and the sampler looks wonderful.